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  • Sergio D’Angelo

    Sergio D’Angelo

    Sergio D’Angelo | Limone Piemonte, Italy DJ, Artist, Remixer, Producer Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Traxsource Italian-based Sergio D’Angelo has been djing and producing music for more than two decades, yet. By creating several european club anthems in the past he built up a very strong name in the clubbers scene. In his single “I’m…

  • New: DJ Umbi

    New: DJ Umbi

    DJ Umbi | Bologna, Italy Dj, Remixer, Producer Facebook | Facebook-Fanpage Soundcloud | Traxsource Dj Umbi has been practicing the dj activity in some prestigious italian clubs for over thirty years. At the beginning of his career (early ’80) his programmings were oriented above all to funky, soul and seventies disco boogie, musical kinds of…

  • New: Birkin Records

    New: Birkin Records

    Birkin Records | Treviso, Italy Founded 2018 by Daniele Baldi Facebook  Traxsource | Beatport

  • Soul Groove

    Soul Groove

    Soul Groove | Syracuse, Italy DJ | Artist | Remixer | Producer | Label Owner Website | Facebook | Instagram Traxsource | Soundcloud | Mixcloud SOUL GROOVE is an Italian producer and remixer. He simply loves working in his recording studio to create Soulful House tracks and remixes. He couldn’t live without it. Listen to…

  • Capital Disko

    Capital Disko

    https://tunein.com/embed/player/s275541/ Venice, Italy | Founded by Paul Venice, Mike Belmondo, Paolo Tomaello Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube Groovefinder’s on this stationTony Wilson | Ken Walker | Greg Anderson | JM Grana | Nick Power | Nobu Furukawa  

  • Daniele Baldi

    Daniele Baldi

    Daniele Baldi | Treviso, Italy DJ | Artist | Remixer | Producer Facebook | Instagram Traxsource | Soundcloud | Mixcloud Daniele Baldi is a Dj and Italian producer. He began his career in the 80s, and immediately differs with his typically house music proposals. He works in the best clubs and following his instincts always…

  • Andrea Curato

    Andrea Curato

    Andrea Curato | Napoly, Italy DJ | Artist | Remixer | Producer Facebook | Instagram | Traxsource | Soundcloud | Mixcloud Born in Naples (Italy) in 1971, since he was a child, Andrea quickly developed a deep interest to music. At age of 9, his father brought him his first keyboards. He started to play…

  • Mara J Boston

    Mara J Boston

    Born in the world-famous city of Venice (IT), soon she discovered the love for music Mara J. Boston Venice, Italy Artist Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Traxsource | Soundcloud | Mixcloud Born in the world-famous city of Venice (IT), soon she discovers the love for music. After the first approaches to the use of her…

  • Dolls Combers

    Dolls Combers

    Dolls Combers | Milano, Italy Vincent Lacerenza, Manuele Tigani, Giuseppe Di Pietro DJs, Producer Website | Facebook Traxsource | Soundcloud Vincent Lacerenza and Manuele Tigani are the co-founders. The first time they met was in 2004, they shared a love for house music (with influence of jazz, soul and funky), which is the basis of their…

  • Michele Chiavarini

    Michele Chiavarini

    Michele has recorded for Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Diana Ross, Luciano Pavarotti, A. R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire), Simply Red, Gloria Gaynor, Ray Charles, Philip Bailey, Seal, Lemar, Soul II Soul, Gabrielle and many more. He has also written extensively for film, television and advertising Michele Chiavarini | London, UK Born: Perugia, Italy Artist, DJ, Producer, Remixer,…

  • M.Caporale


    M. Caporale has been a Dj for twenty five years M. Caporale | Torino, Italy DJ, Remixer, Producer Labels he works for include: Morehouse Records | Soulstice Music | Double Cheese Records Facebook | Instagram Traxsource | Soundcloud | Mixcloud | Beatport M. Caporale has been Dj for twenty five years. He had many experience in Torino clubs…

  • Paul Martini

    Paul Martini

    Paul Martini | Italy DJ, Radio DJ Paul plays on Wind Radio Facebook | Soundcloud | Mixcloud Fond of disco music from an early age, attended the A-DJ school. He has appeared at various clubs around Italy driven by a real passion for Disco, Funky, Dance and House music.