Distar Records

Distar Records
Founded by: Roby Arduini and Pagany,
Launched: 2005 | Location: Verona, Italy
Sublabel: Stereocity Records

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Groovefinder’s who work(ed) with this label:
Francesco Cardamone | Andrea Erre | Pagany

Distar forms at its core the very best in house music from the end of 2006 to present. It all started with the reunion of two of the best “Dance and House” producers from the 90s: Roby Arduini and Pagany.

Coming from their own solo careers, Roby with AR productions and Pagany with Napic Publishing, and after the many worldwide hits such as “Cappella”, “49ers”, “Anticappella”, “Sharada House Gang” and many more they got together and in a sort of ‘conspiracy’ mood decided it was time to enter the Digital era. Pippo Polara added the flair and upbeat of his experience with Napic Publishing and artists management.

The immediate results were such hits as “Echo Motel – Give it” licensed to Onephatdeeva for the world and “‘House Bros – Love what you feel” featuring Joy Malcolm licensed to Hed Kandi’s compilation Disco Kandi and other major compilations just to mention a few.
From there Distar became a reality and a real, solid label.

We are proud of producing and releasing high quality music, proud of launching new ideas and concepts in a confused music market, proud of being here to offer the world and even the stars the best music ever made.






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