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  • • Interview

    • Interview

    Made in Paris – For The World INTERVIEW Martine Perthus & Philippe Perthus Location: Paris, France Artist, Producer, Author and Composer Une fratrie créant à 4 mains, un mélange “masculin-feminin” compose ce duo de charme élevés aux sons Pop-Funk. Ils cultivent un imaginaire débridé qu’ils vous font découvrir à travers leur univers très particulier, estampillé…

  • • Annie Mac Bright

    • Annie Mac Bright

    I like Soulful for these harmonies and the melodies that make us vibrate.  God bless the soulful music. Groove in your life, Vibe in your soul. Annie Mac Bright | Born: 19 Mars 1964 Location: Paris, France | DJ, Radio DJ Facebook | FB Fanpage | Soundcloud | Mixcloud | Youtube Radio: Wind Radio | Reminisce Radio

  • • Tom Glide

    • Tom Glide

    Music is live. Music is love Name: Tom Glide Born: Paris, France Location: Ramsgate, UK Label Owner, Producer, Publisher, Arranger, Composer, Author, DJ, TGEE Records  Links Tom on Facebook TGEE Records on Facebook TGEE Records’ Website TGEE Records on Traxsource Contact

  • • John Soulpark

    • John Soulpark

    Happiness is on my side ! “An artist works first for share his passion & feelings …. And not to compare or do better than others… “ John Soulpark Born: 15 Juin 1975 Montpellier (France) Current Location: PARIS Créator-Director SOULSIDE Radio & Soul’n Pepper Radioshow host Links John’s Website John on Mixcloud John on Facebook John…

  • • BRIAK

    • BRIAK

    Passionated by Disco & Funk since my childhood Name : BRIAK Born : 04 August 1981 Current Location : Lille, France DJ, Producer Links BRIAK on Facebook BRIAK on Soundcloud BRIAK on Mixcloud BRIAK on HearThis Passionated by Disco & Funk since my childhood, I turned, in the early 2000’s, to Soulful House, a melting…

  • • Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C.

    • Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C.

    He flew in the clouds of House, Garage and 2Step, landing on the enchanting and captivating beaches of Soulful Name: Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C. (CoqMix) Born: October 8, 1966 Current Location: Paris Dj, Radio Dj  & Administrator on Soulside radio Links Thierry’s Website Thierry’s Coqmix Website Thierry on Facebook Thierry on Soundcloud Soulside Radio…

  • • Bruno Kauffmann

    • Bruno Kauffmann

    my drug it is music Bruno Kauffmann Born: France Location: France DJ, Producer, Remixer Links Bruno on Soundcloud Bruno on Beatport Bruno on Traxsource Contact    

  • • Jean Jacques Ramirez

    • Jean Jacques Ramirez

    Music is my passion Jean Jaques Ramirez Born: Marseille, France Current Location: Marseille, France Dj, Radio DJ Links Dices my birth, I was rocked by the music, not as all the bb. Why my dad was responsible for a department store of discs, and I had the pleasure to listen to of everything,…

  • • Bob Rasovsky

    • Bob Rasovsky

    music is my passion since 31 years, i’m a professional dj since 1984 and i’m a soulful music addict since 2008. Bob Rasovsky Born: Lyon, France Current Location: Grenoble,  France DJ Links Bob on Facebook Bob on Soundcloud Contact:

  • • Zoubida Mebarki

    • Zoubida Mebarki

    music has neither border nor limits Zoubida Mebarki Born : January 1973 Current Location: Nimes France Artist, Composer, Singer Links Zoubida on Soundcloud Zoubida on Facebook  

  • • Sami Djafer

    • Sami Djafer

    She has always had a very special bond with the music Name: Sami Djafer Born: France Current Location: Benidorm/Alicante/Spain DJ Born in France but living in Spain for more than 20 years ago, began to understand the music from very small influenced by her older brothers where in the early 80s was heard in many…

  • • Yannick Liscoat

    • Yannick Liscoat

    Yannick Liscoat (Artist Name): Soulful French Touch Born: 02 Février 1969 in Bordeaux (France) Current Location: Saint Sulpice et Cameyrac (France) DJ and Producer (Remixes & Edit) Hello, my first name is Yannick, I am a DJ and producer remixer. I am remixing since the age of 15 years. And I am fascinated by remixes since all…