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Steven Stone

Name: Stefano Rizzuto
(Artist Name): Steven Stone
Born: 21.09.1978
Current Location: Switzerland
DJ, Producer, Label Owner

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 STEVEN STONE is an internationally well-known DJ, producer and label owner of “Soul Deluxe Recordings” (2009), “Deep Deluxe Recordings” (2014) and “House Deluxe Recordings” (2016) based in Switzerland. This multitalented producer spins his magic to craft a different and inviting sound, producing remarkable tracks with a beautiful blend of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Disco. His style spans from Soulful to Deep & Tech House Music.






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Stephanie Cooke

Name: Stephanie Cooke
(Artist Name): Stephanie Cooke
Born: Newark, New Jersey USA
Current Location: Newark, New Jersey USA
Artist, Producer, Publisher, Label Owner, Artist and DJ Manager

More about Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke is a singer/ songwriter whose roots are based in urban Newark, NJ. Born and raised there, she grew up in church like many in the music industry, and found her beginnings in the choir and in small groups as she developed her singing and arranging skills, She wrote her first song under pressure to impress a would be14672866_657361394426678_77771437_o manager who told her that only artists who could write these days would be successful. that song got recognition at ASCAP and was featured at a songwriter´s workshop where it received rave reviews. This was stepping-stone in her career as all the publishers at the workshop became interested in hearing what she had to offer. Less than one year later she was writing, arranging and doing background vocals on many major projects and being called upon many labels to offer songs.

Within eighteen months, she was flaunting a publishing deal that lead to her relationship with producers such as Jermaine Dupri, Soul Shock and Carlin, All-Star, DJ Enuff, and the list goes on. During this time she wrote for such artists as Aretha Franklin, Jody Watley, Tyrese and numerous new comers even rearranging song for remixes for the Braxtons and SWV.
For the last ten years she has made her home as an artist in dance music recording many songs on Kingstreet Sounds. This relationship yielded a full length album which was released in 2003. the album is a combination of many of the songs she recorded over the years along with a few new things.

14689803_657360057760145_1961326154_oThese days, Stephanie is reaching new heights as an artist and has come into her own on the stage. New relationships and circles of producers, a new home label and extended family have taken her career as a writer and performer to another level. She´s currently working on a new album with West End Records with Blaze leading the list of great producers promised to appear on the project. She recently recorded several songs with Blaze that truly set a pace for her career including titles such as “Love Will”, ” Lover´s Holiday” and “Love makes the World go Round”. This coming year promises to be one filled with great new creations on her palette of fine recordings with the future brighter than ever she has nothing but Phenomenal Woman on her agenda.When she’s not working on her forthcoming ‘My Heart’ LP, Ms. Cooke runs her own Angeltown Recordings label.






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D#Sharp Records

“It is our pleasure to introduce to you a sound that captures nostalgia and captivates through sultry rhythms, the magical machine of D#Sharp Records.
Where does one find fire? In the pit of D#Sharp Records,
Flaame On!!!..Forever Living A Musical Experience Flame On ..”


Name: Joseph Davis
(Artist Name): D#Sharp Records
Born: Springfield Mass
Current Location: East Orange New Jersey, USA
Label Owner, Producer

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It is our pleasure to introduce to you a sound that captures nostalgia and captivates through sultry rhythms, the magical machine of D#Sharp Records.D#Sharp Records,AJFP Label is the creation of veteran musician and producer Joseph ‘Joeflame’ Davis.
Joeflame’s heart felt desire to infuse the creativity of music with lively nuance reminiscent of Studio 54 or early morning “dance-a-thons” at The Paradise Garage.1390559_10200868760223051_1200862831_n
D#Sharp, was created to provide the highest quality dance music to a wide audience.
D#Sharp has releases from , Asia Lynn, Stephanie Cooke, Libby Jones, Dani Dubois, Chynaah Doll, Don Corey Washington, Kischa Link, Toni Bowens, Roxanna Lynn, Kia Stewart, Vanessa L Smith. to name a few available on Traxsource .

