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15th September: Hello again. We are back from our holiday break. We have added wonderfully new music from our members plus some very fine events. Hope you all have a good time

20th-27th July
+++ We have added a new section to the blog called Extra. It contains Documents about the Musicmarket, Social Media and some more aspects of the biz. +++

17th July
+++ Please give a very warm welcome to Scotland Based DJ, Radio DJ, Songwriter and Labelowner Natasha Kitt Katt, who has joined Groovefinder’s World. Happy welcome x

13th July
+++ We have added a great new tune by Rampus feat. Eaze to the playlist and new tunes in July. It is released on Malc East‘s Label Phunky Rabbit Records +++

11th July
+++ We have added wonderful singer/songwriter Michelle Rivera from New York City to the blog. Have a look and have a listen +++

8th July
+++ We have added more Events to the September List, like Soulpersona and Princess Freesia live in Brixton, and The British Collective playing Canvas in Bournemouth +++
+++ We have added WCSR Soul City Radio from Frederick in Maryland to our List of Radio Stations. Find all important and listen directly on the page. There are 123 Stations listed now.

7th July
+++ We have added the Subclub in Glasgow to Clubs in Scotland and the Sottovento on Sardegna to Clubs in Italy +++

6th July
+++ We have added the first Club in France and the first Club in Croatia to our new section. Check the Djoon in Paris and the Barbarella in Pirovac +++

5th July
+++ Please give Linda Muriel from London a very warm welcome. The Singer and Songwriter has an interesting biography +++
+++ We have added London-Based Record Label Rival Beat Records to the blogs, and we are up to 87 Label featured now +++

4th July
+++ We have added London-based Record Label Tropical Disco Records to the blog. There are 86 Label featured now +++

3rd July
+++ We have added Barcelona-based Record Label Epoque Music to the blog. There are 85 Label featured now +++

1st July
+++ We have updated Andy Edit‘s Profile and added some of his tunes +++

30th June
+++ We have added more great Events and restructured it a bit. There are new events for July, August, September, October and November and the first for 2019 +++

29th June:
+++ There is a new section in the blog, which features Clubs worldwide. We have also started to add the first Residencies of People featured in this blog.
+++ We have added more New Music for July +++

28th June
+++ We have added more wonderful Tunes to our Playlist +++

25th June
+++ We welcome DJ Pezzer from London to the Groovefinder’s World Community +++

24th June
+++ We have updated the profile of Stomp Radio +++

23rd June
+++ Please say hi to wonderful DJ and Radio DJ Jester Groove from London, who joined Groovefinder’s World +++
+++ We have added more tracks to our Playlist, including music by Craig Stewart, Gigi Frassanito, Stellar Disco Records, Irma Records,

20th June
+++ We are very very happy to welcome Sheldon So Goode from New York to the Groovefinder’s Community. Sheldon is a multi-instrumentalist, who has worked with some of the biggest names of the scene. We now have 265 people featured with personal profiles in the blog +++

17th June
+++ We have added more tunes to our Playlist, including tracks by Nova Fronteira, Cool Million, Soulbridge, Brian Power +++

15h June
+++ We have added another Record Label. Sure Player Recordings from London. +++
+++ We have added more wonderful tracks to the Playlist, including tunes from Ralf Gum, DJ Pope & Deep Sole Syndicate.

14th June
+++ We have added some nice Events in August for you +++

13th June
+++ And a very warm welcome to DJ and Radio DJ Cj Cooper from London, who joined Groovefinder’s World. There are 264 people featured now +++
+++ We have added a new Record Label to the blog. Please check out Interview Music Label Production from Paris +++

7th June
+++ We have added a new Track by Paul Newman to the playlist. Remixes include Eric Kupper, Michele Chiavarini, Aldo Bergamasco & Antonello Ferrari.
+++ We have added a new track by FAM Disco to the playlist. +++ All necessary links in New Music – June 2018 +++

5th June
+++ We have added more tracks to the playlist +++
+++ We have listed some wonderful Events for July for you +++

30th May
+++ Please welcome DJ and Radio DJ David Barrau-Guiderdoni from Montpellier, France to Groovefinder’s World

27th May
+++ There are more new tracks for you in the New Music Section +++

26th May
+++ We have added more upcoming tracks to our page “New Music – June 2018“, including Allovers feat. Calvin Lynch

25th May
+++ There is a new page where you can listen to upcoming releases of Groovefinder’s People +++

