Moulton Music

San Francisco based electronic music collective of music makers, DJ’s & industry professionals. We live dance music.

Moulton Music | Founded: 2000
Location: San Francisco, USA

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Groovefinder’s who work(ed) with this label:
Distant People

Moulton Music is a collaboration of artists obsessed with both the future and past of house music. Being run by producers and music-makers, our output is varied, ranging from deep house to soul to jackin’ disco, but always with a sense of historical perspective and an ear for fine-tuned production, as well as a deep connection to the dancefloor. We’re based around San Francisco’s legendary Moulton Studios, where most of the production takes place, but our friends and collaborators stretch far and wide.

There are many people involved, but our core consists of Chris Lum and David Harness (who together form Harlum Muziq), as well as Homero Espinosa and Allen Craig (both formerly of Yerba Buena Discos), along with San Francisco cult favorite DJ’s Sergio Fedasz and Ivan Ruiz, and producer and marketing guru Anish Acharya (of Dream In Audio). Of course, we have many more friends and compatriots when you include all the people involved in our regular Molton Sessions underground house party, our various club nights, and the rest of the artists and remixers on the label, but it’s that spirit of collaboration, along with our past-meets-future musical values, which defines Moulton Music.






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