The House Music Production provided by the often comically charged Joeflame has been hitting its stride since the 1990s and include hits with Can you see the light. (Micelle Weeks , Dawn Tallman) DC Washington (People of the World, Never Be The Same, I Miss You) and Ceybil Jeffries (Thank You for Blessing).His tracks have been released on Phuture Sole, SoulShine, Bumpin’ City, BBG, Home Record labels and of course D#Sharp Records.
Joseph ‘Joeflame’ Davis is also well known for his background as a self-taught musician, playing bass, keyboards, drums and other percussion instruments. He produced hip-hop and R&B in the 1980s, working out of his home studio in East Orange, NJ.Joe’s studio quickly became known as one of the premiere studios in Essex County, working with such artists as Lords of the Underground, Total, Da Brat, Manifest Destiny, BHA Enterprise, Fear No Evil, and Jamal Shane.Joseph ‘Joeflame’ Davis D#Sharp Records has no intention of slowing down. In fact it boasts of many up and coming fire projects/artist that are being developed and unleashed.







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Stephan Breuer – Stevie B.

Only if you can feel what music does with you you will understand that there is nothing better than beats, they  are like a mini-vacation

Name: Stephan Breuer
(Artist Name): Stevie B.
Born: 1.1.1971 Düsseldorf / Germany
Current Location: Neuss / Germany
DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Webradio DJ




After 4 Jears (coming soon) (coming soon)

About Stevie

Stevie B.Since the mid-1980s, as beats like “Let the music play” from Shannon, “Relax” from Frankie goes to Hollywood or “Billy Jean” from Michael Jackson dominated the dance-floors, electronic music is my great passion.
During the weekends in countless clubs in NRW, this passion became deeper and deeper. So at the age of 18, my first weekend-jobs at the bars or doors of various discos in my home-town Neuss, were predestined.
Everytime up to date about music I began to collect records, later also CDs. I was always fascinated by the DJ’s art of song-mixing, but only occasionally tried my hand at the regulators.
Only after a serious accident four years ago, I found my way back to this great passion and took time to organize my > 50 TB music-database thoroughly. I noticed that the playlists, born during long nights, would perfectly fit for building a mix.
A word and a blow, ready! Why not share it with other music-fans? With mixcloud, I found the most suitable portal for sharing my music with like-minded persons, some pretty compilations arose quickly and the number of followers increased rapidly.
During the first two years I reached 15.000 followers, in upbeat mood to reach more, for example a party-booking here and there. Since that time I have the feeling to do what makes me happiest, to take people with music on short leave.
Since four years by now and after several acquisitions in technology and software and lots of kindly friendships all over the world,
I can’t imagine a greater sense of pleasure than taking people for one or two hours with me, on a journey through sounds, beats and beautiful memories, rosen out of 30 years of collector’s passion, refined with modern fat sound. For this reason I invite everyone to convince yourself and join me on such a journey. I can only say:
Follow me on a journey of senses and emotions. Only the feeling of what music does to you will make you understand, that there’s nothing better than beats like a short-break!

Stevie B.




V Smith III

Current Location: CHICAGO


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DJ V can be reached for bookings at

About V

DJ V first saw a live DJ spinning with two turntables and a mixer at his freshman icebreaker party at Whitney Young HS in Chicago in 1982. The next day he began to badger his fellow students that also were DJ’s to teach him and they took him under their wing. By the next year, on his 15th birthday, he purchased his first set of belt-drives and it’s been an ongoing passion ever since.

V started as a breakdance DJ, working 3 and sometimes 4 decks on occasion. However, he’d always preferred the sounds of Ken Kessie, Patrick Cowley, Giorgio Moroder and Bobby O, along with the Philly, Salsoul, Disco, Soul, Jazz Fusion and Funk grooves that he was raised on. A segue into House Music was inevitable.

After having spun at numerous now legendary venues by the late 80’s, V decided to hang up his headphones to pursue his college education and dream of playing football, which he achieved both at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. V graduated with a Sociology BA and played defensive back for the Big Ten school.

