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“..A day without music is a lost day..”


Name: Michael Von Weissenbrunner
(Artist Name): DJ I.S.O.T.T.
Born: Austria, March 1978
Current Location: Innsbruck – Tirol -Austria
DJ / Radio DJ /Producer/ Multi- Media Manager

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Between 1989-90, DJ I.S.O.T.T was infected from Electronic Music like Kraftwerk, Gorgio Moroder, Frankie Knuckles,and other Producers from this century.
DJ I.S.O.T.T felt lucky to grow up during a time hearing sounds that never existed such as Techno,Trance & House. He felt that there was a specialized feeling in the air and we were part of it.
During the years of 1994 – 2000, DJ I.S.O.T.T played in many Clubs and self produced Party´s and Rave´s. It was a very special time because everybody knew of each other in the scene. DJ I.S.O.T.T took a break to recover and appreciate the changes of life, but since being infected, he couldn’t be away forever..!
Now He is back…………… !!!
As DJ / Producer Artist on High! Energy Records USA / FRANCE
EU Multimedia Marketing Manager forhigh-reaction-logo-small
High! Energy Re. & our NEW SUB – Label
High! Reaction Rec. (my main field of activity).A & R Co – Manager High! Reaction Records. Finally we have a new Producer and Artist Managment Service Project called House Global Alliance.
DJ I.S.O.T.T Can Be Heard
Friday at 9AM (EST) USA and 3 AM in Europe / Austria
Wednesday at 9PM (EST) USA and 3AM in EU / Austria




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Name: Nick Power
Artist Name: Nick Power
Born: London
Current Location: Stevenage
International DJ & Radio Presenter, Producer,

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Nick Power has been in the music business for pretty much all of his working career.
Owner & founder of the Music Power chain of Record & Disco Equipment Stores in London & Essex, he went on to present a radio show on Kiss FM, and many other stations since.

Producing & remixing under various pseudonyms since the early 1990’s, owning his own very successful nightclub in Ayia Napa, Cyprus called the Kool Club, (now called The Castle Club), playing at some of the best clubs in the world including the Ministry Of Sound, with many other top name DJ’s, and still does so to this day.nick-castle

Now a co founder of the Soul Kandi brand & presenter of the world popular Soul Kandi Radio Show, he’s slowly getting back into production but still continues to be at the top of his game as a DJ, due to the years of experience in music, & his ability to read a crowd & play to entertain.






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Clemens Rumpf

Name: Clemens Rumpf
(Artist Name): Clemens Rumpf
Born: Nordhausen
Current Location: Hannover
Label Owner, Producer, Club DJ, Artist, Radio DJ

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Clemens Rumpf is a deejay & producer from Hannover, Germany with passion in disco, soul, funk, nudisco, deep-, uplifting- and vocal house music.clemens_rumpf_dj

As a music producer and remixer, he works for different labels such as Reelgroove, Barcoda Recordings, Ospina Digital, Delicious Garden, Loopfreak Records, White Lotus Club, Open Bar, Underground Solution, KK Records, Warehouse Records, Raw Elements and Deep Grooves and for his own Label Deep Village Records.deep_village_music

His roots as a Deejay began in 1996 when he played at the legendary “Club Sputnik – Alte Weberei ” in Eastern Germany.







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Dudek Patrick

Name: Dudek Patrick
(Artist Name): Dudek Patrick
Born: 29.12.1973
Current Location: Vienna
Dj, Radio Dj

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Vienna (Austria) based DJ Patrick Dudek aka Pacid Dee, started when he got his first pair of technics back in 1989.
1992 he met the founder of Futureclub Austria-Bookings.
Patrick became a member and played at the local rave and club scene as well as abroad back in the day as a Futureclub/Artist.
Patrick has not stopped mixing ever since, still play regularly at clubs and private parties.
With more than over 25 years of experience in the electronic
music scene, he never lost his passion for the soulful deep underground house.

