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Emory Toler

Name: Emory Toler
(Artist Name): Emory Toler
Born: Brooklyn, NY
Current Location: New York
Artist, Singer/Songwriter

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15065063_10206082637540041_1941886264_oInnovative, driven,lover of different    genres of music, yet dance/soul/house enthusiast.
Emory Toler,Born in nyc , starting from vocal background artist for several notables(ie. Barbara Tucker, Tony Terry, Taana gardner, etc.) Worked with well known and up and coming djs, and producers (Marlon Dee, Souldynamic, jellybean benitez,-dj Romain, ) homing my own sound a sound influenced by Michael j, Prince,Donny Hathaway, Queen. from NY, to overseas,Europe to Japan music , shows, and recordings , looking forward to the future of dance music in the new millennium.






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Stephanie Cooke

Name: Stephanie Cooke
(Artist Name): Stephanie Cooke
Born: Newark, New Jersey USA
Current Location: Newark, New Jersey USA
Artist, Producer, Publisher, Label Owner, Artist and DJ Manager

More about Stephanie Cooke

Stephanie Cooke is a singer/ songwriter whose roots are based in urban Newark, NJ. Born and raised there, she grew up in church like many in the music industry, and found her beginnings in the choir and in small groups as she developed her singing and arranging skills, She wrote her first song under pressure to impress a would be14672866_657361394426678_77771437_o manager who told her that only artists who could write these days would be successful. that song got recognition at ASCAP and was featured at a songwriter´s workshop where it received rave reviews. This was stepping-stone in her career as all the publishers at the workshop became interested in hearing what she had to offer. Less than one year later she was writing, arranging and doing background vocals on many major projects and being called upon many labels to offer songs.

Within eighteen months, she was flaunting a publishing deal that lead to her relationship with producers such as Jermaine Dupri, Soul Shock and Carlin, All-Star, DJ Enuff, and the list goes on. During this time she wrote for such artists as Aretha Franklin, Jody Watley, Tyrese and numerous new comers even rearranging song for remixes for the Braxtons and SWV.
For the last ten years she has made her home as an artist in dance music recording many songs on Kingstreet Sounds. This relationship yielded a full length album which was released in 2003. the album is a combination of many of the songs she recorded over the years along with a few new things.

14689803_657360057760145_1961326154_oThese days, Stephanie is reaching new heights as an artist and has come into her own on the stage. New relationships and circles of producers, a new home label and extended family have taken her career as a writer and performer to another level. She´s currently working on a new album with West End Records with Blaze leading the list of great producers promised to appear on the project. She recently recorded several songs with Blaze that truly set a pace for her career including titles such as “Love Will”, ” Lover´s Holiday” and “Love makes the World go Round”. This coming year promises to be one filled with great new creations on her palette of fine recordings with the future brighter than ever she has nothing but Phenomenal Woman on her agenda.When she’s not working on her forthcoming ‘My Heart’ LP, Ms. Cooke runs her own Angeltown Recordings label.






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Kischa Link

“being able to live my long time dream of performing in front of people and making them feel good through my music.” 


Name: Kischa Link
(Artist Name): Kischa Link
Born: October 3rd
Current Location: East Orange, New Jersey, United States
Singer,  Artist

More about Kischa Link

Not every singer is a performer, not every singer has the “it” personality and not every singer is a “star.” Rare is the woman who can excel in all of these areas, yet Kischa does so with dedication and ease. If this weren’t enough to set her apart, Kischa has crafted a style that blurs the boundaries of club, house, R&B and soul. To call her a club singer would not be fair as she blends music genres smoothly, she is what we call a creator, an artist. The New Jersey native boasts a wide range of talents that’s unparalleled by most in today’s industry.

Given Kischa’s diverse musical influences, it is no wonder her songs transcend genres. Inspired by artists such as the “queen of hip hop soul,” Mary J. Blige, house music songstress Adeva, and the ever so talented Erykah Badu, for Kischa it was inevitable for her star to shine. The attractive talent is a person who loves life and surrounds herself with positive energy. Her music is across between soulful house music and R&B soul.

14355730_1273100909368862_6726815401366225202_nKischa first put herself on the map with her debut single, “So Happy,” a feel good track with an addictive chorus. Finally in the public eye, Kischa continually builds her local following. After 15 years of struggling to get that first record made, she shares what keeps her going is, “being able to live my long time dream of performing in front of people and making them feel good through my music.”

