Interview Music Label Production

Interview Music Label Production | Paris
Artistic direction/Label Owner: Martine Perthus | Producer: Philippe Perthus/Martine Perthus

Website | Facebook | Spotify | Beatport

INTERVIEW is a label based in Paris, founded by Martine PERTHUS and Philippe PERTHUS, two artists touch on everything, passionate about creation and music. This duo raised to PopFunk sounds cultivate an unbridled imaginationthat they make you discover through their very particular universe.For many years they organized events for cinema, music and fashion in the most prestigious places of Paris: le Palace, les Bains, les Folies Pigalle etc.where all Paris and all international stars came.and here they played and rub shoulders with many Djs who have become planetary STARS. INTERVIEW has stormed the music industry, they are present on all fronts. They also produce a radio show “Les Envahisseurs” and a “Good Sound“ playlist by INTERVIEW which is heard in more than 70 countries.They introduce us to new talents alongside famous artists and DJs of international renown! They are present on countless sites and their fans are more and more numerous to support them.

They work with their hearts, their Label is a big family and when it signs an Artist it’s a love story! The INTERVIEW label has chosen to distribute its artists on all download platforms and has understood that to be known, it had to be visible  even more than any other “Major Majors” of music. So at INTERVIEW, we do not skimp on communication, it’s a kind of reflex and that’s why  they are in contact with a multitude of artists, DJs, remixers, producers, festival-goers, clubs, radios, labels, etc. … of the whole world. INTERVIEW is very happy to present you an authentic label filled with Music and Love stamped “Made in Paris” for the World.♥.

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