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Retired Newspaper-Journalist, Music Lover, People Connector, Radio Presenter, DJ. Strong passion for tunes that make people love and dance.

Tune Of The Day


– 7th April –

Who: Micky More & Andy Tee ( Original Mix )
Title: Say To Ya
Label: Groove Culture
Release: 2017 – 04 – 18

– 6th April –

Who: South Crew Feat. Diviniti ( Mannix House Vocal )
Including Remixes by Doug Gomez and Pirahnahead
Title: Now I Know ( Invincible )
Label: Sunclock
Release: 2017 – 04 – 20

– 5th April –

Who: UPZ Feat. Chris Rouse
Title: Magic With You
Label: soWHAT
Release: 2017 – 05 – 19

– 4th April –

Who: Leroy Burgess & Kenny Carpenter ( KC Vox Mix )
Title: More Love
Label: KC Recordings
Release: 2017 – 04 – 17

– 3rd April –

Who: DeLorian Suite ( Sudad G Remix )
Including Remix by Luyo
Title: Deep Love
Label: Double Cheese Records
Release: 2017 – 05 – 01

– 13th March –

Who: Kenny Thomas ( Opolopo Remix )
Title: You Are In My System
Label: Soul-Fi Records
Release: 2017 – 05 – 01

– 8th March –

Who: Sir.Schaba Feat. Mapule ( Main Mix )
Title: Change
Label: DNH
Release: 2017 – 03 – 17

-3rd March –

Who: Zo! Feat. Joi ( David Harness Vocal Mix )
Title: Just Whatcha Like
Label: Makin Moves
Release: 2017 – 04 – 03


– 2nd March –

Who: Keith Sibley ( Johan S )
Including Remixes by Marc Cotterell and Crackazat
Title: Stand By Me
Label: Plastik People Recordings
Release: 2017 – 03 – 03


– 1st March –

Who: Harley & Muscle Feat. Marie Tweek
From the Album  ” Defenders Of Justice “
Title: Games We Play
Label: Little Angel Records
Release: 2017 – 02 – 24


– 28th February –

Who: Rob Hayes Feat. Geoff Butterworth ( Reelsoul Remix )
Including Remix by Francesco Cofano

Title: To Be With You
Label: Soulstice Music
Release: 2017 – 03 – 10


– 26th February –

Who: The Gruv Manics Project Feat. Richelle Hicks
( Seb Skalski Vocal Mix )
Including Remixes by The Gruv Manics Project, Seb Skalski and Those Boys

Title: Cries Of Passion
Label: Vibe Boutique Records
Release: 2017 – 03 – 10

– 25th February –

Who: Soulmate Feat. Palesa ( Lucius Lowe Remix )
Including Remixes by Soulmate, Placidic Dream, Rampus,
Myk Dubz, and Jay Cosgrove
Title: Grey Paper
Label: Phunky Rabbit Records
Release: 2017 – 03 – 02


– 24th February –

Wo: Moon Rocket ( The Moon Mix )
Including Remixes by Taste of Honey and Moon Rocket
Title: Beautiful
Label: Moon Rocket Music
Release: 2017 – 03 – 23



– 23rd February –

Who: Stewart & Montana and Nortier Feat. Stephanie Cooke
( Andy Edit & Davos Re-Work)

Including Remixes by Two 4 Soul and DaSoul & Notuma
Title: The World To Me ( You Are )
Label: Wiggly Worm Records
Release: 2017 – 03 – 10


– 16th February –

Who: Sheree Hicks & Wipe the Needle (Original Mix)
Title: Experimental
Release: Chic Soul Music
Label: 2017 – 03 – 13


– 14th February –

Who: DJ Pope Feat. Jocelyn Mathieu ( Alex Finkin´s Summer Jam Vocal )
Including Remixes by Soul Syndicate (Sean Ali,Munkjulious)and Alex Finkin
Title: Ma Ma Warn Me

Label: POJI Exclusive
Release: 2017 – 03 -01


– 13th February –

Who: Cafe 432 Feat. Ms Swaby ( Extended Radio Mix )
Title: Universe
Label: Soundstate Records
Release: 2017 – 02 – 28


– 12th February –

Who: Anthony Poteat ( Marivent Radio Edit )
From the  Testify EP by Anthony Poteat
Title: Greatful
Label: Welcome To The Weekend
Release: 2017 – 3 – 10


– 11th February –

Who: Earl TuTu and John Khan Feat. Asia Yarwood (Original Mix)
Title: New Faith
Label: Quantize Recordings
Release: 2017 – 02 – 24


– 10th February –

Who: DeLorean Suite ( Sudad G Remix )
Including Remix by Q Narongwate

Title: Illuminate
Label: Double Cheese Records
Release: 2017 – 02 -20



Groovefinder on tour

I am on Tour and meet friends. Have a look.

