Clark | Cologne, Germany | Radio DJ
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Clark plays on Ibiza Live Radio

Clark was a professional DJ back in te late 80` until the 90`. Starting with Funk and Soul the sound later on became House orientated. Born in 1969 Clark grew up in a musician’s family and got influenced by artists like Earth Wind & Fire, Brothers Johnson, Crusaders from the very first days of his life. Age 14 Clark made contact with his first mixer and 3 years later started his first residency. Living a Djs` life for approx. 10 years plans changed in the mid 20ies but the love for electronic and groovy style music never stopped.

Making contact with Ibiza Live Radio in 2016 sparked the fire again. As a result Clark produces “Pleasuredome”, a groovy House style radio show and “3AM Eternal” which serves Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House and some Techno as well on a monthly basis, both exclusively hosted on ILR.






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