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Katrine Ring

“Music is my world, my love and my life. “

Name: Katrine Ring
Born: 1960
Current Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
DJ, Producer, Composer

More about Katrine Ring

DJ since 1992. Jazz, soulful house, boogie, classical, electronica and experimental. What you hear is what I do live in bars, clubs, events. I play various dj-sets always free styling and I love to bend the genres. Anything from soulful house, boogie, soul, funk, jazz, jazz funk and groovy stuff. Besides that I also dj a lot of classical music and avant-garde, experimental art-sets.

Resident dj at Cph. Classical Lounge (Classical), Honey Ryder Cocktail Lounge (soulful house), The Standard (jazz) and Boogie Night with Frank Ryle.

About Vibezone

Vibezone is a dj-collective with Tony M and Katrine Ring.

Vibezone is a world of clubbing, curating, counselling, lectures and music production for the love of music. We believe that music is a principal way of communication and that contemporary music is built upon the shoulders of history.



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Email: djkatrinering@gmail.com


Brian Eibye – Dj Dr. Disco

Born: Copenhagen
Current Location: Copenhagen

About Dr. Disco

dr disco 4Dr. Disco has been dj’ing in Europe since 1988. First as a mobile DJ playing a wide range of pop, r’n’b, trance, dance and even the old time classics from the 50’s up to the 80’s. Then he discovered that the club scene was the place to be. Since 2005 his musical profile changed in order to reach a worldwide club scene and now his love stays with the deep, soulful, funky house & classic disco.
Dr. Disco prefers to play and mix on the turntables and the cd decks. All his mixtapes are mixed live on 2 x 1210 & 2 x cd decks. No pc. No sync. Just plain deejay’ing..;-))



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Contact : djeiby@yahoo.dk

Paw Ziggy aka Ziggy Phunk

Influences in music range from disco, boogiefunk, jazz to peak time jams and deep soulful funky house


Paw Ziggy aka Ziggy Phunk
Born: July 1989
Current Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Dj, Producer, Musician
Releases on Labels: Midnight Riot Records (UK), Good For You Records (US), Spa In Disco (SPA), Masterworks Music (UK), Funk Fusion (UK)

Ziggy Phunk MIXMAG (ZOOM) (2)






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Frank Ryle – Cool Million

I think it was the album ‘The Real Deal’ by The Isley Brothers, that sealed it 1982 for me!
Frank Ryle
Born: Denmark
Location: Kopenhagen, Denmark
One Half of Denish/German Soul-Project Cool Million
Artist, DJ, Remixer, Producer, Songwriter




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About Frank Ryle

Growning up on music, both my father and my mother were big music listeners – my mother was into folk, jazz & classical and my father was a soul-man and also very much into the crooner music such as Frank Sinatra (hence my name). Also he was a singer but never made it big, he stayed a happy amateur.

When i was about 13 years old i started to buy and collect music – at first it was everything that sounded cool – cloud be; Blancmange, Heaven 17, Robert Palmer, Gary Nyman, Depeche Mode, Human League, B52 and Haircut 100.

Then at some point i discovered soul music and early rap, but i think it was the album ‘The Real Deal’ by The Isley Brothers, that sealed it for me! Since then (1982) i’ve been locked into soul music in all shapes and forms.

Cool MBeing young and collecting and buying music led me to make mixtape for friends and by that followed small DJ routines from time to time. I couldn’t afford a mixer, so i never really saw myself as a real DJ. Soul music never was the biggest genre in Denmark – and i have always been really strict on only playing soul and funk music so it was hard to get around it.

Years later, me and a good friend started a web site (soulportal.dk) focusing on soul, funk, jazz and R&B music – it was news flash, reviews and interviews about soul music and all the sub-genres. It became quite succesful over the years and it ran for about 7 years.

11156159_10155552629165637_5833281746379740061_nDuring that period I was asked to help a friend make a remix – a new world opened up to me. Immediately i was hooked on creating music. Quickly i had made my first song ever, it was ‘Naughty Girl’. That led to a remix from Rob Hardt and from that point we became friends and not long after the original line up was changed, to what it is today. That was in 2007 and now 8 years later we (Cool Million) have produced 4 albums and a couple of side projects plus more than 20 remixes for other artists.