guri guri boys

They are different character but hit it off well together with ‘guri guri’

guri guri boys | Tokyo, Japan
Vita and machamix
DJ, Artist, Label Owner, Producer

guri guri boys are part of Spirit Soul Record Label

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Soundcloud | Mixcloud

Label | Traxsource

guri guri boys stands for ‘Great Unison of Real Indecent Boys’. white‐collar workers on ordinary days, DJs on weekend. Once VITA was a guitarist on his band. Once machamix played DJ at just his home.

They are different character but hit it off well together with ‘guri guri’. With disco classics and house music, guri guri boys catch your heart. What’s guri guri? Just take a look,and feel it! Staring their unit since 2015 and they released their 1st single “Touch The Sky feat. N’Dea Davenport” via king street sounds including Eric Kupper Remix in 2016. And it was chosen Eric’s the best 10 tracks of the year. And 2nd single “Unity feat.Carolyn Harding” including DJ SPEN & Gary Hudgins Remix was out in Feb 2017 . Also it got in top 10 chart of soulful house of traxsource.



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