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Katrine Ring

“Music is my world, my love and my life. “

Name: Katrine Ring
Born: 1960
Current Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
DJ, Producer, Composer

More about Katrine Ring

DJ since 1992. Jazz, soulful house, boogie, classical, electronica and experimental. What you hear is what I do live in bars, clubs, events. I play various dj-sets always free styling and I love to bend the genres. Anything from soulful house, boogie, soul, funk, jazz, jazz funk and groovy stuff. Besides that I also dj a lot of classical music and avant-garde, experimental art-sets.

Resident dj at Cph. Classical Lounge (Classical), Honey Ryder Cocktail Lounge (soulful house), The Standard (jazz) and Boogie Night with Frank Ryle.

About Vibezone

Vibezone is a dj-collective with Tony M and Katrine Ring.

Vibezone is a world of clubbing, curating, counselling, lectures and music production for the love of music. We believe that music is a principal way of communication and that contemporary music is built upon the shoulders of history.



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HOUSE HEAVEN @terrace hill, 25th March, Hamburg, GERMANY

HOUSE HEAVEN@Tterrace hill
25th March in Hamburg

What a splendid night!!!…“
“My event partner Mr Marcus Reisiger and myself realised
the finest Soulful House Night in Hamburg, Germany.
We brought the awesome singer Mrs Tracy Hamlin from
the United States to perform live on stage accompanied
by Mr Earl TuTu from the UK, well known remixer, with his guitar.“
“UK´s Soulful House Mafia DJ´s Mr John Khan,
talented remixer and Mr Shaun Hayes came over to
spread the music, not to forget Mr Marcus Reisiger himself.
They all rocked the dancefloor @terrace hill, most charming venue in Hamburg.“
“Big thank you to my Groovefinder´s World Photographer
Mr John Moore, who catched those awesome moments
with his camera.“
(for booking inquiries, please visit his profile
in my blog)
“We also would like to thank you to all people, who took
the effort to come from abroad, as well to all people who
partied hard with us.
Special thank you to our House Heaven Crew, who gave
their best, to  make this night magical.
You are the best!!“
“See you soon in Hamburg, for the next one!“
Yours Lady BB and Marcus  xxx



House Heaven´s Crew warm up at Lady BB´s House, 24th March, Hamburg


House Heaven @terrace hill, 25th March, Hamburg

Lady BB from Groovefinder and Marcus from EFFENDEE proudly present their first
House Heaven Night @Terrace Hill,
25th March
in Hamburg.



A Soulful Deep Journey into HOUSE @ terrace hill, Hamburg.
Tracy Hamlin & Earl TuTu (Guitar) LIVE P.A. | UK’s Soulful House Mafia DJs John Khan & Shaun Hayes along with Marcus Reisiger, EFFENDEE

VVK Tickets:

We´re proud to announce that the lovely Lady Mrs Tracy Hamlin from the United States will perform for us live, to spread her awesome voice and music over us.
We ´re very happy to have Mr John Khan from the UK, talented DJ,Producer and Remixer, who will keep the crowd dancing, accompanied by Mr Earl TuTu, DJ, Producer, Remixer from the UK, performing live on his guitar to the set.
We also welcome Mr Shaun Hayes, great DJ from the UK who also will keep us dancing all night long to soulful house vibes.
Not to forget my event partner Mr Marcus Reisiger himself, well known and talented DJ from Hamburg, who will give us the honor, to keep our feets dancing!!
Groovefinder´s Photographer Mr John Moore will be there to catch all those soulful moments with his camera.

We would be very happy to welcome you all and celebrate this night until the morning comes.. Feel free to invite all your friends, to celebrate an unforgettable night in Hamburg in a splendid location!.. See you soon!

Lady BB & Marcus


“..A day without music is a lost day..”


Name: Michael Von Weissenbrunner
(Artist Name): DJ I.S.O.T.T.
Born: Austria, March 1978
Current Location: Innsbruck – Tirol -Austria
DJ / Radio DJ /Producer/ Multi- Media Manager

More about DJ I.S.O.T.T.


