Sweet Soul Records

We believe that “soul” is the human’s most deep-rooted spirit and is based on deep love acquired when honestly confronting life and life’s struggles.

Sweet Soul Records | Founded: 2010 | Location: Tokyo, Japan

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In Japan, we frequently hear words like “Tamashii,” the Japanese word for soul, and “Soul” but by our definition, it is very doubtful how much “Soul” actually exists in today’s music. We feel that most “products” looking for commercial success cannot be labeled as “Soul” music, but rather “soul-selling” music. We believe that “soul” is the human’s most deep-rooted spirit and is based on deep love acquired when honestly confronting life and life’s struggles.

In other words, it is not easy to express the true meaning of Soul. But we feel that it is the most hidden human power and when it hits you, it causes waves as far down as the bottom of your heart, seemingly for a time comparable to eternity. For us we’re moved, intrigued, and motivated by Soul music, this wonderful music that causes those waves deep down in our hearts. Through music, we have learned awe and excitement. Through music, we have greeted many people, experienced many distance lands, and have travelled to other worlds outside our own. Because of this we strongly believe that “Soul” is a warmth full of love capable of transporting the soul.

We will spread “real” music as well as producing our own “real” music. As portable music players like the iPod and different internet websites such as YouTube, MySpace, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation have become more common, music has become more easily accessible. There is a drawback to this point, and that being with the flood of more accessible music, good songs are being lost in the shuffle. Only artists who are fortunate enough to have a large promotion budget will become known by the listeners.

And as listeners are consuming music at a faster rate than ever, music created only a few years ago is being shuffled out of sight at a quicker pace. The Japanese music market is continuing to deteriorate and has become a platform where gifted musicians do not receive the recognition that they deserve. We want to put a stop to talented musicians not being evaluated properly and losing their places in the business. This is why we started SWEET SOUL RECORDS.

Real music never gets old. Anytime you listen to it, the music is great, fresh, and wonderful. That is the true characteristic of a masterpiece. “Soul” transcends all time. We want more people to know the real Soul music. We want children to grow up listening to the music that helps them nurture their ideas, thoughts, and soul. This feeling encouraged us to create the SSR Website to promote “real” music while at the same time, creating our own “real” music.

SWEET SOUL RECORDS’ CDs are “tickets to the soul world,” a new term for our works that will be delivered to all the people of the world. We aim to create an artist platform that not only includes CD production, but media creation, music cafes, and real soul music, allowing artists to play a greater role in spreading real music. To the great soul artists around the world, we promise to create a musical era of new possibilities that will expand the Japanese market which will be felt around the world and offer artists new possibilities.

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