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Tam Brown aka dj. TeeBee

Tam’s DJing journey started like all long journeys with one small step, that being a slot at the local youth club in Moffat in 1974

Tam Brown a.k.a. dj. TeeBee
Born : Dumfries. Scotland
Current location ; Scotland
DJ, promoter, Remixer



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Tam’s DJing journey started like all long journeys with one small step, that being a slot at the local youth club in Moffat in 1974. A move just up the road to Dumfries in 1978 found Tam working in the local independent record shop, which also had the mobile disco business tied up in the town. Tam quickly progressed from the mobile discos into the clubs that the shop also serviced with DJ’s, now Tam could start playing less commercial music and slip in the odd house and soul track into his sets. In the late eighties Tam steered himself to becoming more involved with the rave/dance culture, which was kicking off big time in Scotland. Tam and his friends would organise and DJ at secret parties in very remote areas in the countryside, in true underground party fashion.

13628_10152301230240969_2478773394580031749_nAs Tam grew older, so it was that his musical taste blossomed and matured into the more soulful side of House music. In 2003 Tam was away from home periodically due to work commitments and the DJing took a reluctant back seat in Tam’s life. After that long and compulsory hiatus, five years ago Tam was freed up from the shackles of his job & back in the game. He was attending EVERY Dumfries Soul night and the DJing flame was ignited once again, sparks turn into flames to coin a classic Soul record and Tam has not looked back since. A Soul boy at heart, Tam is now one of the most active folk on the Scottish Soul scene, both as a promoter/DJ but also as a “punter”. There is not a Soul or Soulful House event in the North and Scotland that Tam appears to not of attended and he is a SSW die hard, so we thought he deserved to drop some soulful vibes at SSW 5, Tam has also started doing some remix work on classic tunes, which you can check out on his soundcloud page.

Contact :
email ;
 twitter : @djteebee7

First release of this Profile: 20th April 2015, updated 23rd August

Groovefinder’s Selection – Our Radioshow #6

Groovefinder’s Selection is our radioshow – aired each friday on in London. It is a two hour show with tunes we love. The edition from 10th July contains some tunes, where members are involved.
Kejam, Paris Cesvette, C. Robert Walker, Opolopo, Laura Jackson, Akim B.Rob Hardt

Hour 1


1. Perfection by Mothertune
2. Butterfly (Radio Mix) by Mr. Shy
3. Yes I Do by Xantoné Blacq
4. Even When by Gary Poole
5. Album of The Week: Triple Treat Summer Jam EP by Kejam
Love Is Magic by Kejam feat. Chanel
6. Looking Back At Love by Kejam feat. Lamenga Kafi
7. My Only Love by Kejam feat. Lisa Taylor
8. Can We (Luis Loowee R Remix) by Paris Cesvette, C. Robert Walker & Sabrina Chyld
9. Round and Round by Opolopo
10. The Best by Opolopo
11. You’re Unforgettable by Scott Diaz & Sheree Hicks
12. Back Together (feat. EL) by Sheree Hicks & Sean Ali
Hour 2
1. Weekend (Vocal Mix) by Masaki Morii
2. Watcha Gonna Do About It (Spencer & Harness Remix) by Behind The Groove
3. Runnin’ byJon Cutler & Pete Simpson
4. Reach (Warren Benson & Akim B. Rebounce by JSC
5. Just Be Good (Montana & SOS Band Mash Up) by Bonna
6. Into My Life by Elements of Life, Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle
7. Greater Love by DJ Spen & Robert Owens
8. Pushin’ on (Radio Mix) by Matt Early & Laura Jackson
9. You Can Make It by Dj Kawasaki & Tasita D’Mour

R.I.P. Robert

Robert Pelenkahu
Robert Pelenkahu †

It is with great sadness, that we have to announce the passing of Robert Pelenkahu.

Robert Pelenkahu died on 5th July 2015 in his home in Jakarta due to a heart attack. We are very sad and will miss him and the conversations we had with him about music and life.

We were blessed, that our paths crossed. He was one of our best friends in this place, we will never forget his beautiful soul.

Rest in Peace, Big Bro

John Khan

In the game producing since 92, love all things Soulful.

Name: John Khan
Born: 1968
Current Location: Bradford UK
Position in Music: DJ, Producer, Part owner of Soundshack Recordings UK
(Earl TuTu & John Khan project)

Growing up & dj-ing alongside (Edzy, Del, JMP & Cutz) the mighty UNIQUE 3 from Bradford (UK pioneers of bleep and break culture) John soon picked up the vital elements of production and writing skills and began to create his own demo ep tracks.