24th May
+++ Please say hi to the 262nd Artist featured in this blog: DJ, Producer and Remixer Alexandre Wauthier from France +++
+++ We have added more recommendations on our New Music in June Page, including tracks by Groove Junkies with Remixes by Paris Cesvette & Luis Loowee R Rivera plus Cafe 432 feat. Arnold Jarvis+++

22nd May
+++ We have added more recommendations on our New Music in June Page with new Tracks by Michele Chiavarini, Lucius Lowe and Mannix +++

21st May
+++ We have added the new page Videos of Members to this Blog. Have a look, who is in here +++ We have added more recommendations on our New Music Pages for May and June +++

15th May
+++ We have added some Parts to the Imprint called Datenschutzerklärung +++

5th May
+++ We are happy to welcome Producer and Remixer Yuki T-Groove Takahashi from Tokyo to Groovefinder’s World

29th April
+++ Please say hi to Satin Jackets +++
We have added a new page Photos to the blog with some Photostorys +++
There is a new post, where we list up Events in May +++

26th April
+++ Please say hi to the wonderful photographer Kerstin Kuntze from Frankfurt Germany. Check the Photostory.

20th April
+++  We are more than happy to announce, that John-Christian Urich, Head of Tortured Soul, has joined the blog +++

14th April
+++ We have changed the section with New Releases. You can now find the new tracks sorted by weeks. Have a look if you like and see what Groovefinder’s release +++
+++ We have added more people to the Podcasts-Page, where you can listen to recorded Radioshows- and Mixes +++
+++ We have also added more Track to our New-Releases-Page

12th April
+++ Updated: Radioshows Wednesdays and Thursdays +++

9th April
+++ Personal Profiles updated: Akim B., Andrea Erre, Clark, Colin Williams, Dan Patricks +++

8th April
+++ We are very happy to welcome Singer Mara J. Boston from Venice in Groovefinder’s World +++

7th April
+++ Added John Khan‘s Shows to the Page Podcasts +++

4th April
+++ We updated Profiles: Paul Hampson, Steve Shaw +++

3rd April
+++ And a very warm welcome to Dolls Combers from Italy +++

2nd April
+++ Please give a very warm welcome to Producer and Remixer Corey McCue aka Munk Julious from Chicago +++
+++ We have added Inaky Garcia‘s Track Talinda to our Page New Releases
+++ Profile updated: Liz Button, also added her Radioshows and Podcasts

1st April
+++ We have added a new page in this Blog. It is called New Releases. You find new Tunes, EPs and Albums, in which Groovefinder’s People are involved +++

30th March
+++ Happy Welcome to DJ Giulio Bonaccio from New York +++

29th March
+++ Say Hi please to the most wonderful DJ Jose Lopez from Barcelona +++

28th March
+++ We are very happy to welcome UK-Producer and Label Owner Brian Keys Tharme – BKT to Groovefinder’s World +++

26th March
+++ And a very happy welcome to Mannix from Vienna

19th March
+++ We are happy to welcome DJ and Producer Dutchican Soul, Niel Schroder to the blog +++

18th March
+++ And a very warm welcome to Michele Chiavarini from London +++
+++ And also a very warm welcome to Mark Di Meo from Los Angeles +++
+++ And also please a very warm welcome to guri guri boys from Tokyo, Japan +++

17th March
+++ We have updated Profiles: Eddie Eaze Coleman, Patrick Dudek and DJ V.I.P +++

15th March
+++ And a most lovely welcome to Label Owner Brigetta Dunson from the US +++

14th March
+++ We are happy to have DJ and Producer Graham Knox Frazier from New York City in the Groovefinder’s Fam now +++

13th March
+++ Happy Welcome to Gospel Artist Philip White from Nashville, Tennessee
+++ We have added a new Page, where you can find Podcasts of Radioshows from Groovefinder’s People +++

12th March
+++ We are happy to announce, that DJ Colin Williams from London joined the blog
+++ Happy Welcome to M. Caporale from Torino, Italy
+++ Please say Hi to DJ Wilson Frisk from Bradford, UK +++

9th March
+++ Groovefinder’s World is growing. Please welcome DJ, Producer and Remixer Arkin Jonsey Redif – Cafe 432 to the Blog +++

8th March
+++ Please give a very warm welcome to Princess Freesia and Soulpersona, who joined the Groovefinder’s Family +++
+++ Profile updated: Dan Goldman aka JD73, Leeds UK +++

