Compost Records

With great pleasure I pronounce Compost the most consistent and forward thinking record label of continental Europe. Gilles Peterson   Compost Records | Founded by Michael Reinboth Launched: 1994 | Location: Munich Germany Social Media Website | Facebook | Twitter |Wikipedia | Instagram Audio Youtube  | Soundcloud | Spotify | Mixcloud Shops Own Store |  Bandcamp | Traxsource | Beatport | Discogs   Sublabels: Compost Black Label | Drumpoet Community Compost Disco…

Peppermint Jam Records

On the back of “Horny’s” success, the label’s increased revenue and profile attracted some high profile collaborations. Peppermint Jam Records | Founded by Mousse T., Errol Renalls, Wolfgang Sick Launched: 1994 | Location: Hannover, Germany Social Media Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Audio Youtube  | Soundcloud | Spotify | Itunes Shops Traxsource | Beatport | Discogs | Bandcamp | Amazon Groovefinder’s who worked with this Label: Inaya Day |…


Home to a handpicked selection of soulful and individualistic singer-songwriters, the label’s releases offer meaningful songs that speak directly to the hearts and souls of listeners (with a tendency to make their bodies move at the same time). SedSoul | Founded by Rob Hardt Launched: 2010 | Location: Bremerhaven, Germany Social Media Website | Facebook | Instagram Audio Youtube …

Markus Kater

You can buy many things, but you can’t buy taste, love and passion Markus Kater | DJ Name: MaxK Born: 1962 | Location: Schaumburg, Germany DJ | Radio DJ | Remixer | Journalist Webmaster of Groovefinder’s World Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Mixcloud | Soundcloud | Traxsource | Twitter Radio Stations:  Sound Fusion Radio | Soulpower | Soulfinity Radio | Reminisce Radio Like many of us, Markus was surrounded by…

• Sudad Ghadaban

Predominantly inspired by the contemporary black music, but also by the italo disco music of the eighties, he writes as teenager already catchy and danceable songs Sudad Ghadaban – Sudad G Born: March 1972 Current Location: Wuppertal, Germany Artist, Producer, Remixer Links Sudad’s Website Sudad on Facebook Sudad on Traxsource Sudad on Beatport Sudad Ghadaban begins…

• Carsten Wäßerling –

Music is the magic and feeds my soul all day long. Taking photos “in concert” is an incredible passion i live for… 😉 Name: Carsten Wäßerling Born: 27th July 1957 Location: Burgdorf near Hannover, Germany Photographer A Gallery of Carsten’s Pics Links Carsten’s Website Soulpixx on Facebox Icesolution’s Website Icesolution on Facebook Contact    

• Thomas Buchem

  Born: 29.06.1957 Location : Odenthal (near Cologne) DJ since 1975 playing mostly vinyl / soul / Funk / Jazz / Brasil / Latin domestic DJ at the Beatbox Wuppertal from 1988 – 1991 Today doing the SOULKIT in Düsseldorf every first Friday of the month  Links Thomas on Facebook Thomas’ Facebook-Group SoulKit Contact…

• Thomas Hüge

Musik begleitet mich überall und immer . Thomas Hüge Born: 29 May 1969 Current Location: Würselen, Germany DJ, Radio DJ Links Tom on Soundcloud Tom on Facebook Tom on Mixcloud Contact  

• Dee-Bunk

Music is my elixir of life!!! If it’s groovy and positive it’s good for me! 🙂 Name: Dee-Bunk Born: Hamburg, Germany Location: Hamburg DJ, Producer Links Dee Bunk on Soundcloud Dee Bunk on Facebook Dee Bunk on Contact

• Ralf Gum

Ralf is creating Music since 1993 Ralf Gum | Born: 1971 in Würzburg, Germany Current Location: Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa DJ, Producer, Remixer, Artist, Label Owner Radio: Beachlove Radio The DJ – Ralf GUM is one of the most respected figures in the house music scene for the distinctive qualities in his exceptional productions and DJ-sets….

• Birke Beisert – Groovefinder’s

I love Music. And People. That’s why I run my Facebook-Page Groovefinder. I support good music. I am into Soul and Soulful House. Name: Birke Beisert Born: December 1968 Current Location: Hamburg, Germany Media, Booker, DJ Links • My Facebook-Page Groovefinder Contact •

• Dj Akim B.

Music was my first love and it would be my last! I like every kind of soul-based music! Name: Dj Akim B. Born: October 1968 in Bielefeld, Germany Location: Bielefeld, Germany Club Dj since 1988, Radio-DJ, Absolut Soul Radio Show on     Born 1968 in Germany/Bielefeld starts his musical career 1988 in different clubs all over…

• Stephan Breuer – Stevie B.

Only if you can feel what music does with you, you will understand that there is nothing better than beats, they are like a mini-vacation Name: Stephan Breuer (Artist Name): Stevie B. Born: 1.1.1971 Düsseldorf / Germany Current Location: Neuss / Germany DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Webradio DJ Links…

• Mr. Brown – Uwe Welsch

It’s only SOUL, if it has that FEELING…It’s only FUNK, if it has that POWER…For all the other Directions in Black Music I demand: A GROOVE to dance to and LYRICS worth listening to! (So R&B/HIP HOP/HOUSE Producers/Artists: Only then I’ll play Your Stuff!)  Nuff said. Name:  Mr. Brown – Uwe Welsch Location: Kassel, Germany DJ, MC since…

• Clemens Rumpf

Name: Clemens Rumpf (Artist Name): Clemens Rumpf Born: Nordhausen Current Location: Hannover Label Owner, Producer, Club DJ, Artist, Radio DJ More about Clemens Rumpf Clemens Rumpf is a deejay & producer from Hannover, Germany with passion in disco, soul, funk, nudisco, deep-, uplifting- and vocal house music. As a music producer and remixer, he works for different labels such…

• DJ I.S.O.T.T.

“..A day without music is a lost day..”   Name: Michael Von Weissenbrunner (Artist Name): DJ I.S.O.T.T. Born: Austria, March 1978 Current Location: Innsbruck – Tirol -Austria DJ / Radio DJ /Producer/ Multi- Media Manager More about DJ I.S.O.T.T. Between 1989-90, DJ I.S.O.T.T was infected from Electronic Music like Kraftwerk, Gorgio Moroder, Frankie Knuckles,and other Producers from this century….

• Soulpower.FM

24/7 Soul Music – served with much passion | Founded by: Guido Neumann Launched: 2014 | Location: Duisburg, Germany Station | Facebook Groovefinders on this Station: Akim B. | Thomas Hüge | Nobu Furukawa | Markus Kater