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Katrine Ring

“Music is my world, my love and my life. “

Name: Katrine Ring
Born: 1960
Current Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
DJ, Producer, Composer

More about Katrine Ring

DJ since 1992. Jazz, soulful house, boogie, classical, electronica and experimental. What you hear is what I do live in bars, clubs, events. I play various dj-sets always free styling and I love to bend the genres. Anything from soulful house, boogie, soul, funk, jazz, jazz funk and groovy stuff. Besides that I also dj a lot of classical music and avant-garde, experimental art-sets.

Resident dj at Cph. Classical Lounge (Classical), Honey Ryder Cocktail Lounge (soulful house), The Standard (jazz) and Boogie Night with Frank Ryle.

About Vibezone

Vibezone is a dj-collective with Tony M and Katrine Ring.

Vibezone is a world of clubbing, curating, counselling, lectures and music production for the love of music. We believe that music is a principal way of communication and that contemporary music is built upon the shoulders of history.



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Email: djkatrinering@gmail.com


Steven Stone

Name: Stefano Rizzuto
(Artist Name): Steven Stone
Born: 21.09.1978
Current Location: Switzerland
DJ, Producer, Label Owner

More about Steven Stone


 STEVEN STONE is an internationally well-known DJ, producer and label owner of “Soul Deluxe Recordings” (2009), “Deep Deluxe Recordings” (2014) and “House Deluxe Recordings” (2016) based in Switzerland. This multitalented producer spins his magic to craft a different and inviting sound, producing remarkable tracks with a beautiful blend of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Disco. His style spans from Soulful to Deep & Tech House Music.






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EMail: stefano@souldeluxerecordings.com


Name: Nick Power
Artist Name: Nick Power
Born: London
Current Location: Stevenage
International DJ & Radio Presenter, Producer,

More about Nick Power


Nick Power has been in the music business for pretty much all of his working career.
Owner & founder of the Music Power chain of Record & Disco Equipment Stores in London & Essex, he went on to present a radio show on Kiss FM, and many other stations since.

Producing & remixing under various pseudonyms since the early 1990’s, owning his own very successful nightclub in Ayia Napa, Cyprus called the Kool Club, (now called The Castle Club), playing at some of the best clubs in the world including the Ministry Of Sound, with many other top name DJ’s, and still does so to this day.nick-castle

Now a co founder of the Soul Kandi brand & presenter of the world popular Soul Kandi Radio Show, he’s slowly getting back into production but still continues to be at the top of his game as a DJ, due to the years of experience in music, & his ability to read a crowd & play to entertain.






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EMail: dj@nickpower.dj

D#Sharp Records

“It is our pleasure to introduce to you a sound that captures nostalgia and captivates through sultry rhythms, the magical machine of D#Sharp Records.
Where does one find fire? In the pit of D#Sharp Records,
Flaame On!!!..Forever Living A Musical Experience Flame On ..”


Name: Joseph Davis
(Artist Name): D#Sharp Records
Born: Springfield Mass
Current Location: East Orange New Jersey, USA
Label Owner, Producer

More about D#Sharp Records



It is our pleasure to introduce to you a sound that captures nostalgia and captivates through sultry rhythms, the magical machine of D#Sharp Records.D#Sharp Records,AJFP Label is the creation of veteran musician and producer Joseph ‘Joeflame’ Davis.
Joeflame’s heart felt desire to infuse the creativity of music with lively nuance reminiscent of Studio 54 or early morning “dance-a-thons” at The Paradise Garage.1390559_10200868760223051_1200862831_n
D#Sharp, was created to provide the highest quality dance music to a wide audience.
D#Sharp has releases from , Asia Lynn, Stephanie Cooke, Libby Jones, Dani Dubois, Chynaah Doll, Don Corey Washington, Kischa Link, Toni Bowens, Roxanna Lynn, Kia Stewart, Vanessa L Smith. to name a few available on Traxsource .

The House Music Production provided by the often comically charged Joeflame has been hitting its stride since the 1990s and include hits with Can you see the light. (Micelle Weeks , Dawn Tallman) DC Washington (People of the World, Never Be The Same, I Miss You) and Ceybil Jeffries (Thank You for Blessing).His tracks have been released on Phuture Sole, SoulShine, Bumpin’ City, BBG, Home Record labels and of course D#Sharp Records.
Joseph ‘Joeflame’ Davis is also well known for his background as a self-taught musician, playing bass, keyboards, drums and other percussion instruments. He produced hip-hop and R&B in the 1980s, working out of his home studio in East Orange, NJ.Joe’s studio quickly became known as one of the premiere studios in Essex County, working with such artists as Lords of the Underground, Total, Da Brat, Manifest Destiny, BHA Enterprise, Fear No Evil, and Jamal Shane.Joseph ‘Joeflame’ Davis D#Sharp Records has no intention of slowing down. In fact it boasts of many up and coming fire projects/artist that are being developed and unleashed.







