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Yaniv Levy AKA “Disco Funk Spinner”

Spins “Disco Funky House” ,Disco Groove, Disco, Boogie, Nu-Disco, Funk, Nu-Funk, Soul ,and House music in various hot-spots around Tel-Aviv.

Your Name? Yaniv Levy AKA “Disco Funk Spinner”
When are you born:  1978photo 1
Where Do You Live? Tel Aviv, Israel
Dj, Producer, Remixer

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Deejay Renay

To think I was just looking for a way to make my own personal mixed cds, lol.  House music has the power to change lives!
Renay from Neil
Name: Deejay Renay – Lydia Renne
Born: NYC- 1958
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, U
Actual Name – Lydia Renne
Radio-DJ, Producer
Radio DJ on: AMYSFM, LWR Radio, Pure Rhythm Radio, Best After Dark, Seaniemo Radio


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Profile released on 14th March, 
updated on 21st August 2015

Michael Kindermann – Photographer

I love simple and hard rock and blues music (AC/DC).

Whenever I see an interesting detail, an extraordinary light or an astounding incident. I try to capture & recreate this moment through the lens. As I`m a commercial film director / producer, most of my images seem to be in motion. Besides I also love the calmness of stills and forover 30 years I have tried to catch the fleeting moment. I take pictures.


Name: Michael Kindermann
Born: 20.03.1970
Current Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Producer, Director, Photographer





Enzomastermix Milella

My preference is current Soulful Vocal House, Deep House, Deep & Deep House, Funky Soul Music, Tech & Mini Tech House, Tribal and Africa Deep & Vocal

11081120_833390466731464_654979909456552381_n (1)Enzomastermix Milella
Born: Bari, Italy
Location: Stuttgart, Germany and Bari, Italy
DJ, Radio-DJ, PR, Media






His mashups and edits are state of the art, always inspiring.
1614263_10203550542217716_6246024470859314777_oName: Mikeandtess
Born: Oct 73
Current Location: Aix en Pce, France
Dj, Producer, Remixer



Mikeandtess on Facebook
Mikeandtess on Soundcloud
feel free to send him a mail or mp, to download all of his music , soundclound deleted some mash-ups he did



Joe Leavy

JLeavy Mini poster-FB PostI feel blessed to have an opportunity  to express my thoughts and passion through music. My desire is to create music that resonates in the hearts and minds of people from every walk of life.

Name: Joe Leavy
Born: San Diego, California
Location: Roseville, California
Singer, Songwriter, Independent Artist



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