It was while attending Purdue that he was coerced into getting back behind the decks after his football-playing days were over as he was still known as a person very in tune with the music of the day, be it Hip-Hop, House, R + B or even Rock.

dj shot #1

As fate would have it, this coercion proved quite beneficial. Soon after V released his first locally-distributed mixtape in 1995 it went through a number of hands and ultimately landed in the possession of thee Techno pioneer, JUAN ATKINS. Juan contacted V and invited him to his then-home on Techno Alley in Detroit, where Juan encouraged V to continue to pursue a career as a DJ on a global scale and offered his mentorship. This priceless occurrence then spawned V to take his passion much more serious than he’d ever imagined.

V then moved back to Chicago in 1996 and immersed himself in the Deep House Music scene that is responsible for presenting this genre to the world. By the end of that year he’d spun at the legendary Shelter and went on to hold various other residencies in the city as well as playing gigs across the Midwest. It was in 1999 that he was invited to play a DJ Showcase for WARNER BROTHERS @ the WMC alongside ROY DAVIS JR.. and MILES MAEDA. His performance catapulted him to the national level as he held his own with two of the world’s best.

1999 also proved to be the pivotal year in his burgeoning DJ career as he played his first gig in NYC with ROMANTHONY and HARRY THE BASTARD and from that performance was selected to play for VH-1 at its Y2K celebration in Times Square. This once-in-a-lifetime gig assisted in his gaining prominence across the nation as a premier music selector.

CMG BLUE JPEG LOGOBy the end of 2000 V had stepped into the arena of not only producer but also Label Manager. He’s assumed the role of Manager for MUSIC 101 and presided over the labels’ initial 6 releases, with artists ranging from PLAYIN 4 THE CITY to DERRICK CARTER to STACY KIDD. All of the releases that were handled by V received massive critical acclaim as well as exceeded all sales goals. His own production debut, “THE DARKER SIDE OF MELODY” featuring the late great JOHN REDMOND, also received critical acclaim from URB and DJ magazines in 2001, with the former listing it as one of the top records of that year. An international presence on the underground music scene was achieved by DJ V! He also had a second release, “WHAT AM I DOING TO ME”, that was released on D’LECTABLE and received kudos in URB in 2005. As of 2014, he has partnered in the studio with MR. EGG GERM to form FootNote, a production duo that to date has done remixes for ROY DAVIS JR., VICK LAVENDER, BODDHI SATVA and up-and-coming pop group ANYTHING BUT MONDAY. An album is currently in the works, as well as live performances with a full-on band consisting of the best musicians and singers that Chicago has to offer.

V has played gigs across the US and overseas at some of the most revered clubs and events, such as the opening party for the BERLIN FILM FESTIVAL 2003, SUBSOIL in Halberstadt, Germany, numerous other venues in Germany and Poland, the opening party for the SOHO CLUB with ALTON MILLER and soul/House diva ANGIE BROWN in Brussels, SULLIVAN ROOM, OPEN AIR, ALPHABET LOUNGE, SAPPHIRE LOUNGE, the memorable CENTRO-FLY and various other top-flight venues in NYC, 1015 FOLSOM and PINK in San Francisco, a 4-year monthly residency at SMARTBAR in Chicago along innumerable other residencies and headlining guest spots in his hometown. V has shared headlining duties with the aforementioned as well as such respected luminaries as NEIL ALINE, Derrick Carter, DJ HEATHER, COLETTE, MARK FARINA, RON TRENT, THE WAMDUE KIDS, DIZ, DJ DOVE, SCOTT WOZNIAK, Boddhi Satva and GILLES PETERSON. He’s also played for fashion shows by MAXMARA and LOUIS VUITTON and major movie premiere events for GenArt.


In 2011 V founded a company entitled CONCRETE MUSIC GROUP LLC, a “one-stop shop” for all looking for the best in independent music from artists across the globe. With artists spanning Electronic (2Th, IAMNEMESISNINE, MDF) to, of course, Deep House (Mr. Egg Germ, KARL THE VOICE, TIM XAVIER, DANIELL SPENCER, CHARLES SPENCER, RICKY BRADSHAW, LHK & SEN-SEI), the mission for the company is to be able to spread the gift of these passionate, talented individuals across the world in any way that music can be utilized. Music supervision opportunities within the film industry have also been garnered that will be administered through CMG.

