Rebecca Burgin ✪

Rebecca Burgin is a powerhouse singer/songwriter that has been adding her particular flavour of soulful inspired, blues tinged vocals to House Music for over 20 years. Born in Australia and having travelled extensively, she is an artist that understands the world she lives in and pays it forward at every single opportunity she gets.

Like many vocalists, her journey has been one of personal development as she pursued her dreams of sharing her art. Commercial success both in Australia and Europe with her first band ‘Bubkiss’ gave her a working insight into how to approach her musical projects and for two decades she has been applying herself to a wide array of musical genres.

The past 4 years have seen Rebecca achieve ‘overnight’ success with a slew of tracks that have shot up the charts and cemented her place as the go-to vocalist for many House Music producers. Signed to labels such as OceanTrax, WU Records, Purple Music, Soulful Evolution Records, Birkin Records, Sequential Records, My Wife Records, Fidget Music, Blacksoul Music, Souluxe and FunkHut; her star has never shone brighter.

Classically trained, she understands every nuance of the song writing journey and has never looked back since working with Richard Earnshaw on ‘Everybody Get on Your Feet’. Her voice sits sumptuously atop any arrangement she turns her mind to and her original solo work is nothing short of outstanding. Her own track, ‘They Can’t Take Away’ on Hanks Records is a clear indication of just how important it is to her to express the soul of a song and to get her message across.

The modern world has allowed her to work with artists from around the globe including Italy which has shown her so much love working with producers such as Eric Faria and Jorge Arauja. Her ability to collaborate through technology has put her in high demand and they don’t come much higher than Eddie Amador. ‘Love Fly Away’ was a smash hit in the Soulful House scene. She then followed that up this year with superb collaborations with UK Producer Tom Chubb called I’m Coming For Ya and another project with Japanese producer Yuichi Inoue, called Nothing’s Guna Stop My Love. Recently she has released ‘Read My Mind’ with Stanny Abram and ‘Play The Game’ with Funkatomic.

But it is in the performance space that you truly get a sense of Rebecca’s vocal prowess. Whether it be at Savannah’s Ibiza, Amsterdam ADE or at Café Del Mar Sydney, she is the consummate front woman.; taking her audiences on a spiritual journey of uplifting vocals and impossible dreams.



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