Sergio Guerini (DJ Soulseo)

Sergio Guerini (DJ Soulseo) | Lugano, Switzerland | DJ, Radio DJ
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Sergio has Shows on Wind Radio from Greece.
He is one of the most successful Soulful House DJs on Mixcloud.

He is also running the Facebook-Group Soulful & Deep House Switzerland with more than 12.000 members.

I began to listen to music as a child listening to sacred monsters such as Beatles, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, Genesis, Pink Floyd and all the great artists 70/80 years. At the age of 16 I bought my first electric guitar and I started playing with a group in my city. Parallel to my love for rock music I also frequented the discos, appreciating the great artists of that era, Chic, EW & F, Change, but I particularly loved black funky music.

Around the age of 18 I had some short musical experience in a local radio and discos. Although for personal reasons I had to interrupt my musical career, I have always loved and listened to a lot of music of all kinds. In the 80s I lived for 10 years in Zurich and I could closely follow the birth of the techno genre, then 10 years ago I bought my first modern console with 2 cd players and I started mixing again, first just for friends, then on some musical portals and webradio.

For almost 8 years I have been working on Mixcloud and Soundcloud with excellent results. I’m the administrator of a very popular Facebook group (Soulful & Deep house Switzerland).



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