Soulmix Radio

Playing the best in soulful house, afro house, soul, disco, bossa, jazz. Soulmix Radio | Founded by Chris Garrod Launched: 2016 | Location Stevenage, UK Website | Facebook | Twitter Groovefinder’s who play(ed) on this station: Greg Anderson | Annie Mac Bright | Deejay Renay | Tony Wilson   Advertisements


Funky, Jazzy, Sexy, Housey, Loungy, Urban Soul with a touch of Old School. OneLuvFM | Founded by Jo Fournier Launched: 2011 | Location: Paris Contact : Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube OneLuvFM is a web radio broadcasting non commercial music all over the world for the Connaisseurs. We supply « All…

Boogie Bunker Radio

Less Chat More Music. Boogie Bunker Radio | Founded by James J.J. Williams Launched: 2016 | Location: Romford, UK Website | Schedule | Facebook  Youtube | Twitter | Instagram Events: Fun in the Sun Groovefinder’s who play(ed) on this Station: Elle Cee | KingPinn | Thunder Jam Records We’re doing things differently. If we haven’t got anything…

Colourful Radio

Colourful Radio was probably the first commercial internet radio station in the UK and possibly Europe Colourful Radio Launched: 2002 | Location: London Website | Schedule | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram The analogue era of broadcasting as a pirate radio station was never an attractive proposition to our founder, Kofi Kusitor. Kofi started Colourful Radio in 2002 as an ‘internet audio stream’…

Soulside Radio

Soulside Radio | Founded by John Soulpark Launched: 2009, Relaunched: 2017 | Location: Paris, France CEO: Terry C. Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Mixcloud | Itunes | Merchandise Soulside radio is like a candy made in Paris, both soft & sweet with this touch of acidity that gives you suddenly goosebumps. With…

Pressure Radio

broadcasting 24/7 playing Deep House, Soulful House, Broken Beat, Nu Jazz plus some specialist shows featuring classic and rare Soulf funk Jazz disco. Pressure Radio | Location: London Website | Schedule | Facebook | Twitter | Mixcloud | Google+ | Itunes Pressure Radio is an internet Radio station specialising in HOUSE MUSIC mainly  DEEP HOUSE, SOULFUL HOUSE MUSIC plus AFRO HOUSE , BROKEN…


Deep Soulful Classic House Music from around the Globe MyHouseRadioFM Launched: 2016 | Location: New York Website | Facebook | Twitter  Youtube | Instagram Groovefinder’s who play(ed) on this Station: Eddie Eaze Coleman | Daddy P. | Steve Shaw

Soulfinity Radio

Australia’s premier station for house music Soulfinity Radio | Founded by Riva Puati Launched: 2016 | Location: Brisbane, Australia Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud |  Mixcloud Groovefinder’s on this station: Markus Kater | Steve Shaw | Craig Stewart | Ken Walker Soulfinity Radio is Australia’s premier online station for house music and house music heritage….

Conscious Sounds Radio

Conscious combines a passion for music and dancing with a strong ethical value system. Conscious Sounds Radio Launched: 2016 | Location: London Website | Schedule | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Groovefinder’s, who play(ed) on this Station: Anna Cee | Elle Cee | DJ Renay | KingPinn    We create events or activities that focus on…

Reminisce Radio

  Reminisce Radio | Founded by Paul “Pezzer” Perry Location: London Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | Mixcloud Groovefinder’s on this Station: Paul Hampson | Markus Kater | Annie Mac Bright | Steve Shaw | Hakeem Syrbram 


House & Old School Music AlgoRythme Radio | Paris | Founded by Pascal Idris Website | Facebook | Twitter | Mixcloud

Wind Radio

24/7 Soul and Soulful House Wind Radio | Founded by: Theofanis Anagnostopoulos Launched: 2017 | Location: Athens, Greece Website | Facebook | Facebook-Group | Twitter Groovefinder’s who play(ed) on this Station: Nobu Furukawa | Annie Mac Bright | Steve Shaw | Brian Eibye | DJ VIP | Dj Amethyst | Master Said | Eddie Eaze Coleman | Antonello Ferrari | Franck Guillot | Frank Hogerhuis | Thomas Hüge…

• Global House Movement

Global House Movement Launched: 2011 | Location: San Antonio Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram Groovefinder’s on this Station:  Eddie Eaze Coleman | David DS