With mounted anticipation after her first release, in May, Kischa unveils more of herself through her music with a sophomore new single” Moving On.”and “Shine your Light On me”. These songs showcases Kischa’s versatility and maintains her journey to stardom. Kischa is fusing genres that have been attempted by few and achieved by even fewer. Fascination with Kischa presence continues to be on the rise, as she is steadily filling her calendar with performances.







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Yaniv Levy AKA “Disco Funk Spinner”

Spins “Disco Funky House” ,Disco Groove, Disco, Boogie, Nu-Disco, Funk, Nu-Funk, Soul ,and House music in various hot-spots around Tel-Aviv.

Your Name? Yaniv Levy AKA “Disco Funk Spinner”
When are you born:  1978photo 1
Where Do You Live? Tel Aviv, Israel
Dj, Producer, Remixer

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Mario Moya – New Acid Wave

The New Acid Wave is trying to find a new fresh style combining all the musical influences aquired through a whole life
Mario Moya
Born: Mexico City
Location: Mexico City
DJ, Artist, Producer, Remixer



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Three members of the same family but belonging to very different musical generations have joined in an effort to create the sound of the “new acid wave”.  of music and with the help of some other very talented musicians and singers will show the diversity of this musical project… In the meantime they are working independently in their own concept and supporting other artists, remixing their talents and having a great time by doing it with all energy and enthusiasm.

423182_10150868209819488_281132672_nStyles: Acid jazz, jazz funk, jazz soul, brazilian jazz beats, Jazzy Electronic, House, Disco Dance, R&B, Soul music and related stuff. Original tunes and remixes for other artists too!! THEY JUST LOVE MUSIC!!

Marsha Bond & Keith Pole

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you
Marsha Bond & Keith Pole
Location: Orange, New Jersey
Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Label Owner, Manager


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Matthew:6:33 “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you”. Marsha’s favorite scripture. “If you have dreams, hold on to them, fight for them, and work hard for them. Invest in yourself and always put GOD first”…It’s been a long time coming.

15921_10205753954276417_3467338837716031356_n“The Lovely Songbird” as she is known by music producers and industry personnel, have been gaining the attention of radio stations worldwide.They’ve been playing her first single, “Whatever It Takes” produced by John Khan & Earl Tutu in rotation.. Additional mixes were mixed by Luis Loowee R. Rivera and Joseph JoeFlame Davis who originally recorded her first professional recording.

Moreover, the next single “Why Don’t You Be Loved” will be released in the coming weeks and is a sure enough inspiring and uplifting hit also recorded by Joseph JoeFlame Davis.

Marsha Bond CDMarsha Bond, also known as, “The Lovely Songbird” was born in Newark, New Jersey. She started singing at the age of five in her elementary school chorus and in church. As a teenager, she sang for “The Malcolm X Shabazz High School Chorus and continued for three years. Marsha performed in many talent shows where she received trophies, awards, and accolades for her excellent vocal performances.

After a talent show, Jerry Gray was mesmerized by my voice and called me “The Lovely Songbird”. After High School, Marsha joined a theater group called “The Positive Direction Ensemble” under the direction of the late Kevin Marshall & Donna Seay. I was a member of the ensemble that performed with Kool and the Gang at a “Don’t Drive Drunk Soberfest” singing “Celebration” at the West Orange Arena.

In 1998, Marsha was recommended by Mayor Sharpe James of Newark, New Jersey to perform for the celebration for the Introduction of “The Kwanzaa Stamp” along with “The Purple Heart Stamp” to honor the Tuskegee Airmen.

Marsha is a member of St.Paul Baptist Church in Montclair, New Jersey which she sings and directs the choir once under the direction of the Minister of Music the renowned CeCe Rogers. She also sang with the “Voices” a group out of St.Paul Baptist Church.

In 2000, she joined the choir out of the NJPAC under the direction of Rev.Stephanie Minatee called “Jubilation”. As a member of the choir, I performed with Ray Charles, Darryl Coley, Albertina Walker,Dorothy Norwood, Shirley Casear, and Queen Latifah to name a few.

