Arkin Jonsey Redif – Cafe432 ✪

Last Update: 01-22


Arkin Jonsey Redif – Cafe 432 – is a DJ, Radio DJ, Producer, Remixer and Label Owner from London.

Jonsey is an accomplished remixer, producer &  Dj and as a mix Engineer he is Platinum and Double Platinum awarded with a UK No 1. His knowledge of the House scene spans over 25 years with a huge collection of vinyl and a great ear for good music with soulful vibes. His recent success as Cafe432 producing quality house.

In 2014, Cafe 432 started production through Soundstate Studios with a string of quality soulful house cuts and the Soundstate Label was reborn. In no time, many world-class DJs started supporting the releases and helped establish Soundstate recordings as a serious contender in the house music scene.

Jonsey is currently doing guestshows on different Radiostations. Check his Mixcloud.

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