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HOUSE HEAVEN @terrace hill, 25th March, Hamburg, GERMANY

HOUSE HEAVEN@Tterrace hill
25th March in Hamburg

What a splendid night!!!…“
“My event partner Mr Marcus Reisiger and myself realised
the finest Soulful House Night in Hamburg, Germany.
We brought the awesome singer Mrs Tracy Hamlin from
the United States to perform live on stage accompanied
by Mr Earl TuTu from the UK, well known remixer, with his guitar.“
“UK´s Soulful House Mafia DJ´s Mr John Khan,
talented remixer and Mr Shaun Hayes came over to
spread the music, not to forget Mr Marcus Reisiger himself.
They all rocked the dancefloor @terrace hill, most charming venue in Hamburg.“
“Big thank you to my Groovefinder´s World Photographer
Mr John Moore, who catched those awesome moments
with his camera.“
(for booking inquiries, please visit his profile
in my blog)
“We also would like to thank you to all people, who took
the effort to come from abroad, as well to all people who
partied hard with us.
Special thank you to our House Heaven Crew, who gave
their best, to  make this night magical.
You are the best!!“
“See you soon in Hamburg, for the next one!“
Yours Lady BB and Marcus  xxx



House Heaven´s Crew warm up at Lady BB´s House, 24th March, Hamburg


House Heaven @terrace hill, 25th March, Hamburg

Lady BB from Groovefinder and Marcus from EFFENDEE proudly present their first
House Heaven Night @Terrace Hill,
25th March
in Hamburg.



A Soulful Deep Journey into HOUSE @ terrace hill, Hamburg.
Tracy Hamlin & Earl TuTu (Guitar) LIVE P.A. | UK’s Soulful House Mafia DJs John Khan & Shaun Hayes along with Marcus Reisiger, EFFENDEE

VVK Tickets:

We´re proud to announce that the lovely Lady Mrs Tracy Hamlin from the United States will perform for us live, to spread her awesome voice and music over us.
We ´re very happy to have Mr John Khan from the UK, talented DJ,Producer and Remixer, who will keep the crowd dancing, accompanied by Mr Earl TuTu, DJ, Producer, Remixer from the UK, performing live on his guitar to the set.
We also welcome Mr Shaun Hayes, great DJ from the UK who also will keep us dancing all night long to soulful house vibes.
Not to forget my event partner Mr Marcus Reisiger himself, well known and talented DJ from Hamburg, who will give us the honor, to keep our feets dancing!!
Groovefinder´s Photographer Mr John Moore will be there to catch all those soulful moments with his camera.

We would be very happy to welcome you all and celebrate this night until the morning comes.. Feel free to invite all your friends, to celebrate an unforgettable night in Hamburg in a splendid location!.. See you soon!

Lady BB & Marcus



“..A day without music is a lost day..”


Name: Michael Von Weissenbrunner
(Artist Name): DJ I.S.O.T.T.
Born: Austria, March 1978
Current Location: Innsbruck – Tirol -Austria
DJ / Radio DJ /Producer/ Multi- Media Manager

More about DJ I.S.O.T.T.


Between 1989-90, DJ I.S.O.T.T was infected from Electronic Music like Kraftwerk, Gorgio Moroder, Frankie Knuckles,and other Producers from this century.
DJ I.S.O.T.T felt lucky to grow up during a time hearing sounds that never existed such as Techno,Trance & House. He felt that there was a specialized feeling in the air and we were part of it.
During the years of 1994 – 2000, DJ I.S.O.T.T played in many Clubs and self produced Party´s and Rave´s. It was a very special time because everybody knew of each other in the scene. DJ I.S.O.T.T took a break to recover and appreciate the changes of life, but since being infected, he couldn’t be away forever..!
Now He is back…………… !!!
As DJ / Producer Artist on High! Energy Records USA / FRANCE
EU Multimedia Marketing Manager forhigh-reaction-logo-small
High! Energy Re. & our NEW SUB – Label
High! Reaction Rec. (my main field of activity).A & R Co – Manager High! Reaction Records. Finally we have a new Producer and Artist Managment Service Project called House Global Alliance.
DJ I.S.O.T.T Can Be Heard
Friday at 9AM (EST) USA and 3 AM in Europe / Austria
Wednesday at 9PM (EST) USA and 3AM in EU / Austria




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The Session Worldwide on Youtube


Dj Akim B.