DJ V has a podcast that has been going strong for 10 YEARS RUNNING,, which showcases his adroit skills on the decks in the live form USING VINYL ONLY. The site has garnered 10’s of thousands of downloads from all over the world to date with no sign of slowing down. The future looks bright for this veteran of over 30 years as a DJ, producer and music group owner, with the demand for his sound continuing to broaden.


Lenny Fontana

Lenny has played in the famous Studio 54 NYC, The Shelter, The Underground, Wildpitch, Ministry of Sound, Club Yellow, Club Gold, Club Eleven, Webster Hall, Space Ibiza, Amnesia and many popular clubs around the world

Lenny Fontana
Born: New York
Location: New York
DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Remixer

About Lenny

lenny_1Lenny Fontana has been on the house music scene for more than 20 years as a DJ Producer/Remixer and since 2013 Owner of Karmic Power Records. Born and raised in the “Melting Pot” of New York City, which has proven to be a constant creative influence on his fresh sounds, playing a major contribution that led to Lenny’s worldwide recognition. His productions have crossed commercially worldwide and some have become classics.

He is best known for #11 on UK Pop Chart with Powerhouse feat. Duane Harden “What You Need”, #17 UK Pop Chart Lenny Fontana & DJ Shorty “Chocolate Sensation” and many other chart hits. Lenny has played in the famous Studio 54 NYC, The Shelter, The Underground, Wildpitch, Ministry of Sound, Club Yellow, Club Gold, Club Eleven, Webster Hall, Space Ibiza, Amnesia and many popular clubs around the world. He was the first American DJ to play in Pacha Ibiza and in Dubai.






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Lenny’s Label: Karmic Power Records

More About Lenny

Now begins Lenny Fontana’s career and the birth of his new label Karmic Power Records. In 2013 Lenny teamed up with Salt `N` Pepa’s Tour DJ, DJ Dee Wiz on the first single “Music Makes You Wanna” with house remixes from ATFC and DJ PP. Upcoming releases to follow are “Everybody Put Your Hands Up” and “I Don’t Want You Back” with remixes from Marshall Jefferson, Samir Maslo, Funkerman, Richard Gray, and Gary Caos. The vision of Karmic Power is to release high quality dance records that can become future dance floor classics.


Defected records had much success with Lenny Fontana and his productions. In 2006 he released a club classic called “The Way” with lead vocalist Octav’hia Lambertis from C+C Music Factory. Back in 1999 Strictly Rhythm Records licensed Powerhouse feat Duane Harden’ What You Need to Defected / Ministry of Sound which instantaneously hit the Top 15 in the UK Pop Charts and landing at #11 in the UK and various European Pop Charts. The single crossed over into the mainstream MTV U.S. market along with South America culminating in live performances on Top of the Pops, Pepsi Chart Shows in the UK and in all chart shows around Europe. DJ Magazine proclaimed “Powerhouse” was a neck ahead in the annual most hammered tune at the Miami Winter Music Conference. DMA and Mixmag called “What You Need” a must have club anthem.


Lenny recollects his beginnings as the start of his career. I started listening to the Mastermixes with DJ Shep Pettibone on 98.7 Kiss FM New York around 1981-82 and was completely dazzled by his fantastic editing skills as well as his great music selection of R+B Dance Music, which started my passion to be a DJ. I immediately went out and purchased my (2) Technic Turntables, a Bozak Mixer and my Technics 1500 Reel to Reel and practiced what I had been hearing on the radio. His first break came when legendary Studio 54 promoter Baird Jones asked him to play at New York’s Underground located in Union Square NYC. Until that glorious moment he was playing at private events and smaller house parties which in turn taught him to play to different crowds.
Lenny Fontana has also left an imprint for his part in the history of House Music. He was even invited by the resident DJ Pippi of Pacha Ibiza to play the club. It was later said that Lenny was the first American House DJ to play on the white isle of Ibiza at Pacha in the early 90’s. Lenny recalls it being an honor to be asked to play somewhere before any other American DJ. In 2010 Space Ibiza announced he would be resident for Cafe Ole in the terrace for that summer. As well he was again the first American DJ to play in Dubai.

