• Michael Kindermann – Photographer

I love simple and hard rock and blues music (AC/DC). Whenever I see an interesting detail, an extraordinary light or an astounding incident. I try to capture & recreate this moment through the lens. As I`m a commercial film director / producer, most of my images seem to be in motion. Besides I also love the calmness of stills and forover…

• Dick Visser Photography

As a graphic designer an international advertising agency, he has been working for a number of high-end companies, with a strong personal emphasis on the visual aspect of major productions Name: Dick Visser Born: January 1975 Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands Photographer Gallery There’s many ways to enter the world of photography. He took the long road –…

• Carsten Wäßerling – Soulpixx.de

Music is the magic and feeds my soul all day long. Taking photos "in concert" is an incredible passion i live for... 😉 Name: Carsten Wäßerling Born: 27th July 1957 Location: Burgdorf near Hannover, Germany Photographer A Gallery of Carsten's Pics Links Carsten's Website Soulpixx on Facebox Icesolution's Website Icesolution on Facebook Contact carsten@waesserling.de    

• Diane Dunkley – RM2Music

Real Musicians Real Music Diane Dunkley Location: London Founder and Management Director of RM2Music, Label Owner Artists managed by RM2Music (Just click on one of the pics to start the Gallery) About RM2 RM2 for real musicians and real music. We’re passionate about real musicians, live music and your creativity. We provide music management to…

• Birke Beisert – Groovefinder’s

I love Music. And People. That's why I run my Facebook-Page Groovefinder. I support good music. I am into Soul and Soulful House. Name: Birke Beisert Born: December 1968 Current Location: Hamburg, Germany Media, Booker, DJ https://www.facebook.com/GroovefinderHH/videos/804572799730158/   Links • My Facebook-Page Groovefinder Contact • groovefinderHH@gmail.com

• Gerri McLaughlin – Five Dee

See the Photostory - Gerry in Japan I'm a street photographer by nature. I think as I have always found human beings to be the most fascinating subjects for me Gerri McLaughlin - Five Dee Born: Glasgow, Scotland - Location: Basel, Switzerland Photographer Website | FB-Fanpage | Flickr | Facebook EMail: fivedeestreet@yahoo.com Gerri's Photos (Click…

• John Moore

"My life is a photographic roller coaster of Club Events / Festivals / what's hot and whats going down on the music scene........" Name: John Moore Artist Name: John Moore Photography Born: 30/07/65 Current Location: Sheffield, UK Promoter/Photographer John Moore on Facebook John Moore on Instagram John Moore on Youpic EMail: jonndmoore@yahoo.co.uk