Sebastian Creeps – The Frenchie on Air


Originally from Nice (France), it was in 1980 that Sebastian Creeps discovered the Deejaying while listening to Tony Humpries and Larry Petterson’s Kiss FM NY radio show. Influenced by Larry Levan, Dj of the legendary Paradise Garage in New York, he is passionate about Disco and House from the beginning.

After browsing the most prestigious clubs of the French Riviera and international, he broadcasts his sets live through Facebook groups in the American House family, his “Live” (New York Vibes) meet a great success with the House community, his musical choices and singularity earned him to be spotted by R.W (famous promoter of house parties in New York, awarded 5 American Awards)

Playing House Music in several Highlight Spot on Monte Carlo & Nice (France), he is also regularly programmed on New York City House Radio (New York) and have a weekly Show every Thursday on (New York).

Select Creator on Mixcloud, his Radio Shows regularly occupy the top of the charts of the platform.Producer as well, he has just signed on the label Karmic Power Records, label of the iconic Lenny Fontana. With his refined mix technique and uncompromising music selection, this Frenchie has definitely captured the heart of the American House community.