New Music – July 2018

Please have a look on what the Groovefinder’s People release in July. If you click on a pic, you get the link to buy the tune. If you love to hear some the tunes, just go the Groovefinder’s Playlist.

29th June: Husky feat. Letta – Want U Back on Bobbin Head Music
1st July: Dana Weaver – Freedom Remixes by DJ Pope.
On POJI Records.
2nd July: Deep Sole Syndicate feat. Tai Malone – Desperate Souls.
On Sounds Of Ali.
3rd July: House Temptations feat. Linda Muriel – Inside Your Love (V. Lavender Mix). Irma Records.
5th July
Husky – Promise Me.
On Monoside.
6th July: Brian Power feat. Michelle John. On SoulHhouse. Remixes by Klevakeys.
6th July 
Soulbridge feat. Kwesi Bless – Guide U. On HSR Records



7th July: House Bros feat. Jenny Cruz – Set Me Free. On Stereocity Records. Lyrics by Eaze.
9th July: Frank McComb – Listen To Your Heart (Wipe The Needle Remix). On Makin Moves.
13th: Frankstar pres. Creme feat. Kenny Bobien – Everybody Get On The Dancefloor. On 4th Quarter.
13th July: Sy Sez feat. Phoenix Pearle – Falling. On Peppermint Jam Records.



13th July: Sterling Void feat. Cleveland P. Jones – Better Days.
Remixes by Simon Master W.
15th July: Soul Addicts feat. Tasha LaRae, DJ Pope, Sean Ali & Munk Julious – Clarity. On POJI Records.
27th July: guri guri boys feat. Josh Milan – Be Yourself.
On King Street Sounds.
29th July: Steal Vybe & Sheree Hicks – Sanctuary. On Steal Vybe Music (SVM).


















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