Music was my first love and it would be my last! I like every kind of soul-based music!

akim_b2_klName: Dj Akim B.
Born: October 1968 in Bielefeld, Germany
Location: Bielefeld, Germany
Club Dj since 1988, Radio-DJ, Absolut Soul Radio Show on



About Akim

Born 1968 in Germany/Bielefeld starts his musical career 1988 in different clubs all over Germany. In the early years he was one of the soul guys who plays house music! In 2000 he was invited to spin at the Loveparade. In 2005 there was a break for years. After that he starts his second very soulbased career. In 2013 he starts his radio-show Absolut Soul Show, every thursday on SoulpowerFM/germany. In 2014 MaxK aka Markus Kater and Akim B release their first song ToNight, later Akim B met Laura Jackson and Warren Benson to do DJ and artist events in Germany.

© 2016 by Carsten Wäßerling  Groovefinders Night#1
© 2016 by Carsten Wäßerling Groovefinders Night#1

In 2015 Dj Akim B. produced some edits and was invited to play with Sarah Watts and Lloyd Attril at the Summer Soul Laboe Fest. In 2015 he starts his radioshow on cruiseFM in London additionally every 2nd and last monday! In 2016 he was invited to on the first groove finders night and he plays again on the summersoul fest in Laboe. In october he is one of the two german guys who spread the word soul on the BolSoul in Croatia!


Akim on Facebook
Akim’s Radioshow on Facebook
Akim on Mixcloud

Thomas Baier – Tomby

His own parties in Leipzig and Dresden are where the real vibe is, this is where his heart and soul really come out

Name: Thomas Baier
Artist Name: Tomby
Born: 1978
Current Location: Leipzig, Germany
DJ, Artist, Producer, Organizer, Booker, Promoter, Soulfulhousecollective Owner

About Tomby

003DJ Tomby, founder of „Soulful House Collective“ (SFHC) and DJ since 1996, is hugely respected for his distinctive and original mix of Funk, Disco, Soulful, Gospel and Afro music.

He was born with music and his enthusiasm spread which led him to breakdancing, producing for a school radio, and being a great party organiser since the 90’s.

logo5Nowadays Tomby is a well-known artist in many East German clubs and is a resident DJ and booker at Sonderbar 2.0.

IMG_1870His own parties in Leipzig and Dresden are where the real vibe is, this is where his heart and soul really come out. True House music mixed with Latin flavour creates an incredible atmosphere, and is DJ Tomby’s unique trademark!

I’m addicted to Housemusic.
Loves to play Soulful House, Funky-Chunky House, Jazz, Soul, & Afro, Latin Music.
Born in east Germany and spread my music since 1996.
Soul, Funk, Latin Music, Salsa, Soul Music….
all of that was a part of my education in making House music.




Marcus Reisiger – Philly TRAX

“When I hear the music I get happy feet!”

Marcus_W-Bar_FB-ProfilMarcus Reisiger aka PhillyTRAX
Born: June 1966
Location: Hamburg, Germany
DJ, Party Host & Organiser


About Marcus

DJ-Marcus-PhillyTRAX-Reisiger_3“When I Hear The Music I Get Dancing Feet” – This line of Al Hudsons Disco-Anthem “Happy Feet” truly describes my feeling about music: Funk, Philly, Disco, Boogie and House – from soulful to the deepest driving Beats. The happiest moment for me as a DJ is when I’m merging with the dancing crowd in front of me, even dancing behind the desk to the music I love.

The nickname “PhillyTRAX” comes from two poles of my musical passion and DJ history. I started DJing in the early eighties in a small Soul Club playing Philly&Funk… some years later I discovered my passion for HOUSE and Chicago ACID(TRAX), doing the first ACID Partys in my hometown Hamburg or working as Resident DJ in the famous Theaterkeller Club.


Marcus on Mixcloud
Marcus on Soundcloud
Marcus’ EFFENDEE events on Facebook

Ferry Ultra

no music, no fun

Ferry Ultra
Born: Teheran
Location: Hannover, Germany
DJ, Producer, Remixer, Artist, Club Owner of Monkeys, Hannover















Ferry’s Homepage
Ferry on Soundcloud
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Peppermint Jam Records’ Homepage


About Ferry








Ferry is a DJ since 1986, and there is probably no place in his hometown Hannover in North Germany, where he hasn’t played. His love for Soulmusic began in the 80’s when he started to dj with his buddy Mousse T. in legendary Club Palo Palo. Ferry became the owner of that club in Hannover, which became one of the best ones in the Acid-Jazz-Era.







