Record Labels

Get more Information about some of the best record labels in the world. Each post contains links to the company, their social media sites and links where you can buy the music. You also find informations about Groovefinder’s who work with the specific label.
There are also people in Groovefinder’s World, who run their own label. Those labels are marked with a ¹.

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Agogo Records, Germany
Angeltown Recordings ¹, USA

Bassline Records|VJS Productions, NYC
BBE Music, UK
Brownswood Recordings, UK


Check It Out Records, Switzerland
Chic Soul Music ¹, USA
Compost Records, Germany


Deep Nota Records ¹, USA
Defected Records, UK
DejaVoo Records, Italy
Disco Balls Records, USA
Discopolis, UK
Distar Records, Italy
Dome Records, UK
Double Cheese Records ¹, Italy
Duffnote, UK
Edit Records ¹, UK
Expansion Records, UK


4th Quarter Music ¹, UK
Friday Fox Recordings, UK
Fuzion Records, NYC
Global Diplomacy Productions ¹, USA
Good For You Records, USA
Good Vibrations, UK
GOGO Music, Germany
Groove Culture, Italy


Honeycomb Music, USA
HSR Records ¹, Italy


Irma Records, Italy
IsaVis Records ¹, Italy

Jalapeno Records, UK


Karmic Power Records ¹, USA
King Street Sounds, USA
Liquid Deep Recordings, UK


Makin’ Moves, UK
Masterworks Music, UK
Merecumbe Recordings, USA
Midnight Riot Records, UK
Mixtape Sessions, USA
Mjuzieek Digital
, Austria
MoreHouse Records, USA
Moulton Music, USA
Nervous NYC


Ossom Records ¹, Estonia
Peppermint Jam Records, Germany
POJI Records ¹, USA
Purple Music, Switzerland
Quantize Recordings, USA


Racing Camel Recordings ¹, Italy
Rhemi Music, UK


Salted Music, USA
SedSoul ¹, Germany
Slapped Up Soul, UK
Snazzy Traxx Recordings, UK
Sole Channel Music, USA
Solid Ground Recordings, Dubai
Sophisticado Recordings, USA
Soul Deluxe Recordings ¹, Switzerland
Soulful Child Records, USA
Soulfuledge Recordings ¹, UK
Soulful Evolution Records ¹, UK
Soul Heaven Records, UK
Soulhouse Music, UK
Soulplate Records ¹, UK
Soulstice Music ¹, Italy
Spirit Soul, Japan
Splash Music | Splash Blue, UK
Soundstate Records, UK
Stellar Disco Records, Norway
Stereocity Records¹, Italy
Strictly Rhythm, USA
Sunflowermusic ¹, Italy
Suntree Records, Netherlands
Sweet Soul Records, Japan


Thunder Jam Records ¹, Israel
Tribe Records, UK
United Music Records, Hong Kong
Urbano Records, Brazil
Vega Records, USA
Vibe Boutiqe Recs, USA/Switzerland
Z Records, UK

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