Darren Studholme – This Music Got Me Hooked

Darren Studholme was born in 1966 in United Kingdom and raised in South London where he was D.J’ing in Pubs and small Clubs in South London. For the last 8 years he is living in Cyprus. He started producing tracks and remixes around 1986 when a new type of music ‘’House, & Acid House’’ evolved, using different Hardware equipment and Amiga A500 as a sequencer.

Darren said: ”Now, this music & sound got me hooked! This music managed to pull me away from Jamaican Reggae music”. My first ever House record I bought was “Move your Body” by Marshall Jefferson. Darren has worked & Collaborated, with various Artist, including a few Famous big named Singers. Michele McCain, & Cunnie Williams is an example, just to name a few of them. Where he still works with them from time to time, & has become good friends with them Keeping the love of House alive.

Darren not only Produces, but Remixes, & has worked with other Producers too. Darren’s style of music, mostly blends different style of House music. Away from the traditional style of Soulful House. Sometimes, blending in NU Bossa/Latin Jazz vibe, with Soulful House/Disco. Always trying to look for a new way to bring in innovations to Soulful House Music.

Some of his latest productions and remixes you can find on the labels like TRAX Records, 4th Quarter, WTTW and Marivent Music Digital.