Han Litz – A Man Of Many Talents


Han Litz is all about crossing over. “While performing, I want to evoke that ‘house feeling’. Boost the energy level and make people act free. Create unity.” Amsterdam-based flute player Han Litz is a man of many talents – composer, arranger, producer – and he will never back out of a good party, particularly when he’s asked to set the pace. “Any kind of party,” he adds with a glint in his eye.

After finishing his studies at the Amsterdam Conservatorium with the highest accolades possible, Litz took to professional performance on stages from Amsterdam to Jakarta, and from Warsaw to Rome. “The flute is all about breath and air,” he says. “It has a wider range of timbre than the sax. Its sound is closest to the human voice.”

Litz’s flute has ‘growled’ in many musical settings, from orchestrated jazz to house. Even before he graduated from the Amsterdam Conservatorium in 1998, Litz had his first taste of the recording studio and European stages. Now he worked on more than 80 releases in so many different styles. “I think in sound,” Litz comments on his many roles and wide range of musical activities.

He likes to think of it as building bridges. “I cover a pretty wide scope. As a flute-player, I enjoy crossing over jazz and club music. The flute provides the ideal bridge between genres, and my deep experience of composing, arranging my own and others’ music allows me to add an extra dimension to any club performance.”