David Lyn

Dave has a love for music that makes people want to move, tap their feet, nod their heads or just sing

David Lyn | London, UK
Dj, Radio DJ, Events

Dave runs the event Music Without Labels at Rum&Sugar in London, together with Graham-Grumpy Brown and a wonderful team.
Dave has a weekly radio-show on Soulpower-Radio UK, each Tuesday from 6-8pm UK

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It was never about DJ’ing parse for me when I first began all those years ago in the late 70’s. I started simple because of my love for music and vinyl collecting. It made sense to earn a little money from the tunes I collected and that was always the drive that kept me going. This may be sketchy but my first gig was at a wine bar in Hoddesdon followed by a few guest spots here and there before I was asked to DJ on Caister Soul Weekenders on-site radio. This was the second launch of Caister after Showstoppers changed hands which I think was mid to late 80’s.

From there I was given my own slots in the Alternative room and continued till it all came to stop. During these years I was lucky enough to spin regularly at various events from Richard Parties, Tudor Oaks to Doo At The Old Vic and a few gigs I ran or jointly with Tony Fernandez as well as a pirate radio station called Hardcore FM. I also wrote for a music fanzine called Buzz , produced by Dave Halsall.

By the early 2000 I had to sell most of my collection but thankfully recorded much of it but retired from the scene whilst still collecting what I liked with the odd vinyl album but mostly CD’s and later downloads. Fast forward to 2012 at Bournemouth Soul Weekender eating breakfast and catching up with people I hadn’t seen for years, a certain Dr Bob Jones asked me if I was still spinning. I replied no as I had sold my collection but still collected, to which he replied, you should cause you was good and you don’t have to play vinyl these days. He went on to say ‘if anyone should have the cheek to complain about that, tell them to b**er off cause you was thereback in the day and don’t be ashamed’. ‘The music scene had changed and if you have something to say, it doesn’t matter what medium you use’.

I took in what he had said but thought nothing more of it till he called me early January the following year and asked me to spin at his 45 And Beyond at the then East Village May 2013. Of course I said yes although I felt nervous, I was pleased on the day and what I played was liked.Since then I have guested on other radio stations, DJ’ed at the Yarmouth Soul Festival, Sunday Soul Blessings, Brighton Beach Party 3 and created my own event called Music Without Labels after an off-air conversation with Graham-Grumpy Brown. The simple concept was based on a question about my musical taste, was it jazz, soul etc and I simple replied, why give it a label, ‘I play it because I like it’.

I am still humbled by the promoters who book me and will continue to play what I like hoping people will buy into it too. This year I am lucky enough to find myself on the bill for Bob Masters Revenge Of The SoulBoy events and will be DJ’ing at 2 of the Madness Events as well as The Ibiza Soul Week and East Anglian Soul Music Awards as well as the Yarmouth Soul Festival again. I look forward to entertaining you and hope you will listen with an open mind.



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