Roy Ayers, Jamiroquai, Gil Scott Heron, Karl Denson, Corduroy — they all jammed at the Palo.  In 2013 Ferry released an Album “Ferry Ultra and the homeless Funkers” which is a reminiscence to this time, but also a good example how to take the soul and funk music into the future…

Today Ferry runs the club Monkey’s in Hannover, one of the finest spaces for people with a taste for good music and plays all around Europe as a DJ too.




Rob Hardt – Cool Million

“And Tom Moulton, the Music God, sat in his appartment in New York and said: these guys have SOUL”

Rob Hardt
Born: Bremerhaven
Current Location: Bremerhaven, Germany
DJ, Label Owner, Producer, Remixer, Artist
One Half of Denish/German Soul-Project Cool Million
Cool Million Road Crew: Frank Ryle, Janine Johnson, Rob Hardt, Laura Jackson, Eli Thompson



Rob on Facebook
Rob’s Sed Soul Label Website
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Cool Million on iTunes
Cool Million on Facebook
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Cool Million on Soundcloud


Cool Million have become a solid rock in today’s tumultuous barren musical desert. The sands shift very regularly. Everything is in flux. Yet Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle, who comprise Cool Million, stand unnerved and unwavering. The reason, dear reader, is very simple. The new Album “Sumthin’ like this” will be released on 8th May.

11169647_651062108371889_1546582404593008592_oThese guys KNOW about music. They are not following trends, jumping on bandwagons or even trying to create a trend. Both well known and respected in the radio and song writing fields, these gentleman are simply creating real music with real feeling and doing so with all the knowledge, love and respect for what we can affectionately call the groove! Bursting onto the scene in 2007 with “Naughty Girl” that was featured on the popular Soul Togetherness series and then followed by the essential “Going Out Tonight” album soul fans and music connoisseurs all around the world have eagerly awaited new product, and various songs remixed by the legendary Tom Moulton on have whet our appetite ever since. The new album, the aptly titled “Back For More”, is here and boy are you going to love it!

cool millionThe bar has been raised, the gears shifted higher and the scene set for future greatness. These cats have laid down a series of party grooves with a seriously tasty guest list of soulful and funky vocalists to make you sit up and pay attention. Now, that’s something a lot of today’s R&B cannot do! The vibe is very much in an 80s setting, yet the sensibility is very much today. These boys understand the basics and know that great soul music is timeless…this is the Cool Million sound. Helping create their sound are a star-studded guest list Meli’sa Morgan has been a favourite of ours since she burst onto the scene with Alyson Williams and Erick McClinton as High Fashion. Her powerful, no-nonsense vocals grace the first lead single, “Sweet Baby”. Cool Million meet the As sassy and sexy as ever, Cool Million are a perfect match for her rip-roaring style.

The wonderfully soulful Broomfield family are very much included on the album with Al Broomfield, Eugene Wilde and sister Dee Dee all gracing the songs “Loose”, “Back For More” all of which are going to become firm favourites on the quality modern soul scene. Cool Million have this knack of taking our favourite artists, giving them the groove that suits them, and to top it all drawing out and emphasising the best facets of that artist. The results are astounding and if in any doubt check out the killer duet “Loose”. Enough said! The UK’s Noel McKoy is a point in fact. His smooth approach pitted against a slamming mid 80s Jam & Lewis type groove is simply sublime. Genius abounds on this CD. Yes, the album oozes class, and no-one is better to assist on this than Peggi Blu. Known for her 1980s sets for MCA and Capitol, and later Expansion in 2002, this Lady captivates us with the stylish and classy floater “I See You”. This will be a firm favourite on the quiet storm circuit for definite. The legendary Leroy Burgess woos us with “Cool Million”, his unique style perfect for the Cool Million sound, and helping to make today’s music scene ever more vibrant and meaningful. The wonderful Rena Scott is also to be found with her sensuous yet boogie flavoured “Come 2 Me”.

robnewNewer names are also embraced and these artists fully carry the musical torch that is so important to the Cool Million ethos. The integrity of the past meets the talent of today and breeds hope for the future…and no-one can fault the brilliance of artists such as Jahah, Paul Mac Innes, Jeniqua, P.A.C.E., Laura Jackson, Yvonne Gage and Clare Evers. Combining the best vocal talents from all over the world, raising the musical bar and constantly setting the agenda and setting trends, Rob Hardt and Frank Ryle are set to dominate radio, dancefloors and CD players the world over. Years of experience, love for the music and creative skill are perfectly forged together in this CD project. We, as they, are definitely “Back For More”.

Barry Towler,
aka The Vibe Scribe