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Dj Akim B.

Music was my first love and it would be my last! I like every kind of soul-based music!

akim_b2_klName: Dj Akim B.
Born: October 1968 in Bielefeld, Germany
Location: Bielefeld, Germany
Club Dj since 1988, Radio-DJ, Absolut Soul Radio Show on



About Akim

Born 1968 in Germany/Bielefeld starts his musical career 1988 in different clubs all over Germany. In the early years he was one of the soul guys who plays house music! In 2000 he was invited to spin at the Loveparade. In 2005 there was a break for years. After that he starts his second very soulbased career. In 2013 he starts his radio-show Absolut Soul Show, every thursday on SoulpowerFM/germany. In 2014 MaxK aka Markus Kater and Akim B release their first song ToNight, later Akim B met Laura Jackson and Warren Benson to do DJ and artist events in Germany.

© 2016 by Carsten Wäßerling  Groovefinders Night#1
© 2016 by Carsten Wäßerling Groovefinders Night#1

In 2015 Dj Akim B. produced some edits and was invited to play with Sarah Watts and Lloyd Attril at the Summer Soul Laboe Fest. In 2015 he starts his radioshow on cruiseFM in London additionally every 2nd and last monday! In 2016 he was invited to on the first groove finders night and he plays again on the summersoul fest in Laboe. In october he is one of the two german guys who spread the word soul on the BolSoul in Croatia!


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Tam Brown aka dj. TeeBee

Tam’s DJing journey started like all long journeys with one small step, that being a slot at the local youth club in Moffat in 1974

Tam Brown a.k.a. dj. TeeBee
Born : Dumfries. Scotland
Current location ; Scotland
DJ, promoter, Remixer



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Tam’s DJing journey started like all long journeys with one small step, that being a slot at the local youth club in Moffat in 1974. A move just up the road to Dumfries in 1978 found Tam working in the local independent record shop, which also had the mobile disco business tied up in the town. Tam quickly progressed from the mobile discos into the clubs that the shop also serviced with DJ’s, now Tam could start playing less commercial music and slip in the odd house and soul track into his sets. In the late eighties Tam steered himself to becoming more involved with the rave/dance culture, which was kicking off big time in Scotland. Tam and his friends would organise and DJ at secret parties in very remote areas in the countryside, in true underground party fashion.

13628_10152301230240969_2478773394580031749_nAs Tam grew older, so it was that his musical taste blossomed and matured into the more soulful side of House music. In 2003 Tam was away from home periodically due to work commitments and the DJing took a reluctant back seat in Tam’s life. After that long and compulsory hiatus, five years ago Tam was freed up from the shackles of his job & back in the game. He was attending EVERY Dumfries Soul night and the DJing flame was ignited once again, sparks turn into flames to coin a classic Soul record and Tam has not looked back since. A Soul boy at heart, Tam is now one of the most active folk on the Scottish Soul scene, both as a promoter/DJ but also as a “punter”. There is not a Soul or Soulful House event in the North and Scotland that Tam appears to not of attended and he is a SSW die hard, so we thought he deserved to drop some soulful vibes at SSW 5, Tam has also started doing some remix work on classic tunes, which you can check out on his soundcloud page.

Contact :
email ;
 twitter : @djteebee7

First release of this Profile: 20th April 2015, updated 23rd August

Marsha Bond & Keith Pole

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you
Marsha Bond & Keith Pole
Location: Orange, New Jersey
Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Label Owner, Manager


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Matthew:6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you”. Marsha’s favorite scripture. “If you have dreams, hold on to them, fight for them, and work hard for them. Invest in yourself and always put GOD first”…It’s been a long time coming.

15921_10205753954276417_3467338837716031356_n“The Lovely Songbird” as she is known by music producers and industry personnel, have been gaining the attention of radio stations worldwide.They’ve been playing her first single, “Whatever It Takes” produced by John Khan & Earl Tutu in rotation.. Additional mixes were mixed by Luis Loowee R. Rivera and Joseph JoeFlame Davis who originally recorded her first professional recording.

Moreover, the next single “Why Don’t You Be Loved” will be released in the coming weeks and is a sure enough inspiring and uplifting hit also recorded by Joseph JoeFlame Davis.

Marsha Bond CDMarsha Bond, also known as, “The Lovely Songbird” was born in Newark, New Jersey. She started singing at the age of five in her elementary school chorus and in church. As a teenager, she sang for “The Malcolm X Shabazz High School Chorus and continued for three years. Marsha performed in many talent shows where she received trophies, awards, and accolades for her excellent vocal performances.