Between 1989-90, DJ I.S.O.T.T was infected from Electronic Music like Kraftwerk, Gorgio Moroder, Frankie Knuckles,and other Producers from this century.
DJ I.S.O.T.T felt lucky to grow up during a time hearing sounds that never existed such as Techno,Trance & House. He felt that there was a specialized feeling in the air and we were part of it.
During the years of 1994 – 2000, DJ I.S.O.T.T played in many Clubs and self produced Party´s and Rave´s. It was a very special time because everybody knew of each other in the scene. DJ I.S.O.T.T took a break to recover and appreciate the changes of life, but since being infected, he couldn’t be away forever..!
Now He is back…………… !!!
As DJ / Producer Artist on High! Energy Records USA / FRANCE
EU Multimedia Marketing Manager forhigh-reaction-logo-small
High! Energy Re. & our NEW SUB – Label
High! Reaction Rec. (my main field of activity).A & R Co – Manager High! Reaction Records. Finally we have a new Producer and Artist Managment Service Project called House Global Alliance.
DJ I.S.O.T.T Can Be Heard
Friday at 9AM (EST) USA and 3 AM in Europe / Austria
Wednesday at 9PM (EST) USA and 3AM in EU / Austria




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Steven Stone

Name: Stefano Rizzuto
(Artist Name): Steven Stone
Born: 21.09.1978
Current Location: Switzerland
DJ, Producer, Label Owner

More about Steven Stone


 STEVEN STONE is an internationally well-known DJ, producer and label owner of “Soul Deluxe Recordings” (2009), “Deep Deluxe Recordings” (2014) and “House Deluxe Recordings” (2016) based in Switzerland. This multitalented producer spins his magic to craft a different and inviting sound, producing remarkable tracks with a beautiful blend of Soul, Jazz, Funk and Disco. His style spans from Soulful to Deep & Tech House Music.






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John Moore

“My life is a photographic roller coaster of Club Events / Festivals / what’s hot and whats going down on the music scene……..”


Name: John Moore
Artist Name: John Moore Photography
Born: 30/07/65
Current Location: Sheffield, UK




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Name: Nick Power
Artist Name: Nick Power
Born: London
Current Location: Stevenage
International DJ & Radio Presenter, Producer,

More about Nick Power


Nick Power has been in the music business for pretty much all of his working career.
Owner & founder of the Music Power chain of Record & Disco Equipment Stores in London & Essex, he went on to present a radio show on Kiss FM, and many other stations since.

Producing & remixing under various pseudonyms since the early 1990’s, owning his own very successful nightclub in Ayia Napa, Cyprus called the Kool Club, (now called The Castle Club), playing at some of the best clubs in the world including the Ministry Of Sound, with many other top name DJ’s, and still does so to this day.nick-castle

Now a co founder of the Soul Kandi brand & presenter of the world popular Soul Kandi Radio Show, he’s slowly getting back into production but still continues to be at the top of his game as a DJ, due to the years of experience in music, & his ability to read a crowd & play to entertain.






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Clemens Rumpf

Name: Clemens Rumpf
(Artist Name): Clemens Rumpf
Born: Nordhausen
Current Location: Hannover
Label Owner, Producer, Club DJ, Artist, Radio DJ

More about Clemens Rumpf

Clemens Rumpf is a deejay & producer from Hannover, Germany with passion in disco, soul, funk, nudisco, deep-, uplifting- and vocal house music.clemens_rumpf_dj

As a music producer and remixer, he works for different labels such as Reelgroove, Barcoda Recordings, Ospina Digital, Delicious Garden, Loopfreak Records, White Lotus Club, Open Bar, Underground Solution, KK Records, Warehouse Records, Raw Elements and Deep Grooves and for his own Label Deep Village Records.deep_village_music

His roots as a Deejay began in 1996 when he played at the legendary “Club Sputnik – Alte Weberei ” in Eastern Germany.







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Dj Rhyko Dfunk


“I took more than 20 years as a DJ in discos and pubs
in the province of Lugo, currently only do private sets of
jazz, soul, chill out and house music “


Name: Ricardo Diaz
(Artist Name): Dj Rhyko Dfunk
Born: 1974
Current Location: Lugo (Spain)



Dj Rhyko Dfunk



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