Steve Daniels

Steve Daniels | London, UK
DJ, Radio DJ

Steve has a radioshow on SoulPower Radio, UK

Latest Update: 21-01-2022

about steve

I was born just outside Brixton in South London so I grew up with Reggae funk and soul in my ears. Before I moved to Norway, in ’79, I’d played with the legendary Steve Walsh in Cheeky Pete’s, Richmond. Had a couple of gigs at the Lacie Lady and was out every weekend playing funk & soul to punters all over London & beyond. I moved to Oslo Norway back in ’79. The first ‘thirty!’ years I made a living as a Pro Club DJ, while working with Universal and Sony, as a dance music promoter.

The last few years I’ve basically retired from the club scene and just do the odd gig now and again for fun. Shock horror I love technology, I’ve long since got rid of all my vinyl and now DJ with a MacBook and an S4. Internet radio, don’t you just love it. I’ve just moved back to the UK & From my new place in Barnet where I send out a weekly show called the MooseMix on JFSR. i can play to the world (if i can get anyone to listen). I can play what I want, how I want. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s going to be.


The Mix will automatically update, when Steve uploads a new one





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