• SoulBeat Radio

24/7 Soul Funk Jazz and more SoulBeat Radio | Location: UK Website | Schedule | Facebook | Twitter Groovefinder’s on this Station: Tom Glide Soulbeat Radio’s – Another string to the ever expanding SoulBeat brand. SoulBeat’s Radio team aim to bring you the best in Soul based music with Dj’s who have a love for the music and the knowledge…

• Back2BackFM

London’s Premier Soul, Funk, Jazz, BrokenBeat, RNB, Deep&Soulful House, Reggae, HipHop & Chillout Station. Back2BackFM | Founded: 2011 Location: North London UK Website | Schedule | Facebook | Twitter | Mixcloud | Instagram  

• Likwid

Broadcasting WorldWide, from London. Free flowing music to open your mind. Likwid | Founded: 2016 | Location: London Station | Schedule | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Likwid – An independent voice for the intelligent music community. Broadcasting without commercial restraints, 24/7 365 with live streaming and prerecorded programming from our London-based studio. We wanted something different from the norm, something that drew on a wealth of knowledge from liberated…

• Soundwaveradio

Soundwaveradio | Location: United Kingdom Station | Facebook | Twitter Groovefinder’s on this Station: Dejan Klemenc It hosts shows from amazing Djs from all around the globe bringing you the best and latest music from Clubs, Chart and underground. Soundwave radio is available 24hrs a day 7 days a week and can be accessed from ADR, the…

• Jamm FM

Jamm FM | Location: Ouder-Amstel, Netherlands Station | Facebook | Twitter

• Cyberjamz Radio

Cyberjamz Radio | Founded by Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis Founded: 2003 | Location: Tampa Bay, US Station | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Providing live streaming mixes featuring underground dance music. Streaming 24/7 and featuring on demand shows, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do without your grooves whenever and wherever you are!

• ClubDDD FM

Club DDD FM Location: Woerden, Netherlands Founded: 2013 by Ed Schuurman and Arjan Uitman Link To The Station   CLUB DDD has started as a radioshow in 1998 on a local station. In 2013 Ed Schuurman and Arjan Uitman started CLUB DDD FM as an internetstation. Ed’s Radioshow is broadcasted on several radiostations in Europe too. Sundays it is…

• Soulpower.FM

24/7 Soul Music – served with much passion | Founded by: Guido Neumann Launched: 2014 | Location: Duisburg, Germany Station | Facebook Groovefinders on this Station: Akim B. | Thomas Hüge | Nobu Furukawa | Markus Kater

• DHP Radio

DHP Radio |  Location: New York Founded by Timmy Richardson aka TOT Station | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Timmy also manages the website Deep House Page.

• Mi-Soul

Mi-Soul | Location: London, UK Founded: 2012 by Gordon Mac and Martin Strives Station | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

• Point Blank FM

Point Blank FM | Founded: 1994 Location: West-London Station | Facebook | Twitter | Mixloud Point Blank’s first transmission was back in the cold November of 1994. At that time, while the internet was still making its first tentative steps in the world and other radio stations were preoccupied with a more commercial soundscape, quality house music was a little hard…

• Soulpower-Radio

100% Soul Funk & Jazz Music 24 Hours a Day Soul-Power Radio | Founded: 2011 Location: Reading, UK Station | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram Groovefinder’s on this Station: Andy Beggs

• Zero Radio

Zero Radio Founded: 2009 by Mervyn Griffith and Ian Reading Location: Hockley, Essex, UK Link to the Station Zero Radio on Facebook Zero Radio  on Twitter

• Phillynites Radio

Phillynites Radio Location: Philadelphia, USA Founder: Sharon Benatti Launched: 2011 Link to the Station Contact: Phillynites on Facebook Phillynites on Twitter PhillyNites Radio™ began broadcasting in January of 2011 from Philadelphia, PA. The station features the best in Deep House, Soulful House, Afro House and Old School House. The PhillyNites DJ’s bring their talents from…

• Solar Radio

Classic and 21st Century Soul Music Solar Radio | Founded by Tony Monson Launched: 1984 | Location: London, UK Station | Facebook | Twitter | App UK based soul music radio station broadcasting on Sky Channel 0129 into 10 million homes across the UK, online and global and on FREE apps TuneIn Radio, RadioplayerUK and Solar Radio for Android and…

