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  • New: Dave Law

    New: Dave Law

    Dave Law | Manchester, UK DJ, Radio DJ, Artist, Label Owner, Remixer, Producer, Promoter Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Traxsource | Soundcloud | Mixcloud Dave has a radioshows on Housestationradio, Thursdays 5-6pm on UWC Radio, Fridays from 4pm Dave’s musical journey started at the tender age of 5 years old when he began…

  • New: Miss KG

    New: Miss KG

    Miss KG | London, UK DJ, Radio DJ, Artist Instagram | Twitter Traxsource | Mixcloud | Soundcloud Miss KG has a radioshow on D3EP Radio Miss KG is an avid music fan and thinks nothing of travelling the length and breadth of the country or overseas to hear her beloved music played by her favourite…

  • Updated: Cj Cooper

    Updated: Cj Cooper

      Cj Cooper | London DJ | Radio DJ Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Mixcloud Cj will be playing on Mi-House Radio, the new Soulful House Station from the UK As Nietzsche put it: “Without music, life would be a mistake.” There is no mistake where Cj Cooper stands. Ever the consummate connoisseur, the uplifting…

  • New: Ollie Blackmore

    New: Ollie Blackmore

      Ollie Blackmore | Norwich, UK DJ, Radio DJ, Producer, Promoter Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Soundcloud | Mixcloud Ollie runs the Soul Heaven Radio Show, to be heard on Mi-House Radio (coming soon) Ollie is a Resident for Soul Heaven, Soulshaker, Rooftop9 Sol House, Savannahs, Tulp, O Beach Ibiza Music has been…

  • New: Neil Pierce

    New: Neil Pierce

    Neil Pierce | London, United Kingdom DJ, Radio DJ, Producer, Promoter, Remixer, Label Owner Neil runs Rhemi Music Neil also runs the Deep Into Soul Events Rhemi Music has a show on Mi-Soul Radio Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Traxsource | Discogs | Spotify | Beatport Mixcloud | Soundcloud Neil Pierce may be known as…

  • Booker T – Liquid Deep Recordings

    Booker T – Liquid Deep Recordings

    Liquid Deep Recordings is the brainchild of british DJ-Legend Booker T. Liquid Deep Recordings | Founded by Booker T Launched: 2013 | Location: South London, UK Contact: Social Media Facebook | Twitter | Resident Advisor Audio Radioshow  | Soundcloud | Mixcloud | Spotify Shops Traxsource | Beatport | Discogs  Groovefinder’s, who work(ed) with this Label: John Khan | Soulbridge | Emory Toler Liquid Deep Recordings is…

  • Things May Change!

    Things May Change!

    Things May Change! | UK Founded 2014 by Nick Moss | Groove Assassin Traxsource | Facebook | Soundcloud

  • Steve Macca

    Steve Macca

    Steve Macca | DJ, Radio DJ, Artist | Surrey, UK Facebook | Twitter | Mixcloud Steve has a radioshow each Monday, 8-10pm UK on House FM.Net When did you begin DJ’ing what made you start? I first began listening to and collecting vinyl at the age of 9 years old, buying from my local Woolworths…

  • Greg Austin

    Greg Austin

    Greg Austin | Tring Herfortshire, UK | DJ, Promoter Facebook | Mixcloud Greg runs Soultogether Facebook-Group | Mixcloud-Page At the tender age of 14 Greg found himself in a local club surrounded by like minded individuals eager to Dance and listen to rare soul Music from the 60s and 70s, this was were his passion…

  • Bill Griffin

    Bill Griffin

    Bill Griffin | Reading, UK DJ | Radio DJ Website | Facebook | Instagram | Mixcloud | Twitter | Podomatic Bill runs Soulpower-Radio, his show Soul Rejuvenation is each Wednesday from 8-10pm UK Time Started DJing back in the 80’s, running a mobile disco with Grant Fisher which was very succesful back then. Graduated to…

  • Malcolm WeLove

    Malcolm WeLove

    Malcolm WeLove | Leeds, UK DJ, Radio DJ, Label Owner, Remixer, Producer Website | Facebook | Instagram | Traxsource Soundcloud | Mixcloud | Spotify Malcolm runs RedKyte Records Hailing from Leeds, UK, Malcolm has built his DJ reputation beginning in Northern rave scene in the late 80s though the UK Garage days in the 90s…

  • Dj MRcSp

    Dj MRcSp

    DJ MRcSp | Coventry, United Kingdom DJ | Radio DJ | Promoter DJ MrcSp has a show on D3EP Radio, each Tue, 8-10pm UK Time Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Mixcloud The first thing a crowd says when hearing one of DJ MRcSp’s sets is ‘Wow, whats is this guys name’. The…