He released his first collaboration track back in 92 with a tune featuring the vocal talents of Karin Minott (Rhythm takes control, Unique 3 on Virgin AVL Records.90) called “Take me I’m Yours” on indie (MOM 001 white) then continued releasing collaboration tracks with Enzo Annecini (Glamarous Hooligan) Chris Dawkins aka Earl TuTu & Patrick Cargill (Unique3) under the names of Momentum, Escape and Strongpoint with a few small signings to labels such as Miracle Records, Third eye Music & the Funklabs.

Currently he’s back in the writing seat again with life long friend and co writer Chris Dawkins aka Earl TuTu, with a brand new vibe coming, so you can expect some great material getting released this year and some major collaboration on the cards. Currently in production with DJ Spen & Quantize recordings working on some hot cookies for 2016 and some brand new forthcoming heat on King Street is definitely making this an exciting year so far for the Earl TuTu & John khan project. Gracing the decks from the MOS in London, Miami WMC to Amsterdam ADE John has also supported the likes of Tracy Hamlin, Darryl D’Bonneau playing exclusive show sets and performances and currently runs a night called “Soundshack” serving the locals a healthy selection of exclusive deep & soulful house music is his home town of Bradford UK.

Vocal Artist Collaborations to date under the “Earl Tutu & John Khan Project
Tracy Hamlin, Tasha LaRae (Arrested Development)
Samantha Johnson, Kimara Lovelace, Preslava Peicheva,
Shelia Ford, Dawn Tallman, Michele Weeks, Rainy Payne,
Darryl D’Bonneau, Cinnamon Brown, Stephanie Cooke,
Kenny Bobien, Michele McCain, Darian Crouse,
Natasha Watts, Viola Sykes, Marsha Bond, Rescue Poetix,
Tasha Johnson, Josiah Ruff, Curtis Clarke to name a few. .



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Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 11.11.18



John´s Website 
John on Facebook 
John on Twitter 
John on Mixcloud
John on Soundcloud


ATWORK Entertainment USLabels:
Quantize Recordings
King Street
Room Control
Expansion Records
Purple Music
HSR Records Italy
Soulful Evolution UTSREC
Soulplate Records
Phunky Rabbit
In The Zone
Deep Nota

JKINTHEMIX live show on 6-8pm UK Time Friday nights


Paris Cesvette

I’m a total music geek who is generally lost somewhere between Jazz, soul and House. So I Spend all my days fusing them together. That feeling you get when the music is right.. I crave this.. I look for this everywhere.. Whatever that is.. I love that

Paris Cesvette
Born: 27 June 1989
Location: Herfordshire, UK
DJ, Radio Host, Producer, Remixer, Label Owner, Musician



Let the music speak to unexpected ears, gratefully a melody will take away your fears, when your day has turned to night and darkness fills your heart. Let the music speak to you like voices in the rain. – Joe Sample


Paris’s production style is a strong twist on Soul, RNB, Reggae and Jazz with the foundations of classic music theory.

The heart of a musician with the technical brain that is more than needed for a producer brings inspiration to her colleagues and listeners alike.

Her first experience was with producer Vinnie VII when they were producing a track for her gospel choir for GDM records, Vinnie’s skill and approach in creating and producing music inspired and kicked off an interest in the technical production of music.

paris19 years on Paris is called to produce for all genres, in each production Paris does not ignore the want to push her musical passion in every delivery and through this has led to her working with such a vast range of talents.

The voice of Little Jimmy Scott , Prague Symphony Orchestra , Oscar Castro Nerves, C Robert Walker and Remixing for Paul Brown , Kim Waters , Najee, Brian Simpson, winning the artists pick for the Robert Glasper remix competition, Akon, Acoustic Alchemy and many more.

Expect to see so much more from this fresh musical force.

Paris’ Website
Paris on Soundcloud
Paris on Twitter
Paris on Mixcloud


Steve Scarr

Brace Yourself Your About To Be Funked


Steve Scarr
Steve Scarr
Name: Steve Scarr
Born: London
Current Location: London
Position in Music: Dj, Presenter, Remixer

Friday: Box Essentials Dancefloor Classics 8pm – 10pm GMT on lovemusicradio, UK
Saturday: Saturday Night Surgery 6pm – 8pm GMT, on, UK



Steve on Facebook
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Steve on Soundcloud
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Email for Fridays show:
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