Soulful Child Records

Putting the soul back in music…

Soulful Child Records
Launched: 2013 | Location: Detroit, USA

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Founded in 2012, and located in the city which gave the world the legendary Motown Sound, Soulful Child Records is an independent record label specializing in Organic Soul, R&B, Soul Hop, and Urban Alternative music releases.

Soulful Child Records was born out of the idea that Soul music is a cultural phenomena whose sound, and aesthetic must be preserved, and safeguarded.

Firmly committed to the integrity, and evolution of Soul music, as well as its immediate heirs (Organic Soul, R&B, Soul Hop, and Urban Alternative), Soulful Child Records takes a progressive yet tasteful approach to producing music that is pleasant to the ears, stimulating to the mind, relaxing to the soul, rousing to the hips, and true to the genre.

Our goal is to ultimately support, and celebrate all artists who create Soul music in all of its varied forms.






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