Molly Tentarelli

I never stop writing, because I never stop living

Molly Tentarelli
Born: Los Angeles, Location: Portland, Oregon
Singer, Songwriter, Artist

Molly’s Debut Album is due to release in February 2018 on Ropeadope/Atlanta Records.

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Singer, Songwriter Molly Tentarelli was born in Los Angeles, California into a musical family. Her father’s band was signed to Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic Records. Her mother was a recording artist for MCA Records. She grew up listening to pop rock music artists such as: Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Laura Nyro and Rickie Lee Jones.

Molly Tentarelli and her family moved to Portland, Oregon when she was four years old. It was during this period that she wrote her first songs. Clearly, music was becoming her first love. She also had a love for ballet and began her formal training at the age of seven.

As a teenager, Molly attended an Arts Magnet High School where more than half of her day consisted of music and dance. The school supported and encouraged their students to pursue professional opportunities, allowing her, when contracted, to commute to Los Angeles. In L.A. she did extensive guest and background vocal work for many established artists including Ozzy Osbourne. In 2014, Molly was fortunate enough to travel the world as a background vocalist for Jarrod Lawson. With Jarrod, she traveled to more than 17 countries in two years. During this time, Molly also began recording her first album.

Mark Hudson, her Godfather, heard what she had been doing and instantly fell in love with the project. Because he believed so much in her music, he decided to ask his friend and neighbor, David Sanborn, if he would be interested in playing on the album. Sanborn agreed to play on one track and ended up playing on three. Mark felt inspired.

He decided to call in a few more favors. Will Lee, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Weckl, Del Atkins, Pedrito Martinez, Oli Rockberger, Gregg Bissonette, Timothy B. Schmit, Ricky Z, Jason Sutter, Jim Cox, Anton Fig, Leland Sklar, and Chris Botti were more than willing to contribute their time and their talents to Molly’s album.

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  1. A very beautiful voice . Great genes and inspirational guidance.Can`t wait to get her music with her own lyrics.

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