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Twism & B3rao

Name: Brian Rawson & Nate Almeida
Artist Name: TWISM & B3RAO
Current Location: NYC – USA, IBIZA – SPAIN
DJ, Artist, Producer, Label Owner, Radio DJ

More about Twism & B3rao

United States power duo, TWISM & B3RAO came together full time in the latter part of 2013 with intentions to change the landscape of house music.  Having released over 100 tracks in the past two and a half years, they are the sought after artist of many of the world’s elite djs. Garnering numerous #1’s and littering the Traxsource charts with their sound, they have come to be one of the top in the game.  Recently, they were welcomed into the Karmic Power Records family, where they are working closely with the legendary Lenny Fontana on numerous upcoming projects.  2016 is increasingly proving to be an absolute turning point in their careers and are striving to give their fans and listeners music that delivers a slice of the old with the new. Picking up where many of the greats left off, they are here to push the sound of house into the modern era.








Yannick Liscoat

Yannick Liscoat
(Artist Name): Soulful French Touch
Born: 02 Février 1969 in Bordeaux (France)
Current Location: Saint Sulpice et Cameyrac (France)
DJ and Producer (Remixes & Edit)

About Yannick

Hello, my first name is Yannick, I am a DJ and producer remixer. I am remixing since the age of 15 years. And I am fascinated by remixes since all this time. My musical genres are Funk, Disco-funk, House, Tech-House, Reggae, Oldschool-Rap soul music. My DJ references are: The Reflex, Opolopo, Dimitri From Paris, Mousse T., KON – The King Of Nothing, John Morales, Tom Moulton, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Shep Pettibone, Masters At Work and Joey Negro.







Lenny Fontana

Lenny has played in the famous Studio 54 NYC, The Shelter, The Underground, Wildpitch, Ministry of Sound, Club Yellow, Club Gold, Club Eleven, Webster Hall, Space Ibiza, Amnesia and many popular clubs around the world

Lenny Fontana
Born: New York
Location: New York
DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Remixer

About Lenny

lenny_1Lenny Fontana has been on the house music scene for more than 20 years as a DJ Producer/Remixer and since 2013 Owner of Karmic Power Records. Born and raised in the “Melting Pot” of New York City, which has proven to be a constant creative influence on his fresh sounds, playing a major contribution that led to Lenny’s worldwide recognition. His productions have crossed commercially worldwide and some have become classics.

He is best known for #11 on UK Pop Chart with Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden “What You Need”, #17 UK Pop Chart Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty “Chocolate Sensation” and many other chart hits. Lenny has played in the famous Studio 54 NYC, The Shelter, The Underground, Wildpitch, Ministry of Sound, Club Yellow, Club Gold, Club Eleven, Webster Hall, Space Ibiza, Amnesia and many popular clubs around the world. He was the first American DJ to play in Pacha Ibiza and in Dubai.






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Lenny’s Label: Karmic Power Records

More About Lenny

Now begins Lenny Fontana’s career and the birth of his new label Karmic Power Records. In 2013 Lenny teamed up with Salt `N` Pepa’s Tour DJ, DJ Dee Wiz on the first single “Music Makes You Wanna” with house remixes from ATFC and DJ PP. Upcoming releases to follow are “Everybody Put Your Hands Up” and “I Don’t Want You Back” with remixes from Marshall Jefferson, Samir Maslo, Funkerman, Richard Gray, and Gary Caos. The vision of Karmic Power is to release high quality dance records that can become future dance floor classics.


Defected records had much success with Lenny Fontana and his productions. In 2006 he released a club classic called “The Way” with lead vocalist Octav’hia Lambertis from C+C Music Factory. Back in 1999 Strictly Rhythm Records licensed Powerhouse feat Duane Harden’ What You Need to Defected / Ministry of Sound which instantaneously hit the Top 15 in the UK Pop Charts and landing at #11 in the UK and various European Pop Charts. The single crossed over into the mainstream MTV U.S. market along with South America culminating in live performances on Top of the Pops, Pepsi Chart Shows in the UK and in all chart shows around Europe. DJ Magazine proclaimed “Powerhouse” was a neck ahead in the annual most hammered tune at the Miami Winter Music Conference. DMA and Mixmag called “What You Need” a must have club anthem.


