Brigetta Dunson

Move Your Soul

Brigetta Dunson | The Bria Project
Metro New York
Label Owner

Brigetta runs Vibe Boutique Records

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Traxsource | Soundcloud | Mixcloud

Groovefinder’s who work(ed) with this label:
Distant People | Guido P. | Steven Stone

A distinctive emotional atmosphere… the rhythms of life. Vibe Boutique Records is Alessandro Oliviero and Brigetta Dunson, two good friends who came to find each other through their music. Alessandro has been producing, writing, and recording for years under the Monodeluxe moniker and Brigetta is the driving force behind The Bria Project compilations. Now joining forces to create Vibe Boutique Records, to offer the listener a smorgasbord of artists and releases to satisfy the musical palette.

From Nujazz, Chill, Lounge, Deep and Soulful House to Jazzy Hip Hop and Neo Soul, Vibe Boutique will offer a varied selection of releases in the coming months that is sure to bring delight to all who have chance to hear the great artists who create them. Focusing on scintillating vibes from the best talent on the planet, Vibe Boutique will expand the horizons of the listener, presenting creations from artists from around the world. Let us move your body… move your soul…






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