Vibe Boutique Recs

Vibe Boutique is lifestyle music

Vibe Boutique Recs | Founded: 2008 | Location: New York
Owner: Allessandro Oliviero and Brigetta Dunson

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Groovefinder’s who work(ed) with this label:
Distant People | Guido P. | Steven Stone

Vibe Boutique Records is owned by Producer, Remixer Alessandro Oliviero aka Monodeluxe that has been doing lounge, nu-jazz, soul, and deep house vibes for over twenty years. He is known for his slick, jazzy groove that is perfect for any setting.

Brigetta Dunson is also the owner and A & R Manager and also the Creative Director of Vibe Boutique Records. Her background is in jazz and has been a jazz flautist for over 20 years. Originally started in classical music at the age of nine years old. The two find it very comfortable to work together as they both share the same passion and sound for music.


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