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  • Rhythm and Soul Radio

    Rhythm and Soul Radio

    Rhythm and Soul Radio | Founded: 1994 Location: New York, USA Website | Schedule | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Created in 1994 and first aired on Harlem Community Radio, WHCR 90.3FM, Rhythm And Soul Radio is the ultimate “urban eclectic” radio show that features music and interviews with artists from the genres of R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Spoken…

  • Strictly Rhythm

    Strictly Rhythm

    The Grand Daddy of all Dance Labels Strictly Rhythm Records | Founded 1989 Relaunched: 2007 | New York Social Media Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Audio Youtube | Soundcloud | Mixcloud Shops Traxsource | Beatport | Discogs | Juno | Spotify | Itunes Strictly Rhythm Records is house music. Since 1989 the legendary New York label not only put out records by almost every name in the game,…

  • Mixtape Sessions

    Mixtape Sessions

    This sound has heavy influences in funk, jazz, soul, and inspirational music. Mixtape Sessions | Founded by Adam Cruz Location: New York Social Media Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Google+ | Tumblr Audio Youtube  Shops Bandcamp | Traxsource | Beatport | Merchandise Founded by West End Records’ Vice President Adam Cruz, Mixtape Sessions is a indie music company, based out of the NYC…

  • Merecumbe Recordings

    Merecumbe Recordings

    Merecumbe Recordings | Founded by DJ Doug Gomez Launched: 2017 | Location: New York City | Costa Rica Social Media Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Audio Youtube | Soundcloud Shops Traxsource | Beatport | Itunes | Juno | Spotify New York’s own Doug Gomez started his career in 1987. As a true New Yorker of Colombian roots, his love for drums and sophisticated melodies led him…

  • Fuzion Records

    Fuzion Records

    Fuzion Records | Launched: 2005 | Location: NYC Founded by Franke Estevez and George Mena Social Media Facebook | Twitter | RA | Instagram | Linkedin Audio Youtube  | Soundcloud | Mixcloud Shops Traxsource | Discogs | Juno | Amazon Groovefinder’s who work(ed) with this label: Steven Stone  Fuzion Records started in January 2005, with Franke Estevez and George Mena. Together they started the label to strictly commit and…

  • MyHouseRadioFM


    Deep Soulful Classic House Music from around the Globe MyHouseRadioFM Launched: 2016 | Location: New York Website | Facebook | Twitter  Youtube | Instagram Groovefinder’s who play(ed) on this Station: Eddie Eaze Coleman | Daddy P. | Steve Shaw

  • King Street Sounds

    King Street Sounds

    King Street Sounds has established itself as one of the oldest and most respected independent dance music labels in NYC. King Street Sounds | Founded by: Hisa Ishioka Launched: 1993 | Location: New York City Social Media Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Audio Youtube | Mixcloud | Soundcloud Shops Beatport | Traxsource | Discogs Groovefinder’s who work(ed) for this label: Stephanie Cooke | DeLorean Suite |…

  • • Nervous NYC

    • Nervous NYC

    Nervous Records has built its reputation through a willingness to take chances on new sounds and new producers, Nervous Records | Founded by: Sam Weiss and Joe Weiss Launched: 1991 | Location: New York, USA Contact: info@nervousnyc.com Social Media Website | Facebook | Twitter Audio Youtube | Spotify | Soundcloud Shops Own Store | Traxsource | Discogs | Resident Advisor | Merchandise Groovefinder’s, who work with this label: Lenny…

  • • Karmic Power Records

    • Karmic Power Records

    Karmic Power Records is the record label of legendary New York House DJ Lenny Fontana. Conceived by Lenny and his assistant Manuel Genz. Karmic Power Records Founded by Lenny Fontana & Manuel Genz Launched: 2013 | Location: New York | Berlin Contact: info@karmic-power-records.com Social Media Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google Plus | Wikipedia Audio Youtube | Spotify | Soundcloud | Deezer Shops Traxsource | Beatport | Resident Advisor | Discogs | Amazon | Juno |…

  • • Trevor Ricci

    • Trevor Ricci

    Music is one of those things which isn’t tangible, but touches you in ways that nothing physical can. I try to play music that touches some kind of an emotion from whomever is listening to my sets and productions. My sets go in and out of Deep and Soulful to Tech and Vocal. Trevor Ricci…

  • • Tommy D Funk

    • Tommy D Funk

    Tommy D Funk Born: Manchester, England Current Location: New York DJ / Music Reviewer for DJ Times Magazine, Owner of: Sounds Of The Dance Underground | Da Groove Sessions | La La La Lets Dance | Links Tommy D Funk on Soundcloud Tommy D Funk on Mixcloud Tommy D Funk on Pinterest Tommy D Funk on…

  • • DJ V-WAXX

    • DJ V-WAXX

    Music it’s the Universal language – so come, let´s talk DJ V-WAXX Born: in New York City Current Location: New York City DJ, Producer, Radio DJ Manager: Miss Love Housemusic Miss Love Housemusic on Facebook Links to DJ V-WAXX Website Facebook-Page Mixcloud Traxsource-Charts Twitter Contact: Miss Love Housemusic Email: info@djvwaxx.com