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Katrine Ring

“Music is my world, my love and my life. “

Name: Katrine Ring
Born: 1960
Current Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
DJ, Producer, Composer

More about Katrine Ring

DJ since 1992. Jazz, soulful house, boogie, classical, electronica and experimental. What you hear is what I do live in bars, clubs, events. I play various dj-sets always free styling and I love to bend the genres. Anything from soulful house, boogie, soul, funk, jazz, jazz funk and groovy stuff. Besides that I also dj a lot of classical music and avant-garde, experimental art-sets.

Resident dj at Cph. Classical Lounge (Classical), Honey Ryder Cocktail Lounge (soulful house), The Standard (jazz) and Boogie Night with Frank Ryle.

About Vibezone

Vibezone is a dj-collective with Tony M and Katrine Ring.

Vibezone is a world of clubbing, curating, counselling, lectures and music production for the love of music. We believe that music is a principal way of communication and that contemporary music is built upon the shoulders of history.



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Email: djkatrinering@gmail.com


Annie Mac Bright

I like Soulful for these harmonies and the melodies that make us vibrate.  God bless the soulful music. Groove in your life, Vibe in your soul.

Annie Mac Bright
Born: 19 Mars 1964
Current Location: Paris, France
DJ, Composer (beginner)



Facebook: http://facebook.co/Annie.Mac.Bright
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/annie-mac-bright
Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/annie-mac-bright/

Lucius Lowe

Music is in my blood, its a feeling, a passion. For me its not about the money or the fame, its about reaching out and spreading a little happiness. If I can make just one person smile with one of my tracks, then its mission accomplished!

Name: Lucius Lowe
Born: Lancashire, UK
Current Location: Lancashire, UK
Producer/composer, audio engineer, DJ





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Contact studio@luciuslowe.com


Made in Paris – For The World

Martine Perthus & Philippe Perthus
Location: Paris, France
Artist, Producer, Author and Composer


About Interview

Une fratrie créant à 4 mains, un mélange “masculin-feminin” compose ce duo de charme élevés aux sons Pop-Funk. Ils cultivent un100_0173-goo-bis imaginaire débridé qu’ils vous font découvrir à travers leur univers très particulier, estampillé “Made in Paris” for the World. Siblings who creates with four hands. This charming duo rocked by Pop-Funk sound cultivates an unbridled imagination, they make you discover their music through a very particular universe, stamped “Made in Paris” for the World.


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Contact: interviewdesign@wanadoo.fr

George Freeman

Music is water for the soul
George Freeman
Born: Xanthi,Greece
Current Location: Universe
Composer, Music Producer, Arranger, Keyboardist

george freeman1



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George Freeman is a music chameleon with Greek origins who is capable of composing and producing any music style in order to deliver his unique vibe and artistic feeling each time. Influenced by all the good music elements from soul, classical, jazz, funk, soul, hip-hop, disco, breakbeat, rock, reggae-dub, retro-pop, progressive, deep, cinematic and the list goes on.

georgefreemanncoverHe has worked as a soundtrack composer for film and theatre and he has also composed jingles for TV and Radio. He did his practice as a sound engineer working for the main national Greek TV/radio station in Athens. In Addition he did some very good gigs combining DJing and live programming/keyboards with great success. His tracks are going pretty well in big music charts since his first official releases and his tracks tend to be remixed again and again and being included in numerous music compilations already,so there are more than meets the eye to expect…

Tom Glide

Music is live. Music is love

tomglide1Name: Tom Glide
Born: Paris, France
Location: Ramsgate, UK
Label Owner, Producer, Publisher, Arranger, Composer, Author, DJ, TGEE Records


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