Molefi – Gruv Manics

The Gruv Manics Project, this is the different side of Molefi Choabi aka Stross. There’s a lot to say when you start saying the name Molefi. Molefi Choabi is that guy born 1st September and raised in a small town near Mafikeng, called Lichtenburg in the North West of South Africa. He has been through so many during his school years. Meaning he hasn’t seen himself as that guy in a school for more than a year.

Stross is the CEO, DJ & Producer of the label Nu Gruv Recordings. He used to be under the label Black People Records with his friend DJFunky from Mafikeng, in a group called Absolute Zero. He has released music with DJFunky on Black People Records, releasing the hot tune featuring Tumi called ‘Something Better’. He is an upcoming producer wanting something mainly based with house music especially deep and afro deep they make my heart feel all warm inside It wasn’t easy at all, considering the fact that he wasn’t getting any form of assistance.

However, I succeeded in my quest and this shows that music runs in my blood. He has shared the stage with DJ’s to name a few are Brazo Wa Afrika (House Afrika Records), Chymamusique (Chymamusiq Records/House Afrika Records), Problem Child (DNH/MoFunk Records, Profound Nation (DNH, FOMP & MoFunk Records), SIR LSG (GoGo Music), the great saxo player Mac Z Ngubeni (GoGo Music), Freaky OB, Dvine Brothers (House Afrika Records), Da Capo (Surreal Sounds), Punk (Surreal Sounds), Swizz (Surreal Sounds), Zwithy De Quiver (Moments of Quiver Sounds MOQS), Inno Tee (DJ Ent. Club), Stone Hitter (DJs Ent. Club), Darque (Deep Forest SA).


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