Vybe 2017 18th – 19th February 2017
Leyland, UK

awesome hours with lovely friends and people, great artists and DJ. Big thank you to Janet Crowe, Colin Dimond and the entire team for a splendid event“

What: Vybe 2017
Where: Best Western  Leyland Hotel
When: Leyland, UK

With: Janet Crowe, Colin Dimond, Tracy Hamlin, Earl TuTu, John Khan, Karin Minott, Jason Nemor Harden, Paul Garland, Sylvester Holder, Kim Tibbs, Laura Lox and
John Moore Photography ( For booking inquiries you find his
profile in the blog.). Thank you for awesome pictures.

Birke´s belated Birthday Party, organized by my wonderful friends Stuart Vaughan and Anthony Wooten, 10th December 2016 in London

What can I say?..awesome days in London!..
Truly touched by this wonderful
surprise organized my  closed friends Stuart and Anthony,
I love you both and I´m feeling the love towards me!
Splendid  and funny night with awesome music, lovely friends
in a  charming venue!..
Big thank you to my Groovefinder´s DJ Elle Cee, KingPinn, and Alex Eugenio, who spread their awesome work with us all!..
Big Thank You  to Groovefinder´s photographer John Moore
John Moore Photography ) for taking the pictures of this event.“
“..You all made me soo happy!..“


What: Birke´s belated birthday party
Where: The Walrus Hostel, London
When: 10th December 2016

With: Stuart Vaughan, Anthony Wooten, Elle Cee, KingPinn, Alex Eugenio, John Moore Photography, Verena Gorris, DJ Hammy, Lisa Ließchen, Kelly Murray, William Nicoll,  Andrew Johnson, Giles Addison, Duane Anthony


Last Tempo of the year, 26th November 2016, Manchester

“ What a splendid night in Manchester!..Excellent DJ, awesome music,  a crowded dance floor with many lovely people and friends. I had the pleasure to meet two of my blog members in person finally
( Craig Stewart and Shaun Hayes).
Big Thank You  to Groovefinder´s photographer John Moore
( John Moore Photography ) for taking the pictures of the event.“
“..Thank you all for a brilliant time.. ”


What: Last Tempo of the year 2016
Where: Texture, Manchester, UK
When: 26th November

With:  Sy Sez, Sol Brown, Craig Stewart, Dale Nortier,
Raj Acquilla, Dave Law,
John Moore Photography ( For booking inquiries you find his
profile in the blog.)



“I had an amazing time with a lot of beautiful people and members of my blog in Amsterdam.Thanks to all  for  an awesome music madness..”
“..Much love to you all!..”

Where: TOM´S Flagship, Amsterdam, Netherlands
When:  20th October

With: N´Dinga Gaba, Joonya T, Diephuis, Guido P. Gigi Frassanito
Mario Bianco, DJ Late Night Dancer

Gallery 2

What : House Connection HSR Party
Where: LUMINAA, Amsterdam, Netherlands
When: 20th October

With Tracy Hamlin, Emory Toler, Sandy Soul, Guido P., Gigi Frassanito, John Khan, Giulio Bonaccio, Alex Millet, Alex Politi,
Leo Lippolis, Natasha Kitty Kat Probert, Nick Power

Big thank you to ” John Moore Photography “ for the permission
of using also his photos. For booking inquiries you find his profile
in the blog.

Gallery 1:

What: Soulful Soirée Penta Hotel Reading, Kingpinn´s Birthday Bash
Where: Penta Hotel, Reading, UK
When: 8th October

With Elle Cee, Kingpinn, Neil Pierce, Twism, DJ Late Night Dancer

Gallery 1:

Groovefinder´s Family Brunch in London with Linda Muriel, DJ Late Night Dancer, Stuart Vaughan, A.Rhoden Lawrence, Andrew Johnson


Gallery 2:

Soulful Soirée Penta Hotel Reading
Big thank you  to Mr Tim Davis for  the permission to use also his
photos. Check his page on Facebook.

What: DJ Dee-Bunk meets Groove Shaker@Strand Pauli,
Hamburg, Germany
Where: Hamburg
When: 25th September

What: Baltic Soul Night and Baltic Soul Boat
Where: Hamburg
When: 17th and 18th September

with: Tortured Soul, Miss Kelly Marie, Dan D., Lloyd Atrill, Kenny B., Mr Brown, Mick Farrer, Ferry Ultra, MaxK, Steve Hobbs, Henry Storch

Gallery 1

Gallery 2


What: The Soul You Need
Who: Birke, Markus
Where: Kiel
When: 30th April

with: Natasha Watts, Sarah Watts, Lloyd Attrill, Kenny B., Hajo Ehlers, Lars Farien

What: Baltic Soul Weekender #10
Who: Birke, Markus
Where: Bispingen
When: 22nd to 25th April

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3