After a talent show, Jerry Gray was mesmerized by my voice and called me “The Lovely Songbird”. After High School, Marsha joined a theater group called “The Positive Direction Ensemble” under the direction of the late Kevin Marshall & Donna Seay. I was a member of the ensemble that performed with Kool and the Gang at a “Don’t Drive Drunk Soberfest” singing “Celebration” at the West Orange Arena.

In 1998, Marsha was recommended by Mayor Sharpe James of Newark, New Jersey to perform for the celebration for the Introduction of “The Kwanzaa Stamp” along with “The Purple Heart Stamp” to honor the Tuskegee Airmen.

Marsha is a member of St.Paul Baptist Church in Montclair, New Jersey which she sings and directs the choir once under the direction of the Minister of Music the renowned CeCe Rogers. She also sang with the “Voices” a group out of St.Paul Baptist Church.

In 2000, she joined the choir out of the NJPAC under the direction of Rev.Stephanie Minatee called “Jubilation”. As a member of the choir, I performed with Ray Charles, Darryl Coley, Albertina Walker,Dorothy Norwood, Shirley Casear, and Queen Latifah to name a few.

She has the kind of voice that makes you feel what she is singing about. She can tantalize and uplift audiences with her powerful and dynamic contralto voice. Her lifelong dream is to tour and perform internationally and showcase her vocal skills to all demographic groups. Marsha Bond is signed to Atwork Records which is based in Orange, New Jersey. Christopher Flowers a renown songwriter, is the person who introduced Marsha to James Germany CEO, who signed her to his label Atwork Records.


Keith Pole is a singer/songwriter and musician has been in the industry since his first successful hit “Fulfill Your Fantasy” surfaced on Billboard’s Top 100 Hits on SuperTronics, 1985. His current album “Moving With The Spirit” was Produced by Keith Pole & Moise LaPorte for Music International Records.

1610902_10205168955177910_7705801278479087672_nImagine a wave of excitement washing over you like a surge of electricity. This is the lasting impression that Keith Pole’s music evokes in the world citizen. Keith is Caribbean grown with a style that is original and international. His unique blends of R&B, Reggae, Soka, African and Latin Rhythms make him a rare commodity in the music marketplace.

Keith’s first record deal came in 1984 on the Rainbow/Powerhouse Label a division of Polygram Records in the Benelux with the single “Sting Me” with his band UXB. Subsequently, several singles such as “Love of Jah”, “Whine You”, “Back Up” and “Hello Stranger” gained notoriety among club Djays and radio mixed shows.

Keith’s vast musical experiences have taken him to Europe and the Caribbean performing with artists such as Brian McKnight, Busta Rhyme, Nas, Little Kim, Genuwine, Freddie McGregor, Beris Hammond, Theresa Thomason, Beenie Man and more…

10264764_10202718705523200_5963799493669845426_nKeith’s studio recordings are immense. He is known for his studio collaborations with prominent producers such as Malik Pendleton, Joe Marno, Charles McDougald, Wayne Brathwaite, Timmy Regisford, Boyd Jarvis, Darryl Miller, Moses and Danny Laporte and Clarence Burke (Five Stairstep)s.

Keith is a former teacher from the New York City Public School System who has passed on his love of music to his students, earning him a distinction as a United Federation of Teachers Honoree.

Keith is the Executive Producer and CEO of his own label, “Music International Records.” Billboard reviews consider Keith a seasoned, well rounded, adult contemporary and alternative artiste destined for world acclaim. Keith is managing Marsha Bond, Atwork Records, United States.



Stevie B (Snazzy Trax)

Born: 1980, London
Current Location: London
DJ & Producer as STEVIE B & SNAZZY TRAX . & Label Boss @ SNAZZY TRAXX DIGITAL & PIFF TRAXX (coming soon)


Links (Main artist page) (Label page) (Alias Artist Page) &

1072640_10153092659170492_617230045_oEx-resident DJ at The Cross, Egg, Pacha, Rouge & Bagleys. Former DJ on UNKNOWN FM & LUSH FM London. Now working @Snazzytraxxx putting out fresh oldskool influenced House music releases and remixes under the alias @snazzytrax and also spotlighting talented artist from all over the globe. Snazzy Trax (Stevie B) has released music on Urban Dubz (Jeremy Sylvester), Bassline & Unknwn Recs (Victor Simonelli) & Solo (Matt Jam Lamont) along with many other labels including Open Bar, 124 Recordings, Swink & More including a number of releases on our home label SNAZZY TRAXX DIGITAL.