Lenny recollects his beginnings as the start of his career. I started listening to the Mastermixes with DJ Shep Pettibone on 98.7 Kiss FM New York around 1981-82 and was completely dazzled by his fantastic editing skills as well as his great music selection of R+B Dance Music, which started my passion to be a DJ. I immediately went out and purchased my (2) Technic Turntables, a Bozak Mixer and my Technics 1500 Reel to Reel and practiced what I had been hearing on the radio. His first break came when legendary Studio 54 promoter Baird Jones asked him to play at New York’s Underground located in Union Square NYC. Until that glorious moment he was playing at private events and smaller house parties which in turn taught him to play to different crowds.
Lenny Fontana has also left an imprint for his part in the history of House Music. He was even invited by the resident DJ Pippi of Pacha Ibiza to play the club. It was later said that Lenny was the first American House DJ to play on the white isle of Ibiza at Pacha in the early 90’s. Lenny recalls it being an honor to be asked to play somewhere before any other American DJ. In 2010 Space Ibiza announced he would be resident for Cafe Ole in the terrace for that summer. As well he was again the first American DJ to play in Dubai.

Longtime friend and business dance mogul Eddie Gordon had dinner one night with Lenny and discussed about some legendary tapes that Lenny had owned for quite a while. Lenny being a huge fan of the Paradise Garage and Air Personality Frankie Crocker from WBLS, he was able to record off the air, “The Legendary Second Birthday Party live from the Paradise Garage with Mc Fadden and Whitehead, Dan Hartman, Loletta Holloway, and Sylvester performing. The 6 hour event was broadcasted on WBLS 107.5 FM NYC in January of 1979. Eddie Gordon could not sit still; he asked for snippets and ran off to London to present the idea to the head of programming Fergus Dudley at BBC Radio. When BBC heard the music they coined it instantly as radio gold dust and “Legends of the Dancefloor” show was born.


Lenny was now part of a sacred few that were able to share the Paradise Garage with the world and with the help of Eddie Gordon through Larry Levan’s own voice, his music and in depth interviews by his peers and many industry heavyweights. The broadcast aired over five one hour evenings and the final five hour broadcast from the club was on the final Saturday show. This series became one of the most sought after the BBC offered and is championed as“The Greatest Essential Mix” turning out to be the most downloaded radio documentary. Through the help of BBC; Eddie Gordon and Lenny Fontana have become official audio biographers and helped share Larry Levan’s story and bring the Paradise Garage to a whole new generation. When the head program director Skip Dillard of WBLS heard about this famous rebroadcast he immediately contacted and wanted a full copy to rebroadcast as well on WBLS portals and website for Black History Month. What started on WBLS went full circle and ended back on thanks to Lenny Fontana archiving this history.

Lenny’s start in production and remixing started with him editing mixes on an open reel to reel tape machine. This then progressed into making special extended edit mixes of popular dance records of the time. He felt he needed to progress in getting into production work so it started with programming drum beats to writing songs on a Atari 1040 STE computer and a sampler. As he was starting to be recognized (more as a producer re-mixer) worldwide from the records being produced and mixing in all the big studios (in New York and England) it pushed him into owning his own SSL Console. In doing so his dream became a reality and Lenny Fontana’s studio opened in 2000.

Yaniv Levy AKA “Disco Funk Spinner”

Spins “Disco Funky House” ,Disco Groove, Disco, Boogie, Nu-Disco, Funk, Nu-Funk, Soul ,and House music in various hot-spots around Tel-Aviv.