She has the kind of voice that makes you feel what she is singing about. She can tantalize and uplift audiences with her powerful and dynamic contralto voice. Her lifelong dream is to tour and perform internationally and showcase her vocal skills to all demographic groups. Marsha Bond is signed to Atwork Records which is based in Orange, New Jersey. Christopher Flowers a renown songwriter, is the person who introduced Marsha to James Germany CEO, who signed her to his label Atwork Records.


Keith Pole is a singer/songwriter and musician has been in the industry since his first successful hit “Fulfill Your Fantasy” surfaced on Billboard’s Top 100 Hits on SuperTronics, 1985. His current album “Moving With The Spirit” was Produced by Keith Pole & Moise LaPorte for Music International Records.

1610902_10205168955177910_7705801278479087672_nImagine a wave of excitement washing over you like a surge of electricity. This is the lasting impression that Keith Pole’s music evokes in the world citizen. Keith is Caribbean grown with a style that is original and international. His unique blends of R&B, Reggae, Soka, African and Latin Rhythms make him a rare commodity in the music marketplace.

Keith’s first record deal came in 1984 on the Rainbow/Powerhouse Label a division of Polygram Records in the Benelux with the single “Sting Me” with his band UXB. Subsequently, several singles such as “Love of Jah”, “Whine You”, “Back Up” and “Hello Stranger” gained notoriety among club Djays and radio mixed shows.

Keith’s vast musical experiences have taken him to Europe and the Caribbean performing with artists such as Brian McKnight, Busta Rhyme, Nas, Little Kim, Genuwine, Freddie McGregor, Beris Hammond, Theresa Thomason, Beenie Man and more…

10264764_10202718705523200_5963799493669845426_nKeith’s studio recordings are immense. He is known for his studio collaborations with prominent producers such as Malik Pendleton, Joe Marno, Charles McDougald, Wayne Brathwaite, Timmy Regisford, Boyd Jarvis, Darryl Miller, Moses and Danny Laporte and Clarence Burke (Five Stairstep)s.

Keith is a former teacher from the New York City Public School System who has passed on his love of music to his students, earning him a distinction as a United Federation of Teachers Honoree.

Keith is the Executive Producer and CEO of his own label, “Music International Records.” Billboard reviews consider Keith a seasoned, well rounded, adult contemporary and alternative artiste destined for world acclaim. Keith is managing Marsha Bond, Atwork Records, United States.



Alex Millet

I think that the music is freedom. House music for me is the way for express my creativity. I do it for myself, and I’m happy if someone likes my work and play my music, feeling the same vibes I feel in the creation of that track

10644610_916415098387109_3725468457662864879_oAlex Millet
Born: 03 July 1977
Current Location: Lecce, Italy
DJ, Producer, Remixer
Labels: HSR, Room Control, Solid Ground, Metro Trax, Cucumber, Stereo City


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Dj since 1992, Producer since 2002.

He begins to play records in 1992, at the age of 15 years old. Since 2002 he is also producer. First single: AM & DL “The Tribal Sound Of South Of Italy”
In 2011, his single “REACH”, sung by superb queen of gospel house SUSU Bobien, was No. 2 in Top Download Chart on and supported by the gurus of House music as DJ Spen, Marlon D, Dj Spinna, Souldynamic …it remains in the top 10 for 18 days.


In 2012, “Never Give Up On Love”, sung by Cinnamon Brown comes out of Room Control Records and again confirms the quality of its productions coming once again in top 10.

In the same year he participated in the Amsterdam Dance Event playing alongside PHIL ASHER, SEAN McCABE, GROOVE ASSASSIN, KYODAI, DAVE C.
His productions have been remixed by Jon Cutler, Sean McCabe, Reelsoul, Ziggy Funk & Niel Pierce, Johnny Montana, Seascape. Currently He works with some labels such as Solid Ground, HSR, Room Control, Liquid Deep, StereoCity.
The Sound of Alex Millet is Soulful, Deep, Latin, Tribal, Uplifted, HOUSE!

Enzomastermix Milella

My preference is current Soulful Vocal House, Deep House, Deep & Deep House, Funky Soul Music, Tech & Mini Tech House, Tribal and Africa Deep & Vocal

11081120_833390466731464_654979909456552381_n (1)Enzomastermix Milella
Born: Bari, Italy
Location: Stuttgart, Germany and Bari, Italy
DJ, Radio-DJ, PR, Media