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DJ Spivey | Miami, Florida | DJ

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It was 1980 in Detroit Michigan where I first fell in Love with this Music. I was 13 years old and the Music of Choice for Me and my Friends was Progressive Dance Music. We didn’t know it at the time but We were actually creating a Musical Lifestyle of sorts that would follow many of us the rest of our lives.

Sure there would be periods when no music was bought and no new mixes were produced, but time would go by and before you knew it This Music Thing would just Grab hold to Me again…

In 2012 My Musical Journey started again! This dance music would prompt me to start mixing on the web via my YouTube Channel now with over 25K followers, and Soundcloud with over 4K and counting…

This music would even take me far away as Beijing China to DJ (Twice). I’m really excited now more than ever because I am are currently living in Miami producing a number of remix edits and working the production end of things and plan to own and operate my first long overdue Music Label: “Soulmate Recordings” So as they say in The Music Game: “Stay Tuned!”





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