Label: Soul N Pepa

Soul N Pepa | Paris, France
Founded in 2019 by Mind Street

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Soul N Pepa is an independent label of Grooves encompassing all styles of underground music. The journey and fusion of their different worlds, led them to create music joining the world of electronics with organic. Today each musical genre has its own unique vibe, an atmosphere, a soul. These unique souls, sprinkled with a genre that creates so many different styles and that each of them find their place in the musical landscape .

The bet today is to be able to navigate the different musical genres that inhabit them while respecting a level of quality that brings out this soul. If you want to listen to sounds with older sounds, such as Jazz, Soul, Funk, Disco and also have this mix of electronic sonority that piggy a little Groove, why not do it at the same place at Soul N Pepa. Today Soul N Pepa is a platform, at the service of artists to put their creations in the foreground.





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