Mixtape Sessions

This sound has heavy influences in funk, jazz, soul, and inspirational music.

Mixtape Sessions | Founded by Adam Cruz
Location: New York

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Founded by West End Records’ Vice President Adam Cruz, Mixtape Sessions is a indie music company, based out of the NYC metropolitan area. Mixtape Sessions spotlights and features fresh new artists, their music and their live performances. Its style crosses genres but remains steadfastly funk and dance in terms of its sound. This sound has heavy influences in funk, jazz, soul, and inspirational music. Artists working with Mixtape Sessions include: Manchildblack, Eddie Nicholas, Flora Cruz, Gerideau, queen AaMinah and Adam Cruz.

Adam Cruz has been a DJ since he was 10 years old. His love for quality danceable music led him to work directly with producing duo, Masters at Work, (“Little Louie” Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez) at MAW Records and later with the legendary disco label, West End Records, founded by disco pioneer, Mel Cheren (called “The Godfather of Disco”).

Adam Cruz

In 2004, he became the A&R and Production Director for that illustrious label. During his tenure, he signed over 50 musical copyrights, co-produced a documentary film about Mel Cheren and worked with producers and artists from all over the world, including: Blaze, MAW, DJ Spinna, hip-hop pioneers Marley Marl and Red Alert and many others. Today, Adam Cruz runs his own record label, Mixtape Sessions, and has been writing, producing, and releasing quality danceable music of his own. As a DJ, he spins an eclectic blend of Jazz, Funk, Latin and Soulful House music. On the web, Adam Cruz broadcasts his weekly “Mixtape Sessions Radio” shows.






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