7th March
+++ Please say Hi to DJ David Lyn from London, UK.
+++ Groovefinder’s is very very happy to welcome Sean Ali, of Deep Sole Syndicate from Chicago, USA +++

6th March
+++ We say Hi to the wonderful SouLutions from Newcastle, UK +++
+++ Added more Shows to our new Section Radio +++

5th March
+++ We have added a new section to the Blog called Radio. It gives you an overview of Radio Stations and recommended Radioshows of Groovefinder’s Members.
+++ Profile added: Happy Welcome to DJ Paul Martini, Italy +++

2nd March
+++ Happy Welcome to DJ Brian Power from London, UK +++
+++ Profile updatet: DJ Franck G. from Paris, France +++
+++ Profile updatet: Steve Shaw, Bulgaria +++

1st March
+++ Groovefinder’s World says a very warm welcome to DJ and Producer Nick Moss aka Groove Assassin from Sheffield, UK +++
+++ We are very very happy to welcome Singer/Songwriter Marc Avon Evans from Baltimore, USA, to Groovefinder’s World +++

27th February
+++ Profile Update: Dj Akim B. from Bielefeld, Germany +++

22nd February
+++ Say Hi please to Aldo Bergamasco, Artist, Producer, Remixer and Label Owner from Turin, Italy +++

20th February
+++ A very happy Welcome to FAM Disco Project from Milano, Italy +++

10th February
+++ Record Label added: United Music Records from Hong Kong +++

9th February
+++ Record Label added: Stellar Disco Records from Oslo in Norway +++

8th February
+++ Groovefinder’s World welcomes UK DJ, Producer and Label Owner Tom Conrad +++

5th February
+++ Profile-Update: Singer/Songwriter Sharon Musgrave
+++ Leverkusener Jazztage added to Events/November
+++ Northern Soul Weekender Bridlington added to Events/June
+++ North East Chilli Festival in Blyth added to Events/July +++

4th February
+++ The Soul You Need in Kiel, Germany added to Events/April
+++ Essence Festival New Orleans added to Events/August
+++ Singapore Jazz Festival added to Events/April
+++ Love Supreme Festival Sussex added to Events/June
+++ Cool Brittania Festival Hertfordshire added to Events/August +++

30th January
+++ And a very warm welcome to Singer/Songwriter Molly Tentarelli from Portland to Groovefinder’s World +++

26th January
+++ Bless The Funk Weekender, Southend-on-Sea, added to Events (May)
+++ Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival added to Events (March) +++

19th January
+++ Soulstice Music, Italy, added to Record Labels +++

18th January
+++ And a very warm welcome to DJ, Producer and Label Owner Evan Landes from Los Angeles, who joined Groovefinder’s World
+++ Essential Soul 2 Alldayer (Bornemouth, UK) added to Events, June +++

17th January
+++ St. Pauli R&B Weekender added to Events, May
+++ MFSB Alldayer, Edinburgh, added to Events, April
+++ Babylon Festival Australia added to Events, February
+++ Barcelona Jazz Dance Weekender added to Events, April
+++ Summer Soul BBQ, Hastings, UK added to Events, 27th May +++

14th January
+++ We welcome DJ, Producer and Label Owner
Anderson Soares from Sao Paulo to Groovefinder’s World +++

12th January
+++ Groovefinder’s Event House Heaven in Hamburg added +++

11th January
+++ Elbjazz Festival, Hamburg, added to Events (June)
+++ Dirtybird Campout Festival, Florida, added to Events (February) +++

10th January
+++ Profile updated: Eric Kupper
+++ Love 4 Music Festival, Huddersfield, added to Events (May) +++

8th January
+++ Smooth Jazz Festival Algarve added to Events (October)
+++ South East Soul Festival added to Events (May)
+++ Beat Bunker added to Events (June)
+++ Rhythm and Soul Radio, New York added +++

6th January
+++ New Profile added: DJ Paul Newman, London
+++ New Event in May: Happy Days Festival (Surrey)
+++ The White Lion Soul Alldayer, London, added to Events (April)
+++ Suite Soul Alldayer, Kilmarnock, added to Events (June)
+++ London Music Radio, UK added to Radio Stations +++

5th January
+++ Play. Housemusicradio added to Radio Stations
+++ Alfresco Festival Kent added to Events (May) +++

4th January
+++ Record Label added: Good For You Records, USA
+++ Radio Station added: Deep House Radio, Cork City, Ireland
+++ Record Label added: Sole Channel Music, New York
+++ Chicago House FM added to Radio Stations +++