Longtime friend and business dance mogul Eddie Gordon had dinner one night with Lenny and discussed about some legendary tapes that Lenny had owned for quite a while. Lenny being a huge fan of the Paradise Garage and Air Personality Frankie Crocker from WBLS, he was able to record off the air, “The Legendary Second Birthday Party live from the Paradise Garage with Mc Fadden and Whitehead, Dan Hartman, Loletta Holloway, and Sylvester performing. The 6 hour event was broadcasted on WBLS 107.5 FM NYC in January of 1979. Eddie Gordon could not sit still; he asked for snippets and ran off to London to present the idea to the head of programming Fergus Dudley at BBC Radio. When BBC heard the music they coined it instantly as radio gold dust and “Legends of the Dancefloor” show was born.


Lenny was now part of a sacred few that were able to share the Paradise Garage with the world and with the help of Eddie Gordon through Larry Levan’s own voice, his music and in depth interviews by his peers and many industry heavyweights. The broadcast aired over five one hour evenings and the final five hour broadcast from the club was on the final Saturday show. This series became one of the most sought after the BBC offered and is championed as“The Greatest Essential Mix” turning out to be the most downloaded radio documentary. Through the help of BBC; Eddie Gordon and Lenny Fontana have become official audio biographers and helped share Larry Levan’s story and bring the Paradise Garage to a whole new generation. When the head program director Skip Dillard of WBLS heard about this famous rebroadcast he immediately contacted and wanted a full copy to rebroadcast as well on WBLS portals and website for Black History Month. What started on WBLS went full circle and ended back on thanks to Lenny Fontana archiving this history.

Lenny’s start in production and remixing started with him editing mixes on an open reel to reel tape machine. This then progressed into making special extended edit mixes of popular dance records of the time. He felt he needed to progress in getting into production work so it started with programming drum beats to writing songs on a Atari 1040 STE computer and a sampler. As he was starting to be recognized (more as a producer re-mixer) worldwide from the records being produced and mixing in all the big studios (in New York and England) it pushed him into owning his own SSL Console. In doing so his dream became a reality and Lenny Fontana’s studio opened in 2000.

Federico Luyo

2015 sees the release of the remixes for Kerri Chandler, DJ Spen and Susu Bobien, and his debut on Quantize Recordings with “Fire”, #1 on Traxsource and licensed on Hed Kandi Beach House

Federico Luyo
(Artist Name): Luyo
Born: Italy
Current Location: Italy
Artist, Owner of Double Cheese Records

About Luyo

Main and central figure behind the meteoric rise of the Italian Record label Double Cheese Records DJ/Producer Luyo and his team of reputable and up and coming artists have been one of the compelling stories to unfold in the House scene over the past couple of years.

Not only being at the helm of one of the most exciting Soulful House labels to emerge from Italy to date, DJ Luyo combustible nature behind the decks has earned him a burgeoning reputation as an A list DJ, becoming one of the most talked about House music DJ. Former resident DJ at the most exclusive club in the caribbean (Abracadabra, Antigua West Indies) plays for the upper international clientele and events such as Soul II Soul’s Back II Life Festival, Ministry Of Sound World Tours and Amsterdam ADE.

2015 sees the release of the remixes for Kerri Chandler, DJ Spen and Susu Bobien, and his debut on Quantize Recordings with “Fire”, #1 on Traxsource and licensed on Hed Kandi Beach House. In 2016 an Asia Tour and a #2 on Traxsource Soulful House charts with the remix of “This Is How We Do It” by Kyle Kim are already under his belt.
Luyo is listed among the Traxsource 2015 Top 50 Soulful Artists



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Andy Senior

Hailing from Blackpool the North of England, Andy was brought up listening to Funk, Latin, Soul, Jazz Funk, Northern Soul and Disco – these elements are very distinctive in his productions and his Dj sets

Name: Andy Senior
(Artist Name): Andy Edit/Souldrop
Born: Blackpool
Current Location: Blackpool
DJ, Artist, Producer, Label Owner