Your Name? Yaniv Levy AKA “Disco Funk Spinner”
When are you born:  1978photo 1
Where Do You Live? Tel Aviv, Israel
Dj, Producer, Remixer

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Neal Conway

During his stint with the Basement Boys, he has cranked out hits like Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless-Gold Record), Makin’ Happy, Surprise-Platinum Album (Crystal Waters), Scandal, Rejoicing (Ultra Nate’), Tonite (Those Guys) and many others

Name: Neal Conway
Nasty Man Neal Conway
Born: 1966
Current Location: Maryland, US
Songwriter, Producer, Remixer, DJ

About Neal



Neal Conway is a world-renowned Producer/Songwriter/DJ/Remixer. Neal has been on the music scene since the late 80’s. He started out DJing under the guidance of his mentor Thommy Davis (Basement Boy Music). From there, Thommy brought Neal into the Basement Boy family. During his stint with the Basement Boys, he has cranked out hits like Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless-Gold Record), Makin’ Happy, Surprise-Platinum Album (Crystal Waters), Scandal, Rejoicing (Ultra Nate’), Tonite (Those Guys) and many others.

nealconway3Neal was the man behind a number of early or the Original Basement Boy Production hits!!! More recently, Neal co-wrote a Double platinum selling hit for Rapper T.I. named “Why You Wanna”.

Not only Neal received a triple platinum album, but he also received an award for having one of the top ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) songs for 2007. WALKING-Mary Mary (SOUL TRAIN MUSIC AWARD for BEST GOSPEL PERFORMANCE & 2012 ASCAP Music Awards for GOSPEL & for R&B), TOOK MY LOVE by Pitbull (2012 Ms. America Pageant Theme Song) and ….Going Out by A.P.L. of the Black Eye Peas. More recently Alisha Keys did a cover of Neal & Crystal’s Gypsy Woman. Titled …Brand New Me (Gypsy Woman Mix) and 2015 UK Hit ….Talk to Me by Nick Brewer feat. Bibi Bourelly. 



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Luis Rivera – LooweeR

He worked with Artists such as Ashford & Simpson , Donna Summer, Grace Jones, Freddy Jackson, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan, Kim Myzelle, RJ’s Latest Arrival, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston …

Name: Luis Rivera
(Artist Name): LooweeR
Born: Yes
Current Location: Pennsylvania,USA
Producer, Percussionist, DJ, Engineer, Label Owner

About Luis

11103060_10206683150350735_1165223057507121503_oSince I was 6 years old , I’ve beed collecting records (45’s) and playing them on my moms sofa size turntable, and realized that music had a strong impact then, but didn’t know how far I would go with it. Many years later It became  part of what runs through my veins…. Whether it be playing and instrument or DJing,  there would be a huge void in my life without it…..

A Native New Yorker and long time DJ , LooweeR aka Luie Rivera has reached the opportune time in the music industry to express his musical variations to all sorts of enthusiasts. By keeping an open ear to all forms of music LooweeR enjoys the creative aspects of composing, engineering as well as mixing and editing. “Enough to keep me totally involved as well as extremely busy”. LooweeR also plays percussions of all types and has developed chords and lead keyboard programming skills along the way.


Back in the 80’s and 90’s LooweeR was a resident editer for Clivilles & Cole Enterprise , while managing thier studio facilities as well as assistant engineer, and has many edits credited to his name (Luie Rivera). Artists such as Ashford & Simpson , Donna Summer, Grace Jones , Freddy Jackson , Sandee , Luther Vandross , Latin Rascals, Robbie Neville,CCP, Hourse , Jazz , Eddy Grant , Billy Always , Chaka Khan , Kim Myzelle , Noel , Amazulu , Gavin Christopher , Brass Construction , RJ’s Latest Arrival , Back To Back , Bert Robinson , Aretha Franklin ,Whitney Houston , Seduction , 28th Street Crew , Stacy Q , Buster Poindexter , Brat Pack , Nancy Martinez , Mikki Blew , C&C Music Factory, Nayobe , Jenny Burton , 2 In A Room , Cover Girls and Michael Peters (Choreographer of the Broadway Hit “Dreamgirls” and Michael Jackson’s Video “Beat It”).