2nd January
+++ Brighton Beach Party Alldayer added to Events (April)
+++ Family Affair Soul Weekend added Events (March) +++

31st December
+++ Defected Croatia added to Events
+++ Record Label added: Jalapeno Records, UK +++

30th December
+++ Map added to Events
+++ Back to 95 Birthday, London, added to Events
+++ Chosen Few DJS Festival, Chicago, added to Events +++

29th December
+++ Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival added to Events
+++ Record Label added: Midnight Riot Records, London
+++ New Post: Delite Radio, London

26th December
+++ Record Label added: Solid Ground Recordings, Dubai
+++ Southern Soul Montenegro added to Events
+++ Radio Station added: Worldwide FM, UK

25th December
+++ Worldwide Festival added to Events
+++ Brownswood Recordings added to Record Labels
+++ Record Label added: Soulstar Records, Cologne/Milano

24th December
+++ Record Label added: Snazzy Traxx Recordings, UK
+++ Record Label added: agogo records, Germany
+++ Brooklyn Radio added to Radio Stations
+++ Twilight Soul Radio added to Radio Stations
+++ For the love of house added to Radio Stations

23rd December
+++ Record Label added: Strictly Rhythm, USA
+++ Record Label added: Suntree Records, Netherlands
+++ Brixton Disco Festival added to Events
+++ Record Label added: Mixtape Sessions, New York
+++ New Record Label added: Urbano Records, Sao Paulo

22nd December
+++ Record Label added: Moulton Music, San Francisco
+++ Record Label added: Sophisticado Recordings, Chicago
+++ Ghetto Heaven Weekender added to Events
+++ Licks 7 – Rhythm Assembly added to Events
+++ Summer Soulstice UK added to Events

21st December
+++ Radio Station added: Legacy 90.1 FM, Manchester
+++ Record Label added: Check It Out Records, Switzerland
+++ House Music Festival New Jersey added to Events
+++ Added: House Nation Radio, Nice
+++ Hayling Island Weekenders added to Events

20th December
+++ Costa de Soul Weeks added to Events
+++ Prestatyn Soul Weekender added to Events
+++ Record Label added: Angeltown Recordings, Newark
+++ Record Label added: Merecumbe Recordings, New York
+++ New Radio Station: PureMusic247, London
+++ Record Label added: Honeycomb Music, Pennsylvania

19th December
+++ Record Label added: Soulful Child Records, Detroit
+++ New Profile added: Clark, Radio DJ, Germany

17th December
+++ We are wishing you happy holidays, wonderful christmas and a happy new year.

+++ Added: Amys FM
+++ Added: AMW.FM
+++ Added: Ambition Radio
+++ Record Label added: Distar Records, Italy
+++ Record Label added: Sweet Soul Records, Japan +++

16th December
+++ Updated: Zero Radio
+++ Kavos Soul and Reggae Week added
+++ Updated: Sound Fusion Radio
+++Record Label added: IsaVis Records
+++Record Label added: Bassline Records
+++Record Label added: Fuzion Records
+++ Profile updated: Yuichi Inoue – 井上友一

15th December
+++Record Label added: Expansion Records
+++ Radio Stations added: Fatt Trax Radio NYC, Gotta Have House Chicago, Lick FM Marbella, dejavufm London, Radio Punto Stereo, Italy
+++  Rimini Rare Soul Weekend added to Events
+++ South of France Weekend added
+++ Radio Station added: OneLuvFM
+++ Record Label added: Irma Records +++

14th December
+++ Liverpool Soul Weekender added to Events
+++ New Post: Boogie Bunker Radio
+++ New Post: Colourful Radio
+++ New Post: Vibe Boutique Recs
+++ New Post: Soul Heaven Records
+++ New Post: MoreHouse Records
+++ New Post: Makin’ Moves Records
+++ Updated: Solar Radio
+++ New Radio Stations added: Radio Rox (Brazil), The Sound of New York City, Soulmix Radio (UK), RTÈ Pulse (Ireland)
+++ Groovefinder’s Instagram Account added +++

13th December
+++ Conscious in the Carribean added to Events in May
+++ Compost Records added to Record Labels
+++ Splash Music / Splash Blue added to Record Labels
+++ Slapped Up Soul added to Record Labels
+++ Salted Music added to Record Labels
+++ GOGO Music added to Record Labels
+++ Update on Soulfinity Radio
+++ New post: 4th Quarter Music
+++ Updated: Friday Fox Recordings

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