About Andy

Andy Senior AKA Andy Edit has been in the game for 29 years as a DJ and 4 as a producer. Hailing from Blackpool the North of England, Andy was brought up listening to Funk, Latin, Soul, Jazz Funk, Northern Soul and Disco – These elements are very distinctive in his productions and his Dj sets. His take on house music is rooted in this tradition having a childhood where inspirational artists and music were the norm, first playing at one of Blackpools iconic venues The Adam & Eve nightclub, Sequins, Hacketts, Zone & Just Ji’s leading the way for involvement alongside the early pioneers of Underground House in the late 80s and regular DJ slots and the Infamous Blackburn & Revenge Warehouse parties in Blackburn & Lancashire including regular gigs at Blackburns famous Monroes nightclub, The Park Hall nightclub at Charnock Richard. and eventually becoming a resident at Blackpools Cotton Club.

MeDJAs that scene drew to a close in late 1991 Andy found himself moving away from the at time new wave of Italian piano house music and upped sticks for the warmth & headonisity of Ibiza. Andys time in Ibiza was well spent and for 3 years he found himself a regular guest at the clubs biggest & most legendary venues like Bar M which became Manumission at former iconic venue ‘KU’, Pacha, Space, Es Paradise, Cafe Del Mar and a whole host of other venues dotted across this beautiful Island.

On his return to the UK and found himself again playing regular guest gigs in the North West and trips down to London to play at ‘Heaven’ under he arches, Back 2 Basics in Leeds and various venues in Birmingham including The Custard Factory & and what went on to become Gatecrasher. In 2001 Andy took a step back from Djing to concentrate on a new career in the IT industry but by 2005 the wheels of steel or wheels of plastic as it was now becoming with the advent of CD Decks had Andy hooked once more as he took up a weekly residency at Blackpools Bar Red while playing regular guest spots at the ever increasing Oldskool nights around Northern England.

1930558_78707920458_4051_nHaving previously released under the guise of Dreamscape back in 1992 Andy now delivers house music as Andy Edit, the name taken from Edit Records which Andy founded in Nov 2011. Since then the Djaying has taken a slight back seat since the closure of Blackpools Bar137 where Andy ran a monthly event aptly called ‘Edit’ with regular guests such as Groove Assassin, MoodyManc & legendary American producer & DJ John Morales. Previously Andy has worked with a wide range of Djs including Sasha, Nipper, Dave Seaman, Laurent Garnier, Rob Tissera, John Kelly, Rocky & Diesel, Rado 1s Fergie, Graeme Park, DJ Romain, Groove Assassin & John Morales to name just a handful playing at some of the UK & Ibizas most famous clubs.

Recent releases on Andys Edit Records have meant Andy Edits tracks have been played by the likes of DJ’s Moodymanc, Deejay Mannix, Hippie Torrales, Tony Humphries Etc as well as being aired on Radio 1 introducing with his own productions & various other collaborations with Triggerfunk a band Andy started with long time friends Dave ‘Davos’ Clough & DJ Reg, Zero Mustafa a recent collaboration with Steven ‘Bon’ Scott, a regular Artist on the ever expanding Edit Records!

1623573_10154390169885459_6072321306560420600_nReading the crowd and building a groove is Andy’s speciality which means his sets are always interesting and a spot on narrative of the best house music around.
SInce 2011 Andys repertoire of productions & remixes has been steadily on the up having written, produced and released 8 tracks + 6 remixes.

Currently Andy is working on 15+ projects including solo material & remixes along with several collaborations, this coupled with the recent expansion of the record label to incorporate 3 further sub-labels catering for Deep & minimal Tech/Leftfield (Edit Green), Nu-Disco, Nu-Soul/Funk, Disco & Edits (Edit Blue), Big room/Electro Club House (Edit Red) and of course the Original Edit Records (Yellow) covering Deep & Soulful, Afrobeat, Latin House & Disco House.

At present Andy spends nearly every free minute in Edit Records Studio playing catch up for all the years he wishes he’d been been more creative so watch this space as the future is looking promising with lots more to come!


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