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  • • Richard Whyley – DJ Rich

    • Richard Whyley – DJ Rich

    Been DJ since 1987, have a vast music collection spanning many genres but always had a love of House Music, specially Soulful House.   Name: Richard Whyley – DJ Rich Born: 1st January  1970 Lives in Houghton Regis, UK DJ, Radio-DJ Links Rich on Facebook Rich on Twitter Housestationradio House Heads Radio Contact djrich999@gmail.com

  • • DJ Guido P

    • DJ Guido P

      I was born musically as a DJ in the late Eighties. Name: DJ Guido P Date Of Birth: 10th December 1970 Location: Varese, Italy DJ, Radio-DJ, Radio-Boss, Producer, Remixer, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Housestationradio.com Links Guido’s Homepage Guido on Facebook Guido on Twitter Guido on Youtube Guido on Soundcloud Guido on House-Mixes Contact djguidop@gmail.com

  • • Pasquale Ciccarelli

    • Pasquale Ciccarelli

    The earth has music for those who listen Name: Pasquale Ciccarelli – soulfulmylove Location: Brescia, Italy DJ, Radio-DJ Pasquale on Facebook Pasquale on Twitter Pasquale on Soundcloud Pasquale on Mixcloud contact soundciccarelli@libero.it,  ciki67@hotmail.it

  • • Davide Messina

    • Davide Messina

    The literal translation of Soulful can be summed up with these three words : Deep, passionate, full of feeling. Close your eyes and listen to Heart And Soul. Name: Davide Messina Born: 7th March 1969 in Torino, Italy Current Location: Padova, Italy DJ, Radio-DJ • Davide on Facebook • Davide on Mixcloud

  • • David DJ Ds

    • David DJ Ds

    I have an unlimited passion for music in a variety of musical influences Name: David Dj Ds Born: 14th July 1972 Current Location: Lille, France DJ, Radio-DJ, Remixer David on Facebook #1 David on Facebook #2 Soulful Generation on Facebook David on Hearthis David on Google + David on LinkedIn David on Twitter Contact djds59@yahoo.fr