New Music – May 2018

Find new releases by Groovefinder’s People. You can listen directly here and find the links where you can order a tune, EP or Album.

14th/28th May
Livio Mode & Tommie Cotton – Because of Your Love
on Capital Disko – Available on Traxsource

Promo Out | Release on 28th May
Steven Stone & Miah Lora – Alma & Corazon
on Deep Deluxe. Available on Traxsource

Promo Out | Release on 30th May
Dolls Combers feat. Lavonz – Shape Of My Heart
on Irma Dancefloor. Available on Traxsource.

Promo Out | Release on 31st May
Andy Edit, Soulful French Touch & Michelle Rivera – Diggin on You
on Edit Records – Available on Traxsource. Lyrics by Eaze

6th May
DJ Pope – I Need You (Oscar P. Remixes)
on POJI Records

Available on Traxsource

7th May
Daniel James & Jerry Rankin – Imagination
on Digital Deep Music

Available on Traxsource

11th May
Anthony Poteat – Your Love Is Serious
Simon Master W. Remixes

Available on Traxsource

21st May
Deep Sole Syndicate, Sheldon So Goode & Jaya Jenay – Only Love
Sean Ali & Munk Julious
on Sean Ali`s Sounds Of Ali Records

Available on Traxsource

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