About This Blog

Groovefinder’s World was founded in February 2015 to support a special kind of Music and the people who create this music, play it out or bring it on stage. This is a private, non-commercial Site, which features People, Radio Stations, Record Labels, Festival & Weekenders and more, who or which are related to the Music we love – everything which can be described with the Label Soul – from Jazz to Deep House. This Blogsite is working right now, but under reconstruction till sometime in 2018…

Birke Beisert is the CEO, Founder, the Face and the Boss of Groovefinder’s World. She is a fashion stylist, who has worked for various Photo-Productions, TV-commercials and german Music-TV-Station VH 1. She has lived in Paris for six years and managed a studio there for a fashion photographer. Birke now lives in Hamburg and has made herself a name in the music-scene as a truly reliable networker and supporter.

Colin Brown is Groovefinder’s Correspondent in London. Colin is one of the most reknown and respected Music-Experts in the worldwide Jazz- and Soul-Scene – with an unbeatable taste for music and a great collection of music. He regulary is asked to take pictures and video-footage at concerts in his Homebase London and is connected to some of the best artists of the world.

Markus Kater helped Groovefinder’s World in the beginning to get on it’s way and is now back as the  Webmaster and Supporter for Boss Birke. Markus is a well known german Soul- and Soulful House DJ and a Radio Presenter. Before his retirement and his bigger engagement in Music he has worked as an Editor and Editor in Chief for various German Newspapers and Magazines. He now lives in Schaumburg, Germany.

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