—Soulful – Underground – House—-
Dudek Patrick´s Radio Show at
every Saturday from 12pm to 1pm EST
Vienna Local Time 6pm to 7pm



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Jerry Rankin

Name: Jeremiah Francis
(Artist Name): Jerry Rankin
Born: 28.10.1982
Current Location: London
Radio DJ – Producer

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I started djing as a hobby in1997 which turn into a passion, whichwent into a career playing house and garage in local clubs and bars, also i manage to get slots on major underground radio stations in London and Essex. Which led into getting my name well establish in the underground house scene. Recently im working on my own projects in the studio trying to accomplish my dream. My current radio show is on



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Robert Bateman

” I am loving life and I love music so the future is bright.”


Name: Robert Bateman
(Artist Name): Dr Rob
Born: UK
Current Location: Colchester, UK
DJ, Producer and Radio DJ

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A Bio (or a link to a Bio): I started DJing in the 1990’s in Bournemouth playing soulful house or American Garage as it was known then. After a break from DJing I picked the reins back up again in 2013 and I AM Back!!
I love to play soulful house but enjoy playing all genres of house music as well as soul funk and disco.
I have a regular weekly radio show on Thursdays 9-11pm UK time. I also have been playing gigs in and around Colchester, Essex and Suffolk ove rhte last three years. These have ranged from intimate parties to festivals attended by 3000 party goers.
dr-rob-robertsI have started producing my own work in 2016, something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I decided to take the plunge and try it. So far this year I have had three tracks signed to record labels.
I am loving life and I love music so the future is bright.



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DJ Amethyst

I´m an allrounder DJ, who loves Soulful Vocal House

Name: Drew
Artist Name: DJ Amethyst
Current Location: London
DJ, Radio DJ

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Im an allrounder Dj, who loves Soulful Vocal House. My music policy is quality music that creates a good atmosphere for the people to dance to music with no barriers, it needs to be exciting, soulful tough and funky.I’ve been playing Vinyl Record since young. My Dad had a lot of 45inch & 12inch LP´s. In 1981 The nick name Amethyst was born. Its My Birth Stone & Dj Name and it all started from my body popping & roller skating & love for all types of music.

My very first Record that I ever bought at the age of 15 was
“The Theme Tune to Space Invaders” by Yellow Magic. It was Paul Anderson who got me into deejaying. I used to go to hear him playing at the Sugar & Spice & Electric Ballroom. My R&B Sound was called “Catch the Beat”. I used to go to the Steve Walsh Soul Weekender and spend much time in Clubs like Royalty,  Pink Elephant, Electric  Ballroom, Bentley and Lyceum. But my love for music always was more various.

I love a good Reggie Sound Clash. Saxon was my number 1
Sound System, also to mention Sir Coxsone ,King Tubby,
Fat Man and Unity & Stone Love.I got into Acid House when Rave Music was at it`s best. Our firm was called MFI, ” Mad For It”
We were up there with Centerfore,  Biology, Rain Dance,
Rat Pack Promised Land  and Sunrise. I was a West End Dj for 19 years and played in all the Top West End clubs.I also worked as a resident Dj at “Chinawhite” for 5 years and after at  the “Funky Buddha”  for 6 years.



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Jose Torres Olivares

Name: Jose Torres Olivares
(Artist Name): Jose Torres
Born: 29-05-1973
Current Location: Palma de Mallorca – Islas Baleares

jose-torres_3About Jose Torres

José Torres comenzó su andadura musical como disc jockey en el año 1985. Conocido por ser fiel a estilos como el House, Soul y Funky. Fue DJ residente en multitud de clubes en Valencia (España), siempre fiel a un estilo reconocido y avalado por grandes artistas del panorama nacional e internacional.

Actualmente, The Music Club se encuentra en su tercera temporada en antena, avanzando cada día en número de seguidores y siendo uno de los programas de referencia de la música electrónica de calidad. Además, es un programa apoyado y avalado por grandes artistas, productores y sellos discográficos como Jamie Lewis, Mario Marques, Peppe Citarella, Giulio Bonaccio, Sheree Hicks, Stephanie Cooke, Daw Williams, Natasha Watts, Tracy Brathwaite, Tracy Hamlin, Roland Clarck,Marc Tasio, Antonello Ferrari, Janice Robinson, Federico D’Alessio, Dj Pippi, Michael Procter, OtherSoul, Inaya Day, Carlos Vargas, Mark di Meo, Two 4 Soul, Purple Music, Tony Records, Karmic Records,CandyBeach Records, King Street, Afrisoul, etc.


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