• Michael Kindermann – Photographer

I love simple and hard rock and blues music (AC/DC). Whenever I see an interesting detail, an extraordinary light or an astounding incident. I try to capture & recreate this moment through the lens. As I`m a commercial film director / producer, most of my images seem to be in motion. Besides I also love the calmness of stills and forover…

• Dick Visser Photography

As a graphic designer an international advertising agency, he has been working for a number of high-end companies, with a strong personal emphasis on the visual aspect of major productions Name: Dick Visser Born: January 1975 Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Photographer Gallery There’s many ways to enter the world of photography. He took the long road –…

• Carsten Wäßerling – Soulpixx.de

Music is the magic and feeds my soul all day long. Taking photos "in concert" is an incredible passion i live for... 😉 Name: Carsten Wäßerling Born: 27th July 1957 Location: Burgdorf near Hannover, Germany Photographer A Gallery of Carsten's Pics Links Carsten's Website Soulpixx on Facebox Icesolution's Website Icesolution on Facebook Contact carsten@waesserling.de    

• Gerri McLaughlin – Five Dee

See the Photostory - Gerry in Japan I'm a street photographer by nature. I think as I have always found human beings to be the most fascinating subjects for me Gerri McLaughlin - Five Dee Born: Glasgow, Scotland - Location: Basel, Switzerland Photographer Website | FB-Fanpage | Flickr | Facebook EMail: fivedeestreet@yahoo.com Gerri's Photos (Click…

• John Moore

"My life is a photographic roller coaster of Club Events / Festivals / what's hot and whats going down on the music scene........" Name: John Moore Artist Name: John Moore Photography Born: 30/07/65 Current Location: Sheffield, UK Promoter/Photographer John Moore on Facebook John Moore on Instagram John Moore on Youpic EMail: jonndmoore@yahoo.co.uk