• Housebeat EU

Housebeat.EU | Founded by Rob Hayes Launched: 2013 | Location: UK Station | Facebook | Twitter Groovefinder’s on this Station: Nick Power

• Ibiza Live Radio

Ibiza Live Radio | Founded by Miss Luna Location: Ibiza, Spain Station | Schedule | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Youtube | Mixcloud Groovefinder’s on this Station: Franco Lenti | Trevor Ricci | Isa Vis  IBIZA LIVE RADIO is a 24/7 internet radio station, physically situated in Ibiza, Spain, broadcasting high quality electronic music over the internet and on 103.7 FM in Ibiza (a…

• Soul Legends Radio

Soul Legends Radio | Location: UK Station | Twitter | Facebook Gee Parker and Donna Bugeja started Soul Legends Radio station back in January 2012 having both been involved with other internet radio stations for several years.  As well as our DJs broadcasting from the UK we also have DJs in the USA, Australia and Singapore and we intend…

• Real House Radio

Real House Radio Founded: 2011 | Location: London, UK Station | Facebook | Twitter  

• The Session Worldwide

The Session Worldwide | Location London Website  | Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Soundcloud Mixcloud | Youtube Groovefinder’s who play(ed) with this Station: Dj Master Said | Daddy P. | Geraldo Roman | Chris West  Decibel In Scale | Anthony Smith | Jeff Rogers  | Tom Hüge Frank Hogerhuis | JM Grana | Sami Djafer | Brian Eibye Patrick Dudek…

• House FM.Net

House FM.Net Location: London Station | Schedule | DJs Facebook  | Twitter  | Instagram  | Soundcloud  Groovefinder’s on this Station: Paris Cesvette  | Lenny Fontana House FM started in March 2001 as an idea of a group of friends all with a mutual taste in music. The original idea was to have a musical outlet for a very…

• WheresTheCulture

WheresTheCulture (WTC Houseradio) United Kingdom Link To The Station WTC on Facebook WTC on Twitter Contact

• Ritmo Radio

Ritmo Radio | Location: Greece Station | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Mixcloud Groovefinder’s who play(ed) on this Station Nick Power | Dimi Stuff | Steve Shaw | Ken Walker 

• Pure Rhythm Radio

24/7 Pure Rhythm Radio Founded: 2013 | Location: London Station | Facebook | Twitter Groovefinder’s who play(ed) on this station: Deejay Renay | Steve Shaw      

• Stomp Radio

Stomp Radio Location London Link To The Station Stomp Radio on Twitter Stomp Radio’s Facebook-Page Stomp Radio’s Official Facebook-Group

• Starpoint Radio

Starpoint Radio | Founded 1985 Re-Founded: 2005 by Carl Webster | Location: London Website | Schedule | Facebook | Twitter | Podomatic Groovefinder’s on this Station: Paul Garland

• Cruise FM

Cruise Funky Music – the home of Black Music: soul, dance, house, old school, groove, reggae, hip hop, electro, funk, r&b, dancehall, jazz, boogie, garage. Cruise FM | Founded by Jay See Bea The Bushbaby Launched: 1984 | Location: London, UK Station | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube Groovefinder’s on this Station: Paul Hampson | Marky Mark Pendleton | Steve…

• D3EP Radio Network

D3EP Radio Network | Location: London Founded by: Grant Nelson Station | Facebook  | Twitter  | Instagram  Groovefinder’s on this Station: Keith Harmer  | DJ Vinicious | Husky | Jon Manley Ken Walker | Ralf Gum      

• Sound Fusion Radio

Sound Fusion Radio Location: London Founded by: DJ Ian Gloss Link to the Station Sound Fusion Radio on Facebook Sound Fusion Radio on Twitter

• Housestationradio

Housestationradio Founded by: Gigi Frassanito & Guido Manara Launched: 2012 | Location: Italy Homepage | Schedule | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest Groovefinder’s on this station: Pasquale Ciccarelli | Neal Conway | Andrea Erre Gigi Frassanito | John Khan | Davide Messina  Guido P | Nick Power | Alessandro Vivenzio Two Italian guys, Gigi & Guido who…