As a D.J. he has hit the air waves (a five year run) producing countless hours of non stop music mixes for local radio stations, such as WRKS (KissFM) workin with long time friend Shep Pettibone. Along the KissFM line-up were Junior Vasquez and Tony Humphreys.

At WBLS he has also worked with Frankie Crocker,Timmy Regisford and Sergio Munzibai. While spinning in some of the top clubs in New York, many guest spots included Bonds International Casino,Studio 54, Tribecca , (To name a few) while a resident at Underground in NYC, has decided that a more permanent residentcy was best in oerder to create a suitable following. Soon there after LooweeR became the resident DJ Thursdays at the reknown Red Parrot in NYC. Continuing many guest spots in other parts of the country, he has produced and manage to get his tracks in several T.V. shows including “Baywatch , Maury Povich. ,Third Rock From The Sun and Law and Order SVU.

My intentions are to create music that can attract many age groups regardless of genre

LooweeR currently has several tracks and songs out on independant labels such as iMusic Underground Records , Soulful Sounds and Slammin Sounds , Omi Tutu with his hit “Mi Rumbero”, Can’t Get Enuff , Half A Heartbeat , etc.. 2 name a few and is now involved in the production and re-mix of songs for future release. Expect versatility from LooweeR, for his creativity and love for music has no boundaries.



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Fiorenzo D’Amore – DaSoul

In the 1990s, he began his career as a DJ and played many gigs at southern Italian clubs and took part in various national house music events

Name: Fiorenzo D’Amore
Artist Name: DaSouL
Born: Napoli, Italy
Location: Napoli

Dj, Producer, Remixer



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About Fiorenzo

Fiorenzo D’amore aka DaSouL was born in Naples, Italy. In the 1975`s his dad used to take him to many local clubs where he worked which helped Fiorenzo developed his passion for music that later led to his DJing work. In the 1990s, he began his career as a DJ and played many gigs at southern Italian clubs and took part in various national house music events.

Since 2006, DaSouL has been involved in producing his own music focusing on the soulful house market. In 2009, his track “Direction” was released on Sole Channel. Owing to the collaboration with Mr. V, DaSouL has been able to work together with Stephanie Cooke, Johnny Dangerous, Nadine Navarre or Dawn Tallman. He has his program “L Voyage” on Umr web radio where he presents live DJ sets and mixes. 1988.

DjDaSouLIt’s the start of this fantastic adventure ! I had only looked before this, I never had the opportunity to put my hands on the turntables…I learned to take the beats with the hands I learned a lot for a long time for little things and after this I realised myself, I was looking that my dream was becoming true…When I put the track on the turntables I forgot all that I knew… My first name was Dj Yoshi, given by a real care friend called Ciro Cangianiello; With him and with other friends we joined The Total Eclipse PR, making some good houseparties in our places by 90’s to 2000’s with big artists, like as Jack Master Pez, Luca Colombo, Principe Maurice Tony Maione, Doppio Joe, Dj Omar, Andrea Gambardella with many other big friends dj.

In 2000 I took a pause and I was out but, in that moment, I know a very important friend,that made me flame the blood that before was going down,Francesco Savarese aka Kellyss. My influences are : Jihad Muhammad, Domenico Navarra,Joe Flame, Dj Fudge, Vega e Dope, Kerri Chandler, Studio Appartament, Soul Creation, Antonio Vitale, Harley & Muscle, Kellyyss, Urban Soul, The Rurals, 95 North, Demarkus Lewis, Kevin Yost, Fred Everything ,Dennis Derrer ,Dj Spinna,Antonio Ocasio,Jovonn,Quentin harris, Terrence Parker,Peven Everet,Frankie Valantine,Oliver Portal,Larry Heard,King Britt,Frankie Feliciano,Gragory Delpiero At least,but not for importance, by some year ago to now, I produce with my new good and dear friend Fabry Diglio, releasing on very important labels, such as SoleChannell,City Deep,Sofi Tone, ecc.