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Victor Simonelli | New York
Producer | Remixer | Songwriter | Label Owner | DJ

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Victor runs various Record Labels, including:
Bassline Records | Big Big Trax| West Side Records | Stellar Records | Unkwn Trax | Brooklyn Trax

Born into a Home full of Records in the 60’s , Victor Simonelli’s introduction to Music begins the moment he left hospital at Birth and entered his home.Growing up in such an environment filled with Music , it’s influence was unavoidable.In the late 70’s , James Simonelli introduced his son Victor to Club life , by doing his own parties/events at dance hall , and leaving Victor on several occasions to “Man The Decks”.

Such parties/events lead up to 1980. Hence leading to Victor’s further interest in Club/Dance Music. In the years which followed , and After 13 plus years deeply dedicated to following the New York Dance scene , (in no particular order, Zanzibar, The Loft, Studio 54, The Funhouse, Roxy, Trax, Save The Robots, The Underground, Roseland, Area, The Garage, Hearthrob, Friends, Wild Pitch, Jackie 60, Ninth Circle, Choice, Nells, Red Parrot, Better Days, Bonds, Copacabana, Xenon, Saint, Cheetah, 99x WXLO, 92 WKTU, 98.7 WRKS, 107.5 WBLS, Shakedown Sounds, Prime Cuts, D + D recording,Quad, Caliope, Axis, and many others) , Victor Simonelli formed Production company VJS Productions Inc , in 1992 with much support from his Entire Family.

Establishing, Producing, Manufacturing, Releasing, Promoting, Distributing, and Licensing top quality Dance Music to the World, has, is, and continues to be, its Commitment. it is responsible for establishing , cultivating , and launching numerous Artists , Producers , Writers , Composers , Remixers , Musicians , careers. In 2002 was formed and went online (making it the first dance music only download site in existence (and offering vinyl as well) , setting the precedence for that which followed.



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