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EMail: DSharprec@aol.com

Robert Bateman

” I am loving life and I love music so the future is bright.”


Name: Robert Bateman
(Artist Name): Dr Rob
Born: UK
Current Location: Colchester, UK
DJ, Producer and Radio DJ

More about Dr Rob


A Bio (or a link to a Bio): I started DJing in the 1990’s in Bournemouth playing soulful house or American Garage as it was known then. After a break from DJing I picked the reins back up again in 2013 and I AM Back!!
I love to play soulful house but enjoy playing all genres of house music as well as soul funk and disco.
I have a regular weekly radio show on ww.fortheloveofhouse.org Thursdays 9-11pm UK time. I also have been playing gigs in and around Colchester, Essex and Suffolk ove rhte last three years. These have ranged from intimate parties to festivals attended by 3000 party goers.
dr-rob-robertsI have started producing my own work in 2016, something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I decided to take the plunge and try it. So far this year I have had three tracks signed to record labels.
I am loving life and I love music so the future is bright.



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EMail: drrobdad@aol.com

Twism & B3rao

Name: Brian Rawson & Nate Almeida
Artist Name: TWISM & B3RAO
Current Location: NYC – USA, IBIZA – SPAIN
DJ, Artist, Producer, Label Owner, Radio DJ

More about Twism & B3rao

United States power duo, TWISM & B3RAO came together full time in the latter part of 2013 with intentions to change the landscape of house music.  Having released over 100 tracks in the past two and a half years, they are the sought after artist of many of the world’s elite djs. Garnering numerous #1’s and littering the Traxsource charts with their sound, they have come to be one of the top in the game.  Recently, they were welcomed into the Karmic Power Records family, where they are working closely with the legendary Lenny Fontana on numerous upcoming projects.  2016 is increasingly proving to be an absolute turning point in their careers and are striving to give their fans and listeners music that delivers a slice of the old with the new. Picking up where many of the greats left off, they are here to push the sound of house into the modern era.







EMail: disco.legends@yahoo.com

Jose Torres Olivares

Name: Jose Torres Olivares
(Artist Name): Jose Torres
Born: 29-05-1973
Current Location: Palma de Mallorca – Islas Baleares

jose-torres_3About Jose Torres

José Torres comenzó su andadura musical como disc jockey en el año 1985. Conocido por ser fiel a estilos como el House, Soul y Funky. Fue DJ residente en multitud de clubes en Valencia (España), siempre fiel a un estilo reconocido y avalado por grandes artistas del panorama nacional e internacional.

Actualmente, The Music Club se encuentra en su tercera temporada en antena, avanzando cada día en número de seguidores y siendo uno de los programas de referencia de la música electrónica de calidad. Además, es un programa apoyado y avalado por grandes artistas, productores y sellos discográficos como Jamie Lewis, Mario Marques, Peppe Citarella, Giulio Bonaccio, Sheree Hicks, Stephanie Cooke, Daw Williams, Natasha Watts, Tracy Brathwaite, Tracy Hamlin, Roland Clarck,Marc Tasio, Antonello Ferrari, Janice Robinson, Federico D’Alessio, Dj Pippi, Michael Procter, OtherSoul, Inaya Day, Carlos Vargas, Mark di Meo, Two 4 Soul, Purple Music, Tony Records, Karmic Records,CandyBeach Records, King Street, Afrisoul, etc.



Dj Oficial en http://www.candybeachrecords.com/
EMail: josetorresolivares19@gmail.com

Thomas Baier – Tomby

His own parties in Leipzig and Dresden are where the real vibe is, this is where his heart and soul really come out

Name: Thomas Baier
Artist Name: Tomby
Born: 1978
Current Location: Leipzig, Germany
DJ, Artist, Producer, Organizer, Booker, Promoter, Soulfulhousecollective Owner

About Tomby

003DJ Tomby, founder of „Soulful House Collective“ (SFHC) and DJ since 1996, is hugely respected for his distinctive and original mix of Funk, Disco, Soulful, Gospel and Afro music.

He was born with music and his enthusiasm spread which led him to breakdancing, producing for a school radio, and being a great party organiser since the 90’s.

logo5Nowadays Tomby is a well-known artist in many East German clubs and is a resident DJ and booker at Sonderbar 2.0.

IMG_1870His own parties in Leipzig and Dresden are where the real vibe is, this is where his heart and soul really come out. True House music mixed with Latin flavour creates an incredible atmosphere, and is DJ Tomby’s unique trademark!

I’m addicted to Housemusic.
Loves to play Soulful House, Funky-Chunky House, Jazz, Soul, & Afro, Latin Music.
Born in east Germany and spread my music since 1996.
Soul, Funk, Latin Music, Salsa, Soul Music….
all of that was a part of my education in making House music.




EMail: contact@tomby.de