Paris Cesvette

I’m a total music geek who is generally lost somewhere between Jazz, soul and House. So I Spend all my days fusing them together. That feeling you get when the music is right.. I crave this.. I look for this everywhere.. Whatever that is.. I love that

Paris Cesvette
Born: 27 June 1989
Location: Herfordshire, UK
DJ, Radio Host, Producer, Remixer, Label Owner, Musician



Let the music speak to unexpected ears, gratefully a melody will take away your fears, when your day has turned to night and darkness fills your heart. Let the music speak to you like voices in the rain. – Joe Sample


Paris’s production style is a strong twist on Soul, RNB, Reggae and Jazz with the foundations of classic music theory.

The heart of a musician with the technical brain that is more than needed for a producer brings inspiration to her colleagues and listeners alike.

Her first experience was with producer Vinnie VII when they were producing a track for her gospel choir for GDM records, Vinnie’s skill and approach in creating and producing music inspired and kicked off an interest in the technical production of music.

paris19 years on Paris is called to produce for all genres, in each production Paris does not ignore the want to push her musical passion in every delivery and through this has led to her working with such a vast range of talents.

The voice of Little Jimmy Scott , Prague Symphony Orchestra , Oscar Castro Nerves, C Robert Walker and Remixing for Paul Brown , Kim Waters , Najee, Brian Simpson, winning the artists pick for the Robert Glasper remix competition, Akon, Acoustic Alchemy and many more.

Expect to see so much more from this fresh musical force.

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Paris on Soundcloud
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Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C. (CoqMix)

He flew in the clouds of House, Garage and 2Step, landing
on the enchanting and captivating beaches of Soulful

Name: Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C. (CoqMix)
Born: October 8, 1966
Current Location: Paris
Dj, Radio Dj  & Administrator on Soulside radio



Thierry’s Website
Thierry’s Coqmix Website
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Soulside Radio

#thierry#coqmix# (14 sur 17)
The latter half of the last century witnessed the birth of two legends: Kraftwerk, electronic music pioneer and Thierry Coqueret aka Terry C. (CoqMix), inventor and only player of Air Mix.

The second one’s first love of bellbottoms and Disco glitter was followed by a few Rock distractions, then washed away into a tidal wave of Funk.

This period witnessed his first mix, which for the record, was written by abusting two recycled SL 1200 Mk2, using the legendary Soul Makossa beat.

Original HipHop became part of his musical world.

After taking a few years off, he discovered junglistic Drum’n’Bass rythms, renewing his beloved Electro sounds.

He flew in the clouds of House, Garage and 2Step, landing on the enchanting and captivating beaches of Soulful.
His presence on BWU then on SOULSIDE Radio is the occasion to indulge yourself from his taste for smooth voices and sensual beats.

Lisa Crampton – Elle Cee

Dj Elle Cee was a child of the golden Hacienda era where house music really took off in the UK

Lisa Crampton ( Elle Cee)
Born: Blackpool
Location: Reading
DJ, Show producer and artist management


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 16.00.51



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Dj Elle Cee was a child of the golden Hacienda erea where house music really took off in the UK. Back in the day Lisa exploited her love for music working 15 years for HMV . Despite this it was only 2 years ago that she got her decks and started to learn her craft as a DJ She has played as residents at the Mother bar in London and also become a Resident DJ at the Back to Love events , she was lucky to grab a set at last years Vocal booth in Spain and played at outdoor venues all summer such as Zeus in Reading . And is returning from a successful night at the Base Bar in Blackpool to play again this year in her home town She also did a taster night called the Light Which went down a storm, she will continue with The Light in 2015 I think the most successful has to be a 2 hour regular Sunday soulful radio show she produces That has attracted record listeners and big name DJ’s from around the world every week This is heard on the station Radio Deea in Romania and goes by the name of Groove Kitchen & Elle Cee She also plays Bi Weekly for Phillynites Radio in the USA And has a very successful Soundcloud page under the name of DJ Elle Cee She has a couple of remixes to her belt and has now stepped into artist management This year has been amazing in terms what she has achieved 2015 has seen Lisa (Elle Cee ) start her management PR company she has been looking for vocalists for a year and has now got 3 of the best that she is working with , she has also brought out a track and remixed 2 very successful track on Soundcloud Mary j Blige ” Nobody but you ” and recently put out her 2nd Edit R Kelly “Put the guns down” , last October she started her own night at the Penta Hotel last September ” Soulful Soirée” that has been a great success and she played at the Miami Winter Music Festival in March 2016 She is now mentoring , managing and working with producers & artists on tracks to be released this year looking after her vocalists and living her